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  1. TechSpotlight

    Trains and buses with mustaches

    7775 - Route 98
  2. TechSpotlight

    Garage Transfers

    Looking at Transit55, 8050 is now based at Victoria Park.
  3. TechSpotlight

    Trains and buses with mustaches

    I know this one's already been spotted but I'll post this photo here anyway. 8153 running rte. 111
  4. TechSpotlight

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    8163 is on the 111 this morning! First time in a long time I’ve seen a Nova in the area before! (besides the school routes). 8226 is also on the 111.
  5. TechSpotlight

    Failed Photos

    Don't you love it when this happens? (photo taken June 2018)
  6. TechSpotlight

    School Buses

    That's exactly the kind of response I got when I emailed the Calgary staff.
  7. TechSpotlight

    Pacific Western Transportation

    Not that I know of. But Diversified has received a white BlueBird Vision this year, as shown below:
  8. TechSpotlight

    School Buses

    Your best bet would be to fill out their contact form at http://www.southland.ca/contact. If you do get the info from them could you shoot me a PM as I am interested to see the fleet for Medicine Hat too!
  9. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    3306 and 2685 (which are also Corbeil Chevrolet cutaways) are also still active.
  10. TechSpotlight

    Trains and buses with mustaches

    7772 has one now.
  11. TechSpotlight

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    The operator of 1835 (who was running Route 164 - Aspen Summit) had her signs set as Route 1. No wonder there was nobody on her bus
  12. TechSpotlight

    General FML moments

    FML moment of today: I was GOING to do photography after school today but silly me forgot the battery in the charger. It ended up not being a big loss because everywhere I wanted to do photography had a million shadows which would otherwise ruin he shot. Thank you Daylight Savings Time (more like Daylight Ruining Time ). Guess I’ll have to wait until February.
  13. TechSpotlight

    Ever get on the wrong bus in your home town?

    I normally take Calgary Transit rte 98 to get home from school. However one of the buses was running the 453 with the 98 destination sign still set. I got on and quickly realized I was on the wrong bus. Thankfully the route goes somewhat close to where I live but I ended up having to walk an extra 10-15 mins home.
  14. TechSpotlight

    First Student Canada

    Spotted a 2006-07 Corbeil Ford E-350 that looked like it was either numbered CAR985 or CAR986 with a white box around the numbers (like the former Briggs units did). Has anyone seen this unit before?
  15. TechSpotlight

    Southland Transportation

    Another high number unit, 7948 is a CT Access Ford Transit van.