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  1. Spotted 430, what looked like a 2014-ish model Propane BlueBird Vision with a silver grille and black around the warning lights.
  2. Fairbanks, Alaska I believe. Might have mentioned a similar unit earlier in the thread.
  3. A big bump, but I have seen some HandiDart vehicles not mentioned on the wiki: 15760 - BlueBird Microbird MB-II with Chev chassis 22751 - BlueBird Microbird T-Series with Ford Transit classis.
  4. Some of my sightings in Surrey today. 111289 - 2011 Corbeil Quantum on a Chevrolet chassis, wheelchair lift equipped. Plate SS4847. 206566 - 2020 BlueBird Microbird T Series. Plate PP 5730 206570 - same as above, Plate SS4825 216884 - 2021 IC CE with a 36 passenger body. Plate SS4779.
  5. School charter. Only reason they track, is that the operators are signed into the CAD under the block they are doing after the school charter. Of course they will continue to display out of service on the tracker until they reach the starting point for the regular piece.
  6. Nobody mentioned the units in the above post ever being retired. These aforementioned units were missing in action for several months, and most recently made a comeback.
  7. Looking at the updated route maps, Routes 845 and 863 both have been updated to serve the routing along the new 79, in addition to the regular routing along Mahogany Blvd currently served by Route 75.
  8. To add onto other members, the rerouted 78 Chaparral, realistically, is probably only going to add 5-7 minutes to/from Chaparral if you factor in the slower speeds travelling on the west part of 194 & Sheriff King as well as all the bus stops. This scenario will be much better than a crappy rush-hour only community shuttle route that's gonna be slow, inconvenient, have very little ridership to justify and will serve very few people besides the few that don't drive and need to connect to the CTrain. Belmont is so small right now as is that a decision like this is probably the best decision at this time.
  9. I'm not sure where you're getting this information as it was clearly stated in the post that these are proposed routes and not finalized. You will not see these changed on September 9th (besides, the signup starts September 5th).
  10. Southland had lots of small bus work back in 2017-18 which is why they bought so many small buses around then. Around when covid started though they lost a lot of that work to 4Seasons and Dreams. They stored a whole bunch of them and it appears now they're actually sending them out to a division that presumably needs them (probably to replace older cutaways operating in the Century/McCluskey fleet)
  11. Here are the school service updates for the 2022-23 school year. Route 735 - Central Memorial / North Ogden has been discontinued. Service in Riverbend has been fully replaced by the 731, and service in Ogden has been replaced by the 734. Route 755 - J.C. Schubert / Douglas Glen, Route 758 - J.C. Schubert / Douglasdale, and Route 759 - J.C. Schubert / McKenzie Towne have been discontinued, as those communities have been handed over to Lord Beaverbrook High School.
  12. Historically, ever since the late 1980s, the 400 series numbers were always accociated with STRICTLY community shuttle routes. As those routes continue to grow, gain ridership and also get 40-foot buses, the 400 series designation doesn't really make sense. Which is why many 400 series routes that get bus bus at some point eventually get a new number as a result of a route change.
  13. Some second hand units have arrived at Southland's CFB yard from northern BC. 2565 (171) and 2427 are 2009 IC CE300 units powered by a MaxxForce DT engine. They have the glass school bus sign, a lower skirt and tinted windows with black window frames. These units are ex-Standard Bus Contracting. 2587, 2588, 2589 are 2011 IC CE units powered by the MaxxForce 7 diesel engine. These units have tinted windows and luggage bays. Ex-Diversified Transportation, Prince George BC 2592, 2593, 2594, 2595, 2597, 2598 are 2011 IC CE units powered by the MaxxForce 7 diesel engine. Pretty much identical to Southlands 3700 series ICs. Ex-Standard Bus Contracting.
  14. Nice, but let's keep this thread for First Student in the Calgary area please. You can always create a thread in the Ontario section for your First Student finds. Speaking of that, maybe this thread should be renamed to First Student (Calgary and area) to eliminate confusion?
  15. Likewise, I also saw former First Student R973, a 2006 Corbeil Ford E-350 unit parked in Ramsay.
  16. 7731 has now been scrapped at Recon Metals in SE Calgary.
  17. For Orions, I'd recommend southbound Hwy 99 & Steveston Highway sometime during PM rush. Theres a stop right there you can get off at and get buses coming in. The 311, 351, 352, 354, 601, 602, 603, 604, 620 and 900 all serve this stop and you can mostly get Orions, deckers, and suburban novas at this location. Something a little different if you want to get out of the stations and do something not too many people usually do.
  18. It's kinda cut off on the map, but #9 on the map sorta lines up with the never used Strathcona Dr @ 58 Street SW trap as well. The trap itself has been blocked off with planters for several years (possibly decades) although there is a section of the trap that could have been used for a gate that's been roped off. I also remember there used to be a "Bus Corridor" sign at this location, although that was replaced about 5 years ago with an "Emergency Vehicles Only" sign. Here's a picture of the trap when I visited it back in September 2020.
  19. Short Corbeil #812 which was previously a Cochrane based unit has now been retired and scrapped. Similar units #810, 816, 829 are still active from the looks of it in Cochrane. Additionally, longer Corbeils like 853, 3360, 4954 and 4962 seem to still be active in Cochrane as well. Some more units worth mentioning that are in Cochrane: 6994-6996 (C2s), 884, 885, 909 & 914 (2005 IC CEs), 771, 774, 782, 4935 (FS-65s).
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