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  1. Just saw 7921 with a silver bike rack reinstalled running route 98 today. I guess the bike rack removals are/we’re supposed to be temporary until they get new bike racks ordered.
  2. Gate snapped in half between Zoo and Barlow Stations... taken aboard a westbound car.
  3. Today, I rode Calgary Transit route 157 to the Stoney Garage. A fellow CT operator was on the same bus I was, and was very confused that I was taking pictures as she was pulling her bus out of the garage!
  4. 8366 was seen getting towed back to Stoney Garage at 3:15pm today.
  5. 7678 changed off an Xcelcior on a SG 65 run, until around 15 mins ago when another SG bus changed 7678 off.
  6. Just saw 8281 dead on Bow Trail just east of Sarcee Trail. Sign is off, hazards are flashing and no operator is seen around or in the vehicle. Transit55 displays this bus is 53 minutes late.
  7. Just saw 2455 active in 4-car consist on the Blue Line. In shocked to see this one hasn’t been reported active yet.
  8. Caught this image of 7619 last week, running the route 9 at the time, displaying OFF - CHINOOK STN. The sign on this bus has been broken for at least a few months now.
  9. Just tried it on my iPhone 6 with the Safari browser... no kind of pop up scam ad showed up for me.
  10. Yesterday I had a dream of buying the school bus I rode to school for about a year. Unfortunately, it’s probably scrapped by now.
  11. Encouraging drunk driving! 😛
  12. I didn’t start watching Weather Network until around 2012 when I moved to Calgary... I was around 8 or 9 years old at the time? The tune of course seems familiar although I could’ve recalled something slightly different as well.
  13. This song was my favourite, simply because I remember listening to it as a kid.
  14. I love how companies advertise alcohol products on transit buses....
  15. When you stay out past your curfew to photograph a bus that hasn’t shown up on the tracker since March.
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