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  1. Maybe 19 is going away because Covid-19 , the are is 19 in the name . I know it's stupid but people thought Corona beer gives you Coronavirus
  2. From MiWay website : httpsht We’ve changed our local service along the Hurontario corridor to minimize impacts to travel and deliver reliable service during Hurontario Light Rail Transit construction (HuLRT). HuLRT construction began in March 2020 – it is expected to last five years and will temporarily reduce lanes on parts of Hurontario Street. There are three major changes starting on April 27, 2020: Route 19 Hurontario will be split into two new routes: Route 17 Hurontario and Route 2 Hurontario Route 19 Variants (19A, 19B and 19C) will be cancelled Route 25 Traders Loop will be revised to provide service to portions of the former Routes 19A and 19B Note: Route 103 Hurontario Express will continue to travel on Hurontario Street between Brampton Gateway Terminal and Port Credit GO Station. It does not stop at City Centre Transit Terminal. Service reductions are in effect on this and other routes until further notice. This route will be making all local stops along Hurontario due to COVID-19 changes to service. So it's official tps://web.mississauga.ca/miway-transit/hurontario/://web.mississauga.ca/miway-transit/hurontario/
  3. Noticed on Google Maps routes 2 & 17 on Hurontario .Still no schedules , but something might be coming.
  4. That's weird . I thought April Fools day is on April 1, looks like it's rescheduled and it's on April 27 . I hope it's temporary.
  5. I know i should be happy , free transit . Somehow im not .
  6. Today got one of those new tranfers on route 6 .
  7. Tracking on 2019 Nova Bus LFS HEV buses appeared on https://transit55.ca/mississauga/buses as of today.
  8. Just a bit off topic but was there swimming bus recently ? I know it's probably an error but still a little weird .
  9. This map https://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/terminalmaps/IslingtonSubwayMap_July1-2019.pdf is wrong unless 57 is going back to Islington
  10. Looks like the end of paper tickets as of May 1 http://www7.mississauga.ca/documents/miway/fares/MiWay_Fares_Effective_May-1-2019.pdf
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