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  1. GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! It has been confirmed that there are a few 7600s at Spring Gardens (7651 was probably going there!) Which means, today may not be the last day for 7600s after all!
  2. Actually, the bus is originally from Diversified Transportation in either AB or BC. Before Western Canada IC Bus was a thing, all of PWT's CEs originated from there, even the ones brand new to Southland in Diversified in the western part of the country. Many of our ICs still have Leeds Transit mudflaps and some still have the decals (although I'm not sure how many).
  3. Southland 2350, a 2006 IC CE300 is now retired and was spotted at Recon Metals in SE Calgary. Photo attached was captured by a friend of mine.
  4. Many school trips on the 23 have artics (for the high schools along 52 Street in the northeast part of Calgary). Not sure why an artic 23/145 is happening right now, my guess is a bus shortage as it seems to be a regular occurence with that block.
  5. Day 3 of online school: Makes me wish I was back in the classroom. Honestly, I cannot learn this way for the rest of the fucking school year. This is such a miserable mediocre way of teaching students the material.
  6. You realize that during this pandemic that the City of Calgary isn't likely going to be hiring anybody, esspecially since they're actually laying off employees?
  7. I got word a day or two ago that my 90-year-old Great Uncle who lives in London now has COVID-19 and is in severe condition. I really hate to say this but he is probably not going to live much longer, his health isn't that great at the moment. I'm going to miss him, he is a really nice man. 😢
  8. Super nice job on the 3D model! The 3D print looks very nice as well!
  9. The City of Calgary has actually roped off playground equipment with caution tape to prevent little ones from climbing onto the equipment. I'm actually quite shocked more cities aren't doing this.
  10. During the 7600 charter 10 days ago, we spotted this cute little scooter being driven by a maintenance worker on the Spring Gardens tarmac.
  11. Also to be mentioned.... only 2002A is at Recon Metals. 2002B is seen fenced in at a property in Ramsay.
  12. A buddy of mine spotted it in their property yesterday, looks like their machinery have already put a dent into it!
  13. For the most part, the fleet is the same with the ex-RDT D40LFs and LFRs running. Their fleet is somewhat new anyway (compared to their MCIs at least) and they don't require replacement at this point in time.
  14. Don't know how 7994 ended up on the 98/156/453 either....
  15. On March 15, 2020, several Calgary-area transit-fans participated in a day-long charter to say farewell to Calgary Transit's 1996/1999 New Flyer D40LF fleet, which is currently retiring. Here is 7632 pictured at Westbrook LRT Station posed as the former 72 Circle Route. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Calgary_Transit_7632-b.jpg
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