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  1. GOA transit news, info etc

    I already posted this!
  2. Any car enthusiasts here?

    The only car I'm really into is the Porsche 911.
  3. Celebrity Birthday Thread

    Since we already have a Celebrity Death Thread on this board which I think is very sad to have. I thought why not we do a positive thread like this one to wish these best names in celebrities a Happy Birthday! Former game show host Bob Barker turns 94 years old today! https://twitter.com/ABC7NY/status/940536754196631552/photo/1
  4. MiWay

    It seems to have the same rear doors like the 40ft units (without the bottom window panes).
  5. Well here's a recording of one with the Detroit Diesel 6L71TA and ZF 5HP590 combo. http://www.transithub.net/sounds/ttc6383.mp3
  6. GOA transit news, info etc

    Moodie Station will open on December 17th. http://www.octranspo.com/routes/transitway_extended_west_to_moodie_on_dec_17
  7. St. Albert Transit

    Someone posted in the St. Albert Transit thread evidence that are still active. Thanks for letting me know and I'm sorry for what happened here before. and I promise I'll never bother you again.
  8. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I hope they get the light rail running in time for Canada Day to help thin the crowds a bit.
  9. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Like on some of the Novabus LFS Artics?
  10. You mean the Emergency button cover like on the New Flyer D60LFRs?
  11. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Just forget it! I'm never going to be a Wiki editor!
  12. Were exactly is the warning light? I always ride on the upper deck so I get a good view of the city.
  13. Check this out! 1982 GM Artic seen delivered to OC Transpo when it was brand new.
  14. The Random Thoughts Thread

    Has anyone been on moderation indefinitely and does it ever end?