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  1. TechSpotlight

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    By “before”, I mean earlier today. But more likely than not, it’s parked there for maintenance or an inspection. I saw a few Novas parked at Spring 2 weeks ago, again probably for maintenance.
  2. TechSpotlight

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    Yes that, but I think the reason 7601 is displaying as a Spring bus is that it was sitting at SG for around 15 mins at around 3:00pm, I don’t recall it saying it was an SG bus before that but I could be wrong. Anyway, 8006 is on the 111 this afternoon. Photo coming shorty...
  3. TechSpotlight

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    8387 is now in service. Just one more to go!
  4. TechSpotlight

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    8382 was tracking this morning, but was not on any routes.
  5. TechSpotlight

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Unforunately, there will always be that one person who has negative views on you. Don’t listen to those people. People should not impact your ability to post or stay on the board. From what I’m seeing, you’re not a bad person and are pretty active when it comes to reporting about new units in service, or units recently retired for OC T.
  6. TechSpotlight

    The Random Thoughts Thread

    Don’t be so hard on yourself. Continuing to be hard on yourself will just make you continually more angry towards people. You can always make a change in yourself. Agreed, Captain!
  7. TechSpotlight

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    Thanks. I've updated the wiki to include the ones I spotted as well as the ones you noted active this afternoon, 8383, 8391 and 8394.
  8. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit

    8 days.
  9. TechSpotlight

    What models of buses have you rode on?

    School buses: Corbeil / International 3800 BlueBird / International 3800 BlueBird / GMC CV200 BlueBird TC2000 IC CE200 BlueBird Vision Thomas FS-65 Thomas C2 Transit: New Flyer D40LF New Flyer D40LFR New Flyer D60LFR NovaBus LFS (Diesel and CNG) New Flyer XD40 New Flyer XD60 Arboc Spirit of Freedom Grande West Vicinity 30’ Coach: MCI 102-DL3 LRT: Siemens U2, SD160, S200
  10. TechSpotlight

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    8385 and 8392 are now active.
  11. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit

    CT’s real time data feed / Transit55 is now working once again.
  12. TechSpotlight

    Finish the Sentence

    ... decided that he’d buy an Orion IV instead ...
  13. TechSpotlight

    General CTrain Discussion

    The U2s were last "refurbed" in the early-mid 2000s, a few years before the red wave livery was introduced. By the time the Series 5, 6 and 7 cars were rewrapped/painted into the new livery, it was probably not worth it to rewrap/paint the U2s in the wave livery.
  14. TechSpotlight

    CTrain Station Renovations

    I would see how beneficial this new station design would be during Stampede and/or Flames games as you no longer have to plow through crowds of people to get up the stairs/escalators. I hope they don't knock down the station buildings at Heritage & Southland stations...
  15. TechSpotlight

    Calgary Transit

    To add onto your post... aparently the Vicinities were pure junk in terms of reliability, often meaning some units would sit at Spring Gardens, unused for quite long periods of time.