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  1. Now given all that @M.Wright, did negotiations start immediately once the contract expires or are they delaying negotiations due to this outbreak?
  2. It probably thought it was at St. Laurent Station for whatever reason!
  3. 2nd OC Staff confirmed positive with COVID-19. This time it's red vest staff. He was in isolation after calling in sick on the 31st of March. Here's the work schedule prior: Sunday, March 29: Travelled from St. Laurent Station to Lyon Station on O-Train Line 1 at 8 am; Worked at Lyon Station from approximately 8:20 am to noon; Travelled to Parliament Station on O-Train Line 1 at approximately 12:10 pm; Returned to Lyon Station on O-Train Line 1 at approximately 12:55 pm; Worked at Lyon Station from 1 pm until 3:30 pm; and, Travelled from Lyon Station to St. Laurent Station at approximately 3:30 pm. Monday, March 30: Worked at Blair Station from 6 am to 1:30 pm.
  4. I thought I'd make a feeble attempt to ask, but is there a way to join this Yahoo group? The only reason why I ask is because I believe it may contain info that maybe crucial to the buildup of events that involve OC that newbies and new-ish transit enthusiast wouldn't have known because of age of intrest, etc. What I mainly want to look for is 2004 service cuts, introduction of Inveros, retirement of new looks (1970's), new liveries for older buses, etc. Most of the stuff on the old forum is non-reachable even with Wayback Machine, and this version of the forum has been updated many times where old photo files and entire threads have disappeared. Anything will help, thank you.
  5. More info (and better quality photos) of old ad wraps/paintjobs. It also links to a Yahoo transit fan page which contains even more photos, but unfortunately I'm not a member of the group
  6. What you should do is attempt to contact the owner, to which they can file a DMCA against them. Filing as "spam" will get you nowhere.
  7. Forgot to report: 3 weeks ago the Leaf Flag at Place du Portage is gone. (Probably fell and someone collected it; lucky bastard!)
  8. No worries. Do you have another photo showing what's hanging on the bus flag? I'm pretty sure it's a "Check your route" message but I just want to see what it looked like.
  9. Where’s the Red 118 😝 after the Connexion route conversation, the stop at Moodie/Old Richmond had “256, 69, 97” for quite some time... another mistake I also didn’t photograph but remember, after Connexion route conversion, Westboro 2A had Route 67 as it’s first number on the bus flag and the last number was 282... It was like that for almost 2 years after Conversion of express and peak period routes
  10. Gas prices an average of 68 cents a liter in the GOA. The increase could be attributed to the carbon tax increase
  11. An uncommon sighting of an empty double decker seen serving Hazeldean Mall as Local Route 164 in Ottawa's West end on March 31st. Usually filled with passengers, now a phantom on wheels. And yes, my travel was essential...
  12. I've officially left work (leave of absence) and will be off so long as this virus stands. Now, I will be stuck in my home 6 days a week but will go out on 1 day to do my things (food and whatnot). Oh yeah, why did I only choose to leave now? Because apparently my March 18th driver on the 85 Bayshore was positive for COVID-19 and I was only told that on April 1st...... I can no longer take this risk not knowing that I've passed people who've been positive and could literally put me into an ICU had I not practiced distancing or hygiene...
  13. It seems that's the only reason I haven't *most likely* caught it. It's certainly scary as I could have been an asymptomatic person yet I was still going into work everyday working at McDonalds, making food and occasionally serving food at the drive through (which at the time, we didn't have plexiglass to provide a barrier between those in drive-thru). I've since called my work to notify them. As a precaution due to the situation getting worse and the close call, I will most likely be on leave until this outbreak is over as I do have asthma which can put me in the ICU if I catch this and/or symptoms develop.
  14. EKKK! Not good... I boarded the 7:33 PM 85 Bayshore on the 18th!! (He was late). Does this mean I have to self quarantine? 🤒
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