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  1. I know it's mostly department related, that being said, you'd think most Gov. Departments would/have been choosing work at home to this day given its popularity and efficiency (and you know, not spreading diseases and all). Currently in a CRA candidate pool, but the positions I applied for state they're all work at home with very limited in person meetings at their Heron Rd HQ to this day despite "COVID is over". I could not bare driving or busing the whole length of Baseline to get at Heron on a daily basis. Curious to know, did your department give you a rationale for making you come in for 3 days a week after going online for 2 years? It just seems spiteful to employees because the department has a prime real estate expense or something of that nature they need to make use of. Either way some level of government is going to have to end the ambiguity whether that be OC Transpo with the city of Ottawa or the federal government allowing some departments to stay home, others have to come in for some time, while others have to come in all the time
  2. Well some "good" news coming from the new mayor Himself Public accountability, what's that?
  3. That *huge* $85M transit deficit MUST be tackled... But $88M for Strandherd widening, that's a *small investment* that must not see cuts! (Sarcasm) On a serious note, yeah, they need to bring back the 55 to Bayshore. The 85 is just crap. All I see on Carling are empty 55s ever since being shortened to Westgate. That's ignoring the fact that I'm now car dependent because of Jimbo, but any who, Hospital staff at the Civic would like their direct trip to Bayshore via 417 back and Queensway Terrace users would like to not walk a kilometer to get a bus to Bayshore...
  4. Hard to say @MCIBUS. There's no political incentive to issue a mandate. His base hates it, and people who do want mandates won't vote for him anyways . On that note I forget the name but that NDP doctor who won as a school board trustee will bring a mask mandate to a vote within the English Public Board. I'd expect if that passes and actually sanctions students and staff for not wearing a mask, I would assume you would see more masked people on the bus by default for the kids who take OC to school.
  5. I still don't understand why they don't run Express services. Sure, not serving Cyrville saves 5 minutes but maybe my end destination is Blair from Tunney's? Perhaps a worker needs to go to Orleans? That's still at least 50 minutes - 2x more time than by train. They should have express trips that only serve Tunney's, Rideau, Hurdman and Blair that would give people some parity to the train when going from one side to the city to another.
  6. Got a BS parking ticket thrown out as I successfully argued it was invalid because it didn't follow procedure, infraction location wasn't an actual Civic address, does not match my travel for that day, nor was there evidence provided to me via a photo, by bylaw. Given that I'm currently insolvent, this was a great victory for me to not give the city $95. Up yours, Ottawa
  7. Or a 57 Crystal Bay on the weekend... Yeah 1hr service!
  8. Tunney's Pasture is getting Wi-Fi installed. Apparently work started October 31st. Not sure if it'll be public, but I find it out of priorities. Need water? No water fountain, but there's Wi-Fi...
  9. Gone today, but never forgotten. I've recovered many photos from former Geocities sites using the wayback machine. I've unfortunately lost the source URL, and who took the photos, but I still wanted to share them with the information I recall. Photos by unknown, remastered by me with AI. When the 2nd gen Orion Vs first came on to the scene in 1997, they originally had a white stripe where the headlights were. This was quickly painted over in red to match the rest of the front by the late 90s. 9702's photo was taken at Billings Bridge Station in mid to late 1997. Here is CommuniBus 8591 (Orion II) laying up at St. Laurent station about to operate as Route 123 Local North (Rothwell Heights) in February 1997. Even to my surprise, many Orion IIs were actually painted into the KFC scheme. Orion II we're predominantly used on lowridership routes, Tele-Transpo runs, and on the 300 series CommniBus Routes that alternated between Orion II and the new 97' 40ft LFS, depending on ridership. These buses would eventually been phased out in favour of 40 ft buses, which IIRC, was actually because of the MTO and not OC Transpo, as for example, Hastings Loop (Grandview) in Nepean North was too narrow for any 40-ft bus to do 3 point/u-turn, where as the Orion Is and IIs could easily do such a maneuver to avoid traveling the whole length twice. Here is OC 8732 seen staged near the Ottawa Winterlude in 1997. During Winterlude, OC Transpo would actually run shuttles from various parts of the city to Winterlude and back. Routes were numbered between 301-309, and OC Transpo would add a special film to the rollsign, featuring a snowflake background indicating it's a winterlude route. Like the C-Routes OC Transpo operated to the Gray Cup in 2003(4?), not much is known about the Winterlude routes, where they operated, and when they were dissolved in favor of existing bus service. Certainly Ottawa-Carleton had a better view of transit services to events than the current city of Ottawa, where they would offer public shuttles to events (Dragon Boat Race, etc) quite often until about 2004. Here is OC 9709 and 9037 seen at St-Laurent Station in 1997. Once again showcasing the original Orion V paint scheme that came with the bus upon delivery. Beside the Orion V is a D40 which is seen in its original livery it was given in 1989. Speaking of Orion V, here's 9238 seen at Baseline station in February 1997, finishing up its trip on the 156. If I'm not mistaken, it eventually was repainted into the leaf livery and had its rollsign removed in favour of an electronic sign, whether MegaMax Flipdot, Balios, or Luminator Sign. Lastly, here's 9201 seen with an interesting ad-wrap. Not sure what government department/company paid for the ad wrap, but it is seen in it's original Livery with a "Celebrate Canada - Fly the flag!" wrap. This photo was taken at Billings Bridge station, I believe also in Summer 1997. Hope you enjoyed this photo dump. I do have more but I'll save that for later.
  10. Ah shucks, sucks to hear that. A pass is only slightly cheaper than a month's supply of gas to my work and back. $40-$80 is not worth the loss time. I guess I shouldn't worry though as hundreds of millions of more dollars will be "invested" on stroads, expanding existing stroads, and more enforcement cameras instead of turning stroads into a street or a road to prevent the need for cameras in the first place - that will do it!
  11. Does anyone know if free transit is happening again in December under the new municipal government? With the gas cartels that is OPEC (and non-OPEC countries for that matter) having announced that companies under their wing will be artificially cutting supply which will bring prices back up to $2 a liter or more in the coming months, I honestly can't bare paying $80-100 bi weekly for 02' Civic (or even more money if I do food delivery) again, so I'm looking to cut back as I wouldn't be surprised if petrol prices reach as high as diesel did 3 weeks ago (about $2.50/L).
  12. Uplands Station is finally getting its janitorial equipment, including a new "mop bucket" sink.
  13. Good for trips to there, not so much on return trips, especially those that are intoxicated. I see that's too much of a liability for OC.
  14. This pre 2015? 95 Baseline/PDO trips during the day were replaced by the 91 in 2015. Not to mention the Cambrian extension in 2017.
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