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  1. Speaking of that, somebody I know sets their christmas decorations up at the end up September (including the damn tree!). At least wait until Remembrence day to pump out the Christmas "joy" out. No wonder their tree looks half dead by Christmas day.
  2. 6027 was dead on Centre Street yesterday.
  3. As promised, heres the photo of 8202. Lots of touchups are needed, as well as the fleet numbers/decals have not been changed to the newer CT style. The only place I could see new fleet numbers is the side fleet number on the drivers side of the bus. Picture is attached.
  4. 8018 has had the Petro Canada wrap removed. Keep an eye out for any more removed Petro Canada wraps!
  5. 8202 is now back in service featuring a new red wrap like the CNG Novas. However, the old CT decals it had when it was first delivered remains! I will send the photo when I get home in a few hours.
  6. Was just told the Transit show ran until 1500 and it doesn't run any more days. Damn that's unfortunate!
  7. I'm going tomorrow around 1600. I've got an afternoon of school and volunteering today.
  8. 8124 is seen departing 69 Street Station making a rare appearance on a 698 artic key on November 6, 2019.
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