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  1. I work the overnight kitchen at McDonalds. A woman pulls up to drive through and asked if she can get hot cakes and a big Mac with a small customization. The customization was that she wanted me to replace the big Mac bun WITH THE ACTUAL HOT CAKES. We politely told her no and that she can be digusting elsewhere. We assemble burgers with buns, not syrup drenched insanity!
  2. It's really hit and miss. Some hate it, some like it. I find if I talk to the drivers about transit and my transit hobby, if I ask to take a photo of the bus when I get off, 9.5/10 they'll say yes and they'll even pose!
  3. It's certainly more nuanced. Since it seems you live in the US, you know that in comparison to let's say Canada, they're more of an indivdualist society as opposed to collective like Canada (generally speaking). I don't think republicans are denying the effectiveness or the science of mask, more so IMO their position is that you shouldn't be forced agianst your will to wear a mask, under the pretense that you're are an american and can choose as to what you want to wear and that politicans shouldn't be #ConstitutionalDistancing from peoples rights and freedoms. That's my perception. Oh yeah, update: I'm returning to Work June 2nd and will be taking my good old Route 85 once again. Hopefully this can fix my urgency to go do things in public because I'm always trapped at home with no one to talk to.
  4. Thanks for this thread. Added info for OC Transpo. Will add info for the STO (Gatineau) later
  5. Tag an Admin or message them.
  6. Assuming you're talking about Ontraio, as Quebec will increase the limit this weekend. My honest opinion; You've always been able to do that, and nothing short of tracking by the government can prevent that or any activies/outings with friends. Excerise and adhear to the directives, 2m distance, limit of 5 or 10, because there will be power hungry by-law who won't hessitate to issue and your friend(s) $800-$6,000 tickets if caught. Just ask the 17 year old who was handed a $880 ticket for playing basketball by himself in Ottawa a few weeks back.
  7. Weather is gonna look nice in Ottawa all week. Time to get back to taking Transit photos!
  8. I reported at some point that I used an Galaxy S7 Edge. I now use an S9+ and a Nikon d3400.
  9. Digression but if I'm not mistaken, you can claim the amount you pay in dues when filing your taxes, which could result in a deduction. So there's a plus.
  10. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/politics/article-greyhound-canada-announces-temporary-shutdown-of-remaining-routes/ Greyhound Canada announces temporary shutdown of remaining routes
  11. "Golden man walking" symbol has burnt out at Moodie/Abbott POC. Though I found another "Golden Man" at Shirley's Bay.
  12. Waller/Daly is done for; All LED though on their ped signals there is garbage bags on the bottom of the PED signal. didn't pay much attention to it but it's not an incandescent walking man symbol under those bags (aka not a retrofit) as the shell (or body?) of the ped signal is polymer now instead of aluminum.
  13. 5001 > 85 Gatineau (Lincoln Fields @ 12:10 PM) *This bus later did R1 runs* 6353 > 82 Bayshore (Lincoln Fields @ 12:11 PM) 4745 > 899 Shuttle (Hurdman @ 1:41 PM)
  14. Yep. Train C6 was the last one to do a full trip from Bayview to Greenboro. The other train was C5 which which finished at Bayview at 11:45 approx. Now that Line 2 is closed, Line 2 Bus Service will replace it for (at least) 2 years.
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