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  1. You know you're a transitfan when...

    What's Bus Hopping?
  2. YRT Retirements

    @ADB says all Orion Vs are retired. I think he means 307 and 309 are gone too.
  3. OC Transpo: 40ft: 1997 Nova LFS 60ft: 2001 New Flyer D60LF STO: 40ft: 2002 Nova LFS 60ft: 2012 Nova LFS Artic
  4. I found this: 8622 with white doors, I Don't remember this at all. Does anyone know why it had white doors?
  5. I did the photo is up. You're computer must have problems.
  6. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    I know, I hate that you have to member to edit it. It's so annoying!
  7. Ex OC Transpo GM Classic spotted in Mississauga

    Where did you get the infromation that this bus was in the maple leaf scheme? I don't remember that at all. I only remember 8790, 8791, 8793 & 8795 being repainted.
  8. The photo shows at 8952 was repainted. I far as I can remember 8950 was the only classic left with the black edged rear window
  9. I see the pushbars from the outside of the bus on your photos. Here is the interior of a Crown-Ikarus. It had push bars on the doors too.
  10. It also seems to be the only one with push-bar rear doors.
  11. #TBT A big line-up of buses near Laurier Station after the big blackout in Summer 2003. .
  12. Broken Down Sightings

    Yes, but remember the rules are "Only one thread allowed per topic!"
  13. Broken Down Sightings

    There already seems to be a thread about broken down buses.