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  1. New route changes that will take effect January 30th, 2023. OC is feeling some Sept 2004 nostalgia and needs to make changes a month after the original changes. Route 40: All-day service reinstated on Tapiola Crescent. Route 40 will no longer bypass Tapiola Crescent to continue straight on Johnston Road during off-peak hours. All trips will operate via Tapiola Crescent and service the bus stops along the street. Customers will no longer need to walk to Johnston Road to board the bus during off-peak. Routes 11, 51, 153: With construction complete at Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre, Routes 11, 51, and 153 will be permanently adjusted to use the mall's new East-West roadway from Croydon Avenue. Route 699: Routing will be adjusted to continue on Kelly Farm Drive to Bradwell Way. This change reduces walking distances for students east of Kelly Farm Drive, between Bradwell Way and Findlay Creek Drive.
  2. Are they really still banking on 2026 for full Line 1/3 expansion? West end is a year behind. They should wait until the lines open, that way they don't have to replace the majority of them.
  3. IMO those areas won't mature at all, at least not to the point where these developments would opt for Transit. Look at Blakestone or even Barrhaven. Barrhaven has been around since the 70s and it's still the same car centric low density suburban hell hole it was in the 1970s. OC screwed up by NOT having transit before the developments are built. 167 was a limited route and when people moved into Blackstone, they opted for cars because of the poor service by OC, they couldn't get anywhere, now despite having the 67 which offers more service, it's too late. People are now car dependent there, hence ridership is low. I will admit, it's a Gamble to offer service too early. An example is in 2000 when OC extended the 135 (now 35) to serve the new developments South of Innes near Tenth Line and ended near "Nantes", which was a loop. Ridership was quite decent based on the hours of operation as more people moved in and had convenient transit to take to nearby businesses, of course, came the 2004 cuts were for 3 years, the 135 would replace a portion of the routing of the 136s routing, losing some connections in the Fallingbrook area while taking longer. The real big killer in ridership was the 2009 and 2011 cuts. They basically was the 135 death blow that would see it die in ridership and hours of operation. Now, as you guessed, they're now car dependent developments. Point in this? Having a new routes that serves Tunney's from Briddlewood that runs at all times is just a bandaid solution to the real gaping wound that is underfunded transit where you're waiting ONE HOUR for ONE ROUTE to get to Eagleson to transfer east from Briddlewood on weekends. We need to start with the basics before we can consider another routes that will further strain the already underfunded service.
  4. Wi-Fi is up and free to use at Pimisi Station. https://www.octranspo.com/en/news/article/free-wi-fi-is-now-available-at-pimisi-station/
  5. LOL ZEDs mean ___ all if it's just the driver in the bus 60% of the time. How about the government of Canada incentivizes provinces to help in providing operational funding for Transit... They keep building infrastructure but no one's using it because it's not convenient and is built/bought the cheapest it can be even if that includes sacrificing quality or reliability.
  6. Their current numbering scheme will fall apart once stage 2 is done. Routes above 100 that currently serve Line 1 LRT. 114, 153, 164, 185, 190 and 199 After Stage 2 (total): 111, 114, 131, 138, 139, 153, 154, 155, 158, 164, 173, 185, 186, 187 and 199
  7. Aha! I knew it. In September 2004 OC transport tried a new paper type to print their schedules on. They decide to use salmon coloured paper. Not sure how long they used it for but this explains why I saw such a colour on schedules from photos in the past. https://web.archive.org/web/20040811115104/http://octranspo.com/What's New/SignsOfChange_menuE.htm
  8. Just makes more sense IMO. Those are basically old Route 167 trips that ran between Terrace Matthew and Lincoln. Since it serves LRT, it should be its own distinct route number. I said it should be Route 67, but obviously now that's a no-go. Same reason why the 88 Prince of Wales should actually be "188 Prince of Wales" so that way people don't get confused between the rare trips vs the common local service expected of the 88/164
  9. Pretty interesting even for 1998, they got an infobox map that predates 1993, kinda looks like this.
  10. I mean even under Mark, I think we can get the 173 to travel Bayshore via Greenbank and Richmond instead of through DuMaurier. Why Jimbo decided to run the 172 and 173 parallel after Greenbank/Banner the whole way to Bayshore is beyond me, but there's certainly room for improvement that can be done with the confines of "tackling that OC debt".
  11. Took a stroll through my old neighborhood where the 154 used to operate in Queensway Terrance. Anywho, I noticed this on both Route 154 and 155 bus stops. Seems like service will be indirectly cancelled entirely on the 2 routes once the winter storm schedule is triggered. Apologies about the quality. My camera lens is cracked from my pipe job - it literally has a hole in it, covered by tape
  12. On November 21st, 2004, OC Transpo ran special shuttles between many points in the city to help bring about 50 thousand people who were expected to attend the Grey Cup at Landsdowne. These Routes were numbered C1-C7 and had the following branches: C1 Gray Cup/Ottawa City Hall C1 Gray Cup/Downtown C2 Gray Cup/Carleton C2 Gray Cup/Riverside (Riverside/Heron) C3 Gray Cup/Baseline C4 Gray Cup/Fallowfield via Nepean S. C5 Gray Cup/South Keys (Greenboro Station) C6 Gray Cup/Kanata (Terry Fox via Eagleson) C7 Gray Cup/Orleans (Trim via PDO) There are no route maps, but that isn't going to stop me from making my own... Here's a maps of Route C1 and C2, that I made. The other 6 routes will be challenging, but I think that's something I can do. This is apart of my project to bring back event routes. The harder one are gonna be the 301-309 Winter Lude Routes as those most likely ended in the early 2000's.
  13. Hey Ashton, seems some advertisers are doing something similar with creating accounts for what looks like will be advertising soon. Might want to keep an eye on this account (personally, I'd give it the boot ASAP)
  14. 2003 Niagara Falls transit Orion VII is being sold in Gatineau QC for $14K. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/762427498505005/?mibextid=dXMIcH
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