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  1. Can we please keep this thread for discussion of First Student Canada in the Calgary area? If you want to talk about First Student in other areas, please start threads in the appropriate section. Thanks Today, I spotted unit 171113, a Chevrolet Thomas Minotour with a propane engine. I noticed some text below the First Student lettering saying "Corvalis SD" (school district/division), which narrows down where these 17xxxx Thomas Minotours are coming from. Yesterday, I spotted three units. #320952 (picture attatched), #232784 (2004 BB 3800 w/ T444E) and #150546 (IC CE, MaxxForce 7 powered). Regarding 320952, me and "BCT-3122-D800-10240" have spotted this unit several times in the past week. This unit was definetely picked up second hand from somewhere in the US based on the specifications. I'm unsure of where this unit may have originated from at this point in time.
  2. A refurb has arrived. CP rail helping place the car into the pad.
  3. The glass on 7681's front sign is busted up pretty good.
  4. No, theyre replacing the elevators. There's not enough room inside the station building for any more elevators.
  5. 7856 was on the 116 today, changing off a VP bus on it's MAX Teal block earlier in the day.
  6. Aaaand spotted again heading eastbound in the downtown core on 7 Ave and 5 St W at around 12:48.
  7. Scout spotted at NB Chinook Station around 11:25am.
  8. #2002 is seen in the OBMF yard (photo taken from outside the fence), retired from service.
  9. Scout is just leaving 69 Street Station as of 10:35am.
  10. Me two! Unfortunately their days are going to be numbered very quickly, so I'd get this organized with Calgary Transit ASAP. We should also start proposing ideas of possible units to ask CT if they will be avaliable to charter. (Looks like our options as of right now of non-MIA units are 7603, 7606, 7609, 7611, 7616, 7618-19, 7623, 7632-33, 7638??, 7642, 7644, 7651, 7653, 7657, 7662, 7664, 7672-73, 7677-78, 7681, 7685, 7687 or 7691-92.) I feel like this will be a fitting time to stick 7618 on the 98. Enjoy!
  11. 8425 made it out today for PM rush hour, with 8422-23 making it out yesterday.
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