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  1. At least the handmedowns are not going to Queensway.
  2. With line 1 closed from Sheppard-Yonge to St Clair this weekend due to ATC signal upgrades I'm curious to know how many trains are operating between Finch and Sheppard-Yonge? It must be tedious for the drivers and door operators who are assigned to that portion of the route because they have to travel back and forth through the same 3 stations which is even shorter than the entirety of line 4 .
  3. When is the final day of service for the CLRVs on the 506?
  4. 4046 was also the very last CLRV to ever run in service on the 512 on August 31, 2018.
  5. It seems rather surprising that all of the CLRVs that were sent to HCRR are 40xx units. Will any of the 41xxs be preserved or donated to HCRR?
  6. 4110 is my favourite car I hope that one makes it till the end. Throughout its lifetime I remember riding it on routes 501, 504, 505, 506, 510, 511 and 512.
  7. 4098, 4103, 4119, 4141 and 4169 are amongst the CLRVs sitting on the "death row" at Russell.
  8. If I were to pick 5 units I will go with 4074, 4081, 4110, 4178 or 4193.
  9. From GM Fishbowls and Classics to New Flyer HFs, Nova RTS, Vs and ALRVs/CLRVs very soon this will be a thing of the past for Toronto transit vehicles.
  10. So based on this thread tracking list is it safe to assume that 4021 is the only active car remaining between 4000-4041?
  11. "A Streetcar Named Toronto" project has been launched to honour the retirement of the CLRV. In partnership with CityFund the exterior and interior of 4178 has been transformed into a colorful work of art created by local Toronto artists. The plan is to have the vehicle run on 506 during the week, 501 for limited weekend service and 511 during Nuit Blanche on October 5.
  12. The terminal points of 506 and 511 are the best places in my opinion. High Park loop, Main Street station, Exhibition loop and Bathurst station.
  13. These buses should've been delivered to Queensway brand new during their procurement in 2015/16.
  14. But the number of remaining active ones is probably closer to 40.
  15. Technically Bathurst got Flexities first before Carlton. There first appearance on 511 was way back in the summer of 2015 during the Pam AM games and have been running every summer during the CNE. Their debut on the 506 was just this past winter when the extreme cold grounded the