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  1. So I recently just got back into doing delivery and it's actually not bad. Decent pay now. My only problem and gripes I still have is some McDonald's in my city still do not allow Lobby access during overnight hours. Now gas has suddenly dropped 20 cents in two days, but still I do not like idling whatsoever...
  2. I'm pretty sure transfer times were extended in a council meeting awhile back, at least they were debating it. Definitely think it's great to extend transfer time to reflect the size of the city and *lack of routes* the original 90 minutes would mostly cover before.
  3. I'm being hyperbolic. Settle down, please. I should add here that on Canada Day, the 85 will only run between Pimisi and Bayshore. Service to Gatineau will be available with the STO, which too will provide no-charge service all day.
  4. Oh wow... They're actually using, *gasp* buses, to run parallel service between Pimisi and Tunney's to cover the shortcomings of this "train"... Someone is getting fired at the planning department or elsewhere for this abhorrent duplication of service, no matter how convenient it is to customers, like myself!
  5. Uh huh... of course they'll close the Transitway before the weekend so I can't get my final shots...
  6. But they used too?? They did have vehicle IDs pre 2019 which was often very accurate, at least all OC tracking apps back then until that post LRT API change...
  7. Red Priority Seating Sticker. Fun fact. You *may* find them on some remaining Inveros or D60LFs, but of course, Inveros can die, but not the Internet! (Sort of...). I believe these were issued in 1997 with the LFS, but these were discontinued with the Orion VI in 1999. Any vehicles that had them installed elsewhere (Inveros, Orion VIs or D60LFs) seems like they were all surplus stickers they needed to add before they were on the road, but I'm sure someone may be able to give a little more info on its history than I can.
  8. Ah jeez, didn't know they folded. They started off way too small. Like when Ottawa got that awhile back, the selection was poor and service availability was minimal which as the company admitted, they were no match. They basically became the Target of the food world.
  9. I'm hoping to settle into a trade or some other profession that will allow me to apply for a employment based green card in the US. While I'm very thankful I was born and raised in Canada, I rather live somewhere like Nebraska or South Dakota that better conforms to my ideals while living somewhere nice and quiet. I'm the oddity, but that is my future ambitious endeavor. That's my easiest route, as I have no family in the US, I'm not really good looking to aim for a marriage based green card, and I certainly don't have millions to invest for an investing green card. It's a long shot, but certainly something worth trying for
  10. I hate how fast food restaurants are cutting indoor service to save a few bucks. Seems like I can't go anywhere without being like "Can I have a refill? Can I have napkins? Can I have ketchup (which they removed the cups and ketchup pump in favor of crappy packets), like crap is costing more than ever and they're taking away customers independence from the front counter. Just a tad bit annoying
  11. I noticed when passing by Labrosse Station, the railway tracks are torn up towards Lorrain... Are they turning the whole Corridor into a Transitway only? It's a shame too because I used to railfan there to catch the very specific trip that happened on Monday. Now it seems the train will be a thing of the past.
  12. Same with 83. Used to serve Tunneys at all times and now, we can barely get 30 minute service during peak hours.
  13. Yeah I'm so disappointed OC isn't doing anything this year. "Virtual tour", why the hell would I want a virtual tour of Blair and Lyon when I can visit the stations myself that are open year-round? I'm sure it's related to the fact they're bleeding money, but it's very disappointing to say the least...
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