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  1. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit Access (previously Calgary HandiBus)

    Seems like CT Access Girardin #323 has now been sold to a private operator with no decals visible except the rear fleet number decal.
  2. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit

    I agree. I take Rte 98 to school and back daily. Even after September and in through the winter and spring, the bus is very overcrowded, and manages to completely fill a D40LF with both standing and sitting passengers. In some cases, some students getting off at the later stops are not able to get on the bus and as a result they'd need to walk (would most likely make them late) or take a later bus (which will definitely make them late). The first two buses before school starts and after school ends are always full to the brim, doesn't matter the season. I think CT needs to do some work adjusting some routes that are overcrowded and maybe place buses at times that are a) more frequent or b) adjusting times so it would fit nicely with certain school's schedules. Right now I am fine, due to the fact I get on at an earlier stop but I'm saying this for the individuals who can't get on a bus because there is physically no room onboard and sometimes even have to miss at least 1-2 stops as a result and only board half of the passengers on the 2nd-3rd stop.
  3. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    Excuse the crappy cell phone picture, but attached is a photo of a new paint job 2270 got to the front. These 2010 delivery of IC CEs are nutorious for the paint chipping in the area by the warning lights. Be on your lookout for more Southland IC CEs with new paint on the top. So far 2270 and 3733 have had this done.
  4. TechSpotlight

    First Student Canada

    Nice catch! I am not too sure, sounds like they are not including the year in the bus number any more. First now reminds me of Willco how they keep on numbering buses in different numbering systems every few years or so. Well it’s better than the KB numbering system they’re using in Ontario and the JCJU numbering system in the USA!
  5. TechSpotlight

    First Student Canada

    Huh, neat find. Nice to see they got it with LED taillights!
  6. TechSpotlight

    Willco Transportation Ltd.

    Willco 406 and 1526 leaving a school in Aspen Woods. 406: https://www.flickr.com/photos/technologyspotlight/43824303804/in/dateposted/ 1526: https://www.flickr.com/photos/technologyspotlight/44492707922/in/dateposted/
  7. TechSpotlight

    Willco Transportation Ltd.

    Spotted Willco 411 which is a low-roof Thomas FS-65 with a battery box and a Cat 3126 engine.
  8. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    Southland 7523: https://www.flickr.com/photos/technologyspotlight/29375221367/in/dateposted/
  9. TechSpotlight

    First Student Canada

    Spotted First 228214. Notice the odd rainbow coloured seats in the interior.
  10. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    Here is a photo of Southland 7461 parked out in Coach Hill earlier this afternoon. https://www.flickr.com/photos/technologyspotlight/43385375805/in/dateposted/
  11. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit Access (previously Calgary HandiBus)

    I’ve seen #356 and 360 which are Starcraft All Star / Ford E-450 Cutaways. Also seen 406 which is a Ford E-450 Cutaway with an unknown body make.
  12. TechSpotlight

    2018 Arbocs

    #1295 is in service on T55 which means all the 2018 Arbocs are now in service.
  13. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    Here is a note I have from several months ago that I failed to post: Southland 2603 is a 2006-2007 Ford F-450 extended cab chassis maintenance vehicle with the box on the back. It is painted in the Southland yellow and black livery.
  14. TechSpotlight

    2016 Grande West Vicinitys

    I’ve noticed that the Vicinity’s go in and out regularly now. I was tracking them, they went back in service around the middle of July then went. Seems that some of them are being used for training, according to another thread which I have posted below.
  15. TechSpotlight

    First Student Canada

    Now that is something I've never seen before on a C2!