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  1. I don't think I remember seeing a list of soon to be decommissioned Hybrids. Know of some off the top of your head? I know they're going to be retired as awhole, but I just wanna know when to expect which models to be retired (for wiki).
  2. I still don't understand how the 2007 models didn't have this coolant leak problem like the 2012's do...
  3. 4278 → 257X Special (Lincoln @ 4 PM)
  4. Alrighty guys, I guess this could go in the misc. Thread, but it's LRT specific so I'd rather ask here. I'm purchasing a "new" camera. (DSLR) today and would like to try it out in the LRT tunnel. What station do you think would be great at getting shots of trains in tunnel, Lyon, Parliament or Rideau? I'm thinking Parliament as it's pretty much just straight track, but I wonder if any of you have a better idea.
  5. Right, but isn't he himself an LRT operator? I must be mistaking him for another person... As the saying goes "if it looks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck". Of course, facts above all.
  6. The only person who even works on the LRT is @sseguin so granted, everyone else's guess is good as they're gonna get unless we hear otherwise from him or any person at the control room at Belfast.
  7. 6362 and 6614 have their bike racks off prematurely. Also, 6362 has white rear doors.
  8. It does, you'll notice each door either goes up +1 or -1 on the fleet number, after the dash.
  9. Could, but I hope OC can fix this issue of jammed doors. This doesn't happen on any other system with the same LRT trains. Wouldn't be surprised if OC will have buses on standby to run as Route R1 once a dunce jams the door.
  10. No way... Are people retarded (not stupid, retarded) or something?? Like come on people...
  11. I've had a long day, cut me some slack will ya?
  12. A bunch of Incandescents along Montreal Road. Those lights Tom mentioned near/on City Park are still there (the ped signals at the apartment complex and at Montreal/City Park). Look at what I found! I forget where exactly, but it's right beside Ultramart/Circle K on Montreal Road before Notre-Dame Cemetery (towards Blair) and can be accessed via Routes 12 and 15.
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