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  1. Loud-Invero


    In early September I've acquired a 2002 Honda Civic Sedan - my first car. No mechanical damage, just some scratches on the bumpers. It had/came with: Only 56,177 KM No damage in the interior Winter tires (2 need rims) New bottles of synthetic oil and windshield fluid New Silicon wiper blades New car battery all for $3,000 Sadly, due to COVID, I'll have to wait until January to get my G2. After that, goodbye Route 85! As of now, I intend to covert my headlights and taillights to LED to save energy, produce more light, and reduce heat output.
  2. The best quote I ever heard in regards to being a transit enthusiast: "The thing with transit enthusiast is that they're basically either weird, or weird looking." IDK if I should laugh or be sad about that fact lmao.
  3. You're right! I honestly just generalized all coins as such even though that's not the case. Oh well, still a nice find 😅 thanks for the correction. I'm not as much as a knowledgeable collector as I used to be. Anything under 1999 I keep (except 1996 toonies).
  4. Today's find; another 80% silver found in my works parking lot also not posted, my father found a 1956 Nickel and gave it to me as well
  5. Well, wasn't expecting this, but I won a freakimg nice set of Monopoly stickers on my first play ever! • $1,000 to me and RMHC sticker (though need the other 2, ugh!) • Free Muffin and Sandwich 😅
  6. Photo of OC Transpo NovaBus 4691 seen here running as Route X Special (S1 Downtown/Centre-ville) at Mackenzie King Station, waiting at a red light beside an electric Tesla Roadster. The R1 dedicated bus stickers seen on the NovaBus have since been removed and has been intergrated into the regular fleet. Photo Taken: January 27, 2020.
  7. Thanks. Tried the search option and this is the thread it lead me to my apologies.
  8. Spotted 1826 on the Georgian Route (Memorial/Glencoe @5:56 PM)
  9. I finally got a car! This may be the beginning of the end for me on here...
  10. I work the McDonald's overnight shift in Ottawa to get by during these times. Last night I was working in the kitchen when my coworker who was working in the drive-tru noticed a man he was serving was intoxicated. Based on his interaction with the driver, multiple red flags came up that the man was indeed intoxicated. After coming to the realization that the driver may be under the influence and drove here, he told the driver he had to park his car so we can make him "Fresh food". They did so and parked at the wrong place. While he was stationed, we called the police to report a DUI. After about 10 minutes (this was at 3 AM), two units finally responded and boxed the car in. The driver was asked to get out of the vehicle so a sobriety test could be conducted. He was given a breathalyzer test as the first test in the sobriety test and failed, confirming he was driving drunk. The man was arrested and the police recovered multiple open beer bottles from the car (I was on break so I got to observe this from the patio). Because he didn't resist or give the cops a hard time, they allowed him to call another friend to pick up their car (as his friend in the car was drunk too). It makes me angry how some people think it's acceptable to drive drunk... Families are sometimes literally wiped out because of self-absorbed morons who decide to drink and drive. Had we not called it in, who knows what would have happened... We couldn't sit idle by of the idea that we let a person go who might have killed a person or themselves. I hope the idiot gets the book thrown at him. These scum bags need to learn a hard lesson... DON'T DRINK AND DRIVE. YOU'LL KILL YOURSELF OR ANOTHER LOVED ONE(S)! Thankfully, if convicted (which is likely), he'll face many penalties: In Ontario for first offense: 90 License suspension, Car impounded for 7 days, $550 fine, and your license plates and stickers are (to my understanding) nullified, so $280 to reinstate your plates. In addition, unwritten penalties are: 10 year travel ban to the United States. DUI on your criminal record, makes getting jobs harder and in this case, if he was on a Visa (school, foreign worker, etc.), there's a good chance he'll be deported and banned from both Canada and the US for 10 years.
  11. What is it good with? I've tried Mayo and ketchup together with pogos and hot dogs and it's really good. Hell, I'm not sure if they still make it but Heinz actually made a mayo-ketchup bottle for awhile! I assume they made their way out the door like cheeseburger doritos or just not many places carry them anymore .
  12. Found this beauty while cleaning the parking lot of the McDonalds I work at. Trashy but I'll take 80% silver anyday! 🤑
  13. Two OC Transpo Alstom Citadis Spirits are seen at St. Laurent Station. Despite overall low ridership due to COVID-19, OC Transpo attempts to maintain a frequent service to help reduce overcrowding at LRT and Transitway platforms.
  14. When I'm starving I feel like I can run as fast as an MCI classic. When I eat like a pig, I feel as slow as a GM classic...
  15. They were actually removed all that with a revised phat model (version 2) which came out a few years later to ratify some issues and remove all those extra goodies. Slim removed the touch buttons found on the phat (V1. and 2.) model, while the super slim "latest model" was just to cut cost and make it look sleek. That was probably done just to annoy jailbreakers from exploiting the old chipset using homebrew. Nevermind it cuts cost for supporting an ancient console.
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