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  1. Jeez. Ontario is just a disaster right now... According to their phased vaccine roll out, I highly doubt I'll be able to even get a vaccine later in the phase 2 roll out with all these delays and god awful rollouts. Being at (what they define as) moderate risk, and working at McDonald's (does that count as food processing?), I'm suppose to be eligible by late spring, early summer (May-June?). Given what's happening with Ontario, I'm not holding my breathe if I can even get my first shot anytime soon. On that topic, Manitoba has created a partnership with North Dakota to vaccinate truck dr
  2. FYI: A precedent was set in the past for copyright infringement.
  3. Haha, well I better place my bets... Driving test is April 9th... Ford is gonna decide if he wants Peel and Toronto (or the whole GTA basically) to single handedly take the whole province down given they account for nearly half the amount of COVID daily cases or maybe move those areas to white SAHO (Stay At Home Order). I hope ford lets PHU individually decide on whether to lock down or not. I know the Ottawa Health Officer wouldn't put us in lockdown. Her and Jim Watson have always been against the lockdowns, especially the last one. Yes, Ottawa's number have increased, but now they're hoveri
  4. On the topic of the colour coded Ontario system, how come they haven't added a new class to their map? On their interactive map, white is the new "Stay at home order" class, but on their colour coded map graphic, that class doesn't exist. Why don't they have something like this? Usually stay at home orders are issued for only gray areas so I think it should have its own class Also, our medical officer for Ottawa, Dr. Vera Etches or as I call her, "Dr. Etch Sketch", wants to place Ottawa in the Red Control Zone from the Orange Restrict Zone because in short, they're detecting
  5. Environment Canada is calling for a risk of T-Storms in Ottawa for February 28th. That's way too early for T-Storms generally speaking. Active Link: Archive Link 1: Archive Link 2:
  6. So after many weeks isolating, officially today, I'm once again a free man. It's great to see the sun again especially today where it's a pleasant 4 degrees in Ottawa today.
  7. @A. Wong should be able to help with that.
  8. Update to equipment. I use an S20 Ultra to record @ 4K 60 FPS For photos, I use an S20 Ultra and a Nikon D3400 DSLR I use the s20 for long shots, I use the DSLR for far or upclose super high-res shots. Here's a photo I took with an S20 from my bus stop
  9. Well interesting twist... After getting violently ill last Monday evening, I was sent home from work and told to call Telehealth, an over the phone registered nurse for Ontario I can get in touch with. After calling, they told me to get a test which I did yesterday because of the snowstorm on Tuesday which dropped 25cm or so. Well much to my surprise as it was for my family, I apparently tested positive so I'm back to grounding... I've already been out of work for almost 2 weeks already over similar issues mentioned above by me in this thread, but i must say wow, I thought I just had a worst c
  10. You know what, as callous as this sounds, I say cancel it. We're only just getting out of the lock down now and it's almost mid-February already, it started December 26th... all that damage from just a week of holidays.... In that same time tens of thousands of driving test were cancelled and there is such a backlog that those people who had the misfortune of booking a date for when the premier of Ontario was going to place the province in lockdown because of idiots having parties, that they're being kicked off the testing schedule and being told to get back in line, meaning another 4 mon
  11. Great news, I've tested negative. I did call OPH and they said to self-monitor given that I'm still having taste and smell problems, and to continue practicing COVID-19 prevention tips. I will say though, I'm hoping that the test that was preformed wasn't simply a false negative given that I'm not experiencing any other symptoms of a cold, COVID, flu, etc. other than the weird loss of taste and smell... I'm a free man, to say the least!
