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  1. do you have the link of that clip cause i saw a picture of that lfs but lost it
  2. saw w102 today new livery didnt have time to snap a photo as it zoomed by
  3. No. It is a temporary interline due to construction
  4. ya its pretty bad Ttc didn't make airport wrapped novas with luggage racks
  5. 2 nova driver and have been trained for 192 they drive on Saturday
  6. Lucky do you know when 8526 goes out for training at main
  7. that makes me sad i wanted a nova on my route. since july i saw a few 8300 pass by brichmount so they wil probably come
  8. I dont think brichmount will recive a lot of novas cause 8300 series have been traning around brichmount garage
  9. i tottaly forgot the original interline driver was injured and i believe he does the 64 now
  10. This is irrelevant to the topic but also isn’t wasn’t 135 a eglinton route cause when I look back 7608 was on but now is see brichmount busses or was 7608 a brichmount bus
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