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    Love to take pictures of Public Transit in Houston. My Instagram is @texastransit
  1. San Antonio’s NOVABus LFS CNG Buses ride pretty well. Pretty excited that Houston is going through with the CNG version
  2. Caught some of the new MCI’s last week. Got to ride #5270. Kind of the same feeeling as the other MCI’s. Saw some on the North routes as well.
  3. Finally was able to ride 2406 yesterday on my way Home.Very great experience!
  4. Great Pics! Looking forward to riding one of them Soon!
  5. Oh wow, I didn't know that the XD40's were getting divided into the different garages, but I guess its pretty much fair game. I thought at first they were all going to go to West, but i think it's great that the XD40's will be seen on pretty much different routes. And its nice to see Fallbrook getting new MCI's. Those MCI buses from fallbrook are sometimes a bit rough. On friday I rode 4970 on the 204 to Spring on Friday. Pretty much found myself shifting in my seat the whole entire ride to Spring.
  6. Not that I'm sure of.
  7. I'm not 100% sure, but it most likely seems like a rear window. I took a closer look and it seems that the back of the bus kinda "curves in" so its most likely that the New XD 40's have a back window. It seems METRO is trying to keep that same "customer focus" with its oncoming fleet. But the buses that REALLY stand out to me are the new 60ft NOVA Articulated that are at the Fallbrook Facility. I like how the plush seats and yellow hand bars stand out. I don't know how other people feel about them, but that's just me.
  8. So this evening, I finally caught one of the new XD40s on the 153 at Wheeler Station.Bus #2403 out of the West Garage Facility. They Look very nice on the outside, but the only downside of the buses is the same METRO interior just like the Orion's and the NOVA Buses. But hopefully this is the beginning of new things to come!
  9. Well, its my first time on this website so ill just get right into it. I have seen Houston METRO's new pics of their XD40's but i'm unsure if its already in Houston or at the New Flyer Plant being delivered. I would share the pic but my friend who works for METRO could not get any more photos of the buses. I've seen snapshots, and from my perspective, they look so good! BUt my REAL question is what METRO facility will end up with the New XD40's? I figured that Fallbrook is always getting the new Buses as well as Polk with the NOVA 40's and the new NOVA articulated buses.
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