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  1. Southland 2635 and 3459 were parked at the CFB yard yesterday afternoon.
  2. Saw a U2 consist heading EB in the core right now. Saw it in a moments notice, so I couldnt see fleet numbers or the number of cars in the consist.
  3. If you have not heard a response back, than just be patient with the admin team. I applied twice, and even when I was denied the first time, they still gave me a response. So just wait some time and I'm sure theyll get to the Wiki Editor applications sometime soon when they arent busy.
  4. A few weeks ago, there were several changes made to include extras on several routes, however they either tracked as OFF on T55 or not at all. Its probably safe to assume the reason you cant see the schedules past Sunday is to reflect the changes made.
  5. I saw 7920 in service on the 36 earlier. Not tracking though.
  6. Due to the CBE spring break last week, and the Catholic board spring break this week, many temporary changes were made. Last week, there were VP artics on the 802 in the afternoon instead of the normal SG buses that should be on it. This week, one of the two PM 699s was a Stoney artic, again, instead of the normal SG bus that would normally run on it. Pink running boards on both.
  7. I dont think I've reported in here yet, but #8816 is a propane powered Thomas C2 that was formerly numbered "E2682" in the fleet.
  8. 7850 is currently sitting dead at 69 Street Station. Bus was changed off with 7938.
  9. Banned for not knowing my profile picture is an aRtiStiC photo of a D40LF
  10. I've seen 8021 and 7995 doing evening shuttle keys on the 111 both yesterday and today respectively.
  11. Banned for having laughing cartoon characters as your profile picture.
  12. 8048 running on the 444 in Chaparral Valley in the SE part of the city earlier this afternoon.
  13. 7985 with engine cover flipped open around an hour ago at Douglas Glen terminal.
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