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  1. So on Kijiji I ordered this pedestrian signal that I wanted to get for my room as decor. So we go through the process of trying to ship the thing to Ottawa from London Ontario and the first time around they did an RTS because I was missing the apartment number for my place. Okay fair, let's fix the address. After Canada post scams me for another $130 for shipping. Now I have the full address in addition to my unit number... my tracking on my package it says in transit it's September 24th, sent September 18th and they're telling me it should be in Ottawa ready for pick up by the end of today... Great! The buyer sends me three photos just minutes ago that the package yet again has been RTS and is back at his place even though the package still says its in transit, claiming on the box that the address is in complete even though it has unit, Street number, street name and designation, City, province and postal code, but Canada Post is saying incomplete address or "doesn't exist". Me and the sellers are going to have screaming matches with Canada Post because this is fucking bullshit. Apparently due to "COVID" they don't do package holding with an "incomplete address", which is BS because you put it through more hands send it back to London Ontario just to send back to Ottawa, instead of just leaving at the Riverside headquarters where I can prove I was the recipient and pick it up. But no, they're probably going to demand for a 3rd time $130 for what is Cleary their error... I told the guy if they try to steal more money from him to just keep it because this is the dumbest crap I've had to deal with. Certainly after this ordeal I will never deal with Canada post again and will only choose to ship privately. Amazon can find me, UPS can find me, but not Canada Post apparently!
  2. Single case of COVID brings whole country down to it's knees: A single COVID-19 case in New Zealand has sparked another full national lockdown. 'We need to again go hard and early,' the Prime Minister said. (msn.com) Gonna be hard to do. Most I've talked to; their concern is long-term affects/approval. Yes, mRNA have been around for 10 years or so, but only recently has it been deployed on a global scale. In the USA, it's still not FDA approved and I'm sure as hell Health Canada has used a similar emergency approval to get them into circulation instead of putting them through years of trial. Personally, I knew that long-term affects may be possible, but the benefit (and the fact the majority of people are still alive after vaccinations, lmao) outweighed any future complications that may occur. Also, I just learned that apparently despite having 2 doses, one of pfizer and Moderna, I'm still not welcomed in a handful of countries because they don't recognize mixing doses, so like what Quebec is doing, a third shot may be required of me if I intend to vacation somewhere that doesn't recognize mixed doses. Oddly enough, kinda messed up that some of those same countries that will not accept 2 different mRNA vaccines will accept mix doses of mRNA and viral vector, which at face value doesn't makes sense to me...
  3. I find it so weird... After my drivetest, I've basically ditched the bus. I mean, I don't want to, but OC Transpo in Ottawa is more of a business than a service, according to the heads of city hall, particularly our Mayor Jim Watson... I mean, it's not like I can get to Bayshore to Blair in 15 mins with OC Transpo anyways, but man... What a change. Wish it didn't have to be this way, but I don't expect to return unless they get their crap together and actually make OC a service again...
  4. Jeez. Ontario is just a disaster right now... According to their phased vaccine roll out, I highly doubt I'll be able to even get a vaccine later in the phase 2 roll out with all these delays and god awful rollouts. Being at (what they define as) moderate risk, and working at McDonald's (does that count as food processing?), I'm suppose to be eligible by late spring, early summer (May-June?). Given what's happening with Ontario, I'm not holding my breathe if I can even get my first shot anytime soon. On that topic, Manitoba has created a partnership with North Dakota to vaccinate truck drivers who arrive in N.D from Manitoba because they don't have the vaccines to vaccinate all their essential workers. IMO, the PM, Premiers have messed us up real bad in the handing of this pandemic.
  5. FYI: A precedent was set in the past for copyright infringement.
  6. Haha, well I better place my bets... Driving test is April 9th... Ford is gonna decide if he wants Peel and Toronto (or the whole GTA basically) to single handedly take the whole province down given they account for nearly half the amount of COVID daily cases or maybe move those areas to white SAHO (Stay At Home Order). I hope ford lets PHU individually decide on whether to lock down or not. I know the Ottawa Health Officer wouldn't put us in lockdown. Her and Jim Watson have always been against the lockdowns, especially the last one. Yes, Ottawa's number have increased, but now they're hovering around 120 from the usual 80 or so. Granted there was that one day spike to 184 to match the highest record set originally on Jan 10, but for a city with 300K less people than Peel, we're doing exceptionally well. Fuck, I've never been so nervous in my life and watching the news like the gospel telling me when doomsday will arrive, and my test us only 9 days away... I actually went to DriveTest today to see if they were still doing "walk-in's" in case there were cancelled test and what not. Sadly, they told me since C-19, it's 100% appointment only so even if there was an appointment no show, then I wouldn't be able to take it. Gawd... Hopefully, he won't make an announcement this weekend, but the next (after Easter, so like the 9th... ), because then I could be safe and actually not have my test cancelled on me again. Let me clear, I don't want another lockdown to be implemented for anyone or region, but I certainly understand our healthcare systems are becoming more occupancies than before, but at the same time, don't want to be punished for the acts COV-Idiots which are beyond my control (remember, we still haven't found a vaccine to protect against stupidity), especially given the majority of these numbers are coming within the GTA, 400+km away from Ottawa.
