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  1. Not a problem. This company also has some newer, but similar units from Thirdwave as well, I believe they're in the 290s (can't remember the exact numbers right now.)
  2. Ex-Thirdwave 217 is seen in the Seton area in SE Calgary, believed to be owned by company 4-Seasons Transportation.
  3. First 6839 is a Thomas C2, looking almost identical to Southland's 60xx ones. Saw it at westbrook mall some time ago.
  4. Ex-Southland 3486 or 3488 from the looks of it too.
  5. As much as I wouldn't want the charter to be too pricey for me, I'd say Saturday will work way better schedule wise.
  6. Just saw that very train going eastbound as I was standing on the 1st st west platform.
  7. 3 car U2 consist running on the blue line. Believe 2018 was the front car.
  8. A brand new stop #3367 has just been installed at NB 85 Street and Bow Trail SW. 2020 dated sign. However, I dont see any sign and pole for the SB stop that is supposedly going to be added as well. Perhaps that is next.
  9. There are a few 2002s and a very slim number of 2001s active (3563 is a 2001 and MAY still be active.) Besides that, I don't think there is anything older than that running around.
  10. 772 is still around! Saw it heading northbound at Crowchild and 54 Avenue in the SW around 5:00pm.
  11. That, and that they're probably not needed at this point in time. I imagine as more work is added if needed they will slowly come back.
  12. That is because 8101-8200 are seldom, if at all used. Only one to my knowledge has made it out of Stoney since it reopened.
  13. A quick check of Transit55, and all units have entered service so far, with the exception of 8461.
  14. Nice find! I will keep my eyes for any out on the road. Photographed 41004 in Somerset this afternoon.
  15. 2266 and 2269 still remain without rooflines. Both cars are in the same consist on the red line.
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