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  1. Are the 79xxs without vision at Queensway ever going to see regular service again or will they just be restricted to shuttles?
  2. 7976 is currently on the 73/76 interline but it's rear route number sign is messed up.
  3. Saw a 6 car T1 train running on line 2 with the following fleet numbers: 5088-89 (Kipling end) 5188-89 5288-89 (Kennedy end)
  4. Are the Flexities now outnumbering the CLRVs on the main 501 branch (Humber-Neville Park)? It seems like the legacy cars are slowly starting to disappear I am noticing less and less of them as the weeks go by.
  5. No question about that 4004's days are definitely numbered.
  6. How about those Raptors they are 1 win away from their first ever NBA Finals appearance.
  7. Not entirely true the CLRVs will continue to run on 501 Queen between Long Branch and Humber until the fall.
  8. Pardon me for asking a question that may have been answered before but why do all Flexities running on 509, 510 and 512 use pantograph poles whereas on other routes like 501 and 504 the Flexities use their trolley pole? Is there a plan to convert all streetcar routes to pantograph only poles once all the legacy cars are gone?
  9. Why is Queensway getting it's old hand me downs back?
  10. No hard on but for once I just want Southern Etobicoke to get a taste of brand new bus deliveries and have them enter revenue service on routes like 44, 76 or 110.
  11. It makes absolutely no logical sense to have an east end garage do the runs for a route in the complete opposite end of the city.
  12. Maybe when 8000-8011 retire the TTC will decide to purchase brand new buses for the 900 Airport Express and deliver those to Queensway. Or they might also just convert a handful of the Nova LFSs with luggage racks and designate them for the Airport route and my instinct tells me the latter will be the case.
  13. Why does Queensway garage always get "hand me down" buses from other divisions? It is the only garage that never receives brand new bus deliveries.
  14. That means more "hand me downs" to replace the 7900s and 8000s.
  15. The 3700s should be delivered to Queensway to replace the soon to be retiring 7900s and 8000s. They handle new flyer buses well and it's only fair that they get the procurement of this series.
  16. I saw 3700 training WB on Lawrence Ave near Jane Street just moments ago.
  17. Queensway division has been treated like second class for many decades now. Once again why are they getting the "hand me down" 8400-8617 series Novas to replace the soon to be retiring 7900s and 8000s? In fairness I want to see the procurement of new buses being delivered to Queensway for once but it never happens. The 8620s Nova series were delivered brand new to Eglinton, the 3100s were delivered brand new to Arrow and the 9200s started their revenue service life at Birchmount why can't the same happen at Queensway?
  18. Which means east enders will now have the opportunity to recharge their phones while riding these buses.
  19. Will the CLRVs ever be seen again on 502/503/505/511 or are they going to be restricted to just the 501 and 506 for the remainder of their lives?
  20. Which routes will Roncy be operating? Also are the remaining active ALRVs/CLRVs going to be based out of Russell only?
  21. 4046 was also the very last CLRV to ever run on the 512 on Aug 31 hopefully this isn't the end for her.
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