  7. On the topic of the colour coded Ontario system, how come they haven't added a new class to their map? On their interactive map, white is the new "Stay at home order" class, but on their colour coded map graphic, that class doesn't exist. Why don't they have something like this? Usually stay at home orders are issued for only gray areas so I think it should have its own class Also, our medical officer for Ottawa, Dr. Vera Etches or as I call her, "Dr. Etch Sketch", wants to place Ottawa in the Red Control Zone from the Orange Restrict Zone because in short, they're detecting higher COVID levels in our waste water. despite these increases in our, ugh... waste water, Ottawa is still only seeing less than 100 new cases daily (Around 60-80) despite these increases in our waste water in the last 2 weeks or so. I honestly think this scare mongering, and I don't know why Etch Sketch is going that route. She's actually one the few city doctors that usually recommends lesser restrictions than what other doctors are doing, especially in the GTA, but now she's scaring us with the typical "3rd wave, more restrictions stuff", which again, is out of character for her. Restrictions should be based on confirmed cases and hospitalizations, not by the crap that's goes into our waste system... THANKFULLY, unlike the last colour coded system Ontario had (before the weird Stage 1-3 crap), if we end being put in the red zone, DriveTest won't be cancelling people's test/examinations. Previously, If you were in a Red or Gray, you we're f*cked. Now, they only cancel examinations if your area is placed into Gray Lockdown or a Stay at Home order is issued.
  8. Environment Canada is calling for a risk of T-Storms in Ottawa for February 28th. That's way too early for T-Storms generally speaking. Active Link: Archive Link 1: Archive Link 2:
  9. So after many weeks isolating, officially today, I'm once again a free man. It's great to see the sun again especially today where it's a pleasant 4 degrees in Ottawa today.
  10. @A. Wong should be able to help with that.
  11. Update to equipment. I use an S20 Ultra to record @ 4K 60 FPS For photos, I use an S20 Ultra and a Nikon D3400 DSLR I use the s20 for long shots, I use the DSLR for far or upclose super high-res shots. Here's a photo I took with an S20 from my bus stop
  12. Well interesting twist... After getting violently ill last Monday evening, I was sent home from work and told to call Telehealth, an over the phone registered nurse for Ontario I can get in touch with. After calling, they told me to get a test which I did yesterday because of the snowstorm on Tuesday which dropped 25cm or so. Well much to my surprise as it was for my family, I apparently tested positive so I'm back to grounding... I've already been out of work for almost 2 weeks already over similar issues mentioned above by me in this thread, but i must say wow, I thought I just had a worst cold than I recall, but clearly my assumption was wrong.
  13. You know what, as callous as this sounds, I say cancel it. We're only just getting out of the lock down now and it's almost mid-February already, it started December 26th... all that damage from just a week of holidays.... In that same time tens of thousands of driving test were cancelled and there is such a backlog that those people who had the misfortune of booking a date for when the premier of Ontario was going to place the province in lockdown because of idiots having parties, that they're being kicked off the testing schedule and being told to get back in line, meaning another 4 month wait just to be probably cancelled again because of some other BS holiday or occasion that would result in lockdown, then the cycle repeats. And that's just driving, what about elective surgeries? Theses people are being put on the back burner on a non stop loop with no end in sight... In my opinion, all holidays, extended breaks (4 day weekends), should be CANCELLED U.F.N, until we either clear theses backlogs everywhere in society or immunisation becomes accessible to everyone. I have a drive test on April 9th to get my G2 (basically I can drive on my own) after the original one for January 15th was cancelled. The only thing I have to worry about is March break and the four-day Easter weekend. Now, if March break is not cancelled, and we end up being put on lockdown, for me, unless it's only 2 weeks long vs 28 days, I and many others would be f*****...
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