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  1. 7732 was scrapped earlier this month. As of right now, the whereabouts of 7712, 7717 and 7720 are still unknown.
  2. I have been told it is a former St. Albert bus.
  3. 3731 was out last week sometime so I'd imagine whatever issues it had are now (at least somewhat) resolved.
  4. It's the typical spiel of there being a lack of community shuttle drivers. This is pretty typical among many routes in the city.
  5. 6008 as well... I even recall seeing a few of the 6040s with white panels as well. It is worth mentioning that these panel refurbishments are not unique to the D60LFRs. Many of the late-2005s and 2007s have been seen with fresh new panels throughout 2021.
  6. Hello there, I have emailed Luminator a few times but all I've recieved are offers to purchase the software. I don't know of any third partie sites that have downloads to this software (for legal reasons)
  7. 8040 broken down on Centre St and 4 avenue in the DT core.
  8. 2717 (presumably) retired at the McKnight Blvd yard on July 10, 2021.
  9. Thanks to another member of this board who has confirmed BlueBird Microbird T-Series #s 8350, 8352 and 8353 have been transferred to Century Transportation. I myself did see 8355 and 8365 (same model) in Springbank earlier. Doing some further research, these units were originally based in Halifax. I also do remember seeing 7983 at Highfield as well. Also, 8554 and 8555 have showed up from McCluskey Transportation in Ontario. They are Microbird G5s with the GMC front end.
  10. Probably for repairs or something related. Prevost and NovaBus are both owned by Volvo.
  11. 7799 is back! It is now active out of VP, as you might expect.
  12. There is a second 3717 (which is an Arboc with a pink wrap).
  13. The current bunch of buses being scrapped were the ones replaced by the 8395-8464 order. It is currently unknown if/when a new order of buses is arriving. I highly doubt anytime soon though, esspecially given the amount of idle Anderson buses left.
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