  12. Possible but who knows, I'll have to wait until Monday to get the test and wait until Wednesday to probably find out. I hope it's not C-19 and it's just something else, but i'm getting more doubtful that it isn't C-19 as time goes on. I went to bed and that weird throat feeling went away but now I can't taste or smell anything. I have notified work and family that I may be a carrier so I'm grounded U.FN. and will be in isolation. I've strongly encouraged my family not to do anything or go anywhere until I'm given the all clear. It really makes me feel bad, because I got 4 siblings in scho
  13. That I have similar symptoms to what my friend is experiencing, which I got days after hanging out with him? I'm still waiting for a call from OPH, was told that I should be advised on my next steps by the end of today. I'm gonna ask to see If I can get a test, but it's probably gonna be pointless since regardless of whether I get tested or not, I'm grounded U.F.N. Nevermind, is it really worth "just knowing" if I have to take public transit to get tested and possibly put other people at risk "just to know" when clearly something is not right about me? I'll keep you guys posted on when OP
  14. Welp... One of co-workers tested positive for COVID-19 and it seems they've spreaded it to me... Mostly fine at the moment but I've been getting a weird feeling in the back of throat, similair to that of a sore throat which makes me believe this is the beginning of the infection... Ottawa Public Health should contact me shortly via Contact tracing from my friends postive test result but I'm already self isolating as a result of noticeable symptoms as of today. I do have asthma as pre existing condition, so hopefully C-19 doesn't start causing it to act up, otherwise I could see myself in the h
  15. So given the Trudeau's failure on securing vaccines for Canadians, we're are now at 20th place of vaccines administered per capita, far behind places like the United States and United Kingdom, and even other countries much more poor than Canada. It really makes me question on how the hell is Doug Ford/the City of Ottawa is going to meet it's vaccine schedule for "essential workers" and "those with chronic conidiations" like me by March while we're struggling to even complete phase one which is vaccinate LTC homes residents. This a major failure on Trudeau's end whether he wants to admit to it
  16. Not in the NCR section you can't. You have to sign in. Have you ever signed in to that mode? It just hides your online status and current activity. Some are just uptight about privacy and would like to remain unknown as to activity status. There's a reason people use it, including Admin SMS. Of course, let's not jump over the fact as mentioned, in the National Capital Region, you must be signed in thanks to a particular member who basically stole post and info from here and posted it onto another one. So, with that being said, I don't think it's too much to ask to make it more access
  17. Hello. I'd like to request that the board reintroduce Anonymous sign in's with our accounts. The reason I request this is because there are some members who I know who refuse to sign back into the CPTDB because of this removed feature. Is it possible it could be re-enabled so those who rather be "Anonymous" can continue contributing to the board? Thank you.
  18. The owners of the video would have to file the copyright infringement notice.
  19. It looks awesome, especially on mobile! Thanks for your hardwork @A. Wong and @ORION
  20. @Detroit Diesel 6V92TA @Articulated @Kevin L Could one of you make this overwritable so I can upload a better version of this? Thanks. File:Société de transport de l'Outaouais LFS New Livery-b.png - CPTDB Wiki
  21. I had that sane problem too. Carlingwood Mall was closed at 3 PM on boxing day, despite hosting alot of essential stores inside. Gotta love the limited capacity and less hours of operation combo St. laurent Mall is the only mall I've been to that questions your motives to wanting to go inside.
  22. You're right!! It's just in a weird sub menu, thanks guys!
  23. Here are some problems I noticed Mobile: *Profile pictures everywhere (except user profiles) are not centered and CPTDB Rank title is off Centre as well *You can scroll a tad bit side to side on the any page (you're not suppose to be able to have horizontal scroll) *Sometimes the menu that slides out on mobile (when press the 3 lines) will come out just short of displaying the arrow to the right PC: *(As @Isaac Williams reported) it looks really spaced out taking up way too much more screen real estate than needs to. *Like mobile, profile pictures are not centered and look
  24. Sorry to bring this back to light, but can you update this thread of links to the old forums? I have found many photos that were suppose to be "gone" forever, but thankfully I was able to recover some jaw dropping photos from the late 90's/early 2000's from (now) retired transit veterans on OC Transpo. CPTDB use to hot link to other NCR transit pages which had mother loads of info. For example, this photo of OC 4140 with a Balios sign and a bike rack and other ones I really liked seeing. These photos are from a (retired?) transit veteran, "Volgren Boys". I believe he posted his photos on
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