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  1. vision update tonight. all the 79s that are out on regular routes run all night on 3xx routes
  2. I think the destination signs get updated seperately. When BM got the 902 and 924 half of us were doing 24E and some had 924 signs. Some were doing 102 short turns signs to sheppard with express and others were doing just the express sign. Got fixed a week or two after. edit: also stops take the longest to update. a few 924 stops are still listed as 24E last time I was on vp.
  3. 79s are in place on streetcar routes exclusively due to a communication issue with vision busses and roncesvailles who monitors the streetcar routes. 143 902 and 924 do not have the same issues, as bus supervisors do not have the same problems as the streetcar supervisors.
  4. when the vision streetcar installations happened the supervisors for streetcars could not communicate with busses outfitted with vision for some reason. so birchmount is getting busses with trump units in the meantime and theyre exclusively being used on those routes. edit: also it is a confirmed movement that birchmount is getting 79xx. we have started training two weeks prior to today as there is a different communication system that we will be utilizing in conjunction with trump.
  5. in my experience, the bus probably missed a half trip or is very late, went off route (short turn) and the system thinks it should be going in the opposite direction. when youre off route stop calling does not work until you log off and log back in (which takes up to 1 minute) or get to the end point and it resets itself.
  6. Feels like it. Id say its 3-3.5" A few had the luggage. I would do it to save on the weight on my back lol
  7. Yep. Lots of us had Jansport bags which was a standard size. But you also have a hat and safety vest so if you don't mind a second bag for that or carrying that
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