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  1. Quick question, I remember back in the day when your bus did not have a bike rack (particularly on the Orion VI) they'd let you on and use the priority seating spot to park your bike, and I was able to do it all the time on the 154 and 166. Since when did they longer allow that? I asked because I got lucky today that my 1 hour frequency 97 from bells corners was an Invero with a bike rack. Also, was there ever a strict enforcement of not allowing overcrowding by devices that required priority seating? During the same time I used to remember the drivers would allow four strollers at the front of the Orion VI basically blocking anyone from properly boarding the front of the bus.
  2. Sad news everyone. The leaf flag at Carling/Holland for Route 14 has been removed 🙁 right now it's a blank bus flag.
  3. 8057 -> 85 Lees (LeBreton @ 11:05 AM) Guy didn't have his run number so I can't give details on that.
  4. Not sure who on here is on the OC FB group, but OC has installed a new electronic ad display at Robertson/Lynhar.
  5. 4386 (SUV) has the blue light's. Saw it responding Code 3 along Rideau and Wellington
  6. Not necessarily a spotting but since when did the 95 continue to trim near midnight?..
  7. 6571 -> 152 Moodie (Abbott POC @ 9:33 PM)
  8. Will do, I was doing a late night bike ride on the NCC bike path and noticed that and was like "what the....". I'm doing another late night bike ride so I'll do some night transit fanning near by and let you know and try to get the run #.
  9. Route 173 has a new destination sign. It signs "173 Barrhaven Centre" instead of 173 Barrhaven C. Fallowfield Sherway *I think that's what the old one said*
  10. Rode 6403 on the 97 South Keys (Robertson/Lynhar @ 3:30) and its front "EXIT AT REAR" sign is still missing and just illuminates with LEDs 4677 was at Bayshore @ 2:00 PM. Finally has ads on the sides and rear.
  11. I'm gonna make a huge list tomorrow. Just go we can keep track of what gets knocked out by LEDs
  12. 6454 -> 16 Main (Britannia @ 10:37 PM) 8132 -> 95 Trim (Lincoln @ 10:50 PM) How come DD's are out until almost 11 now? They use to be in bed by 8 or 9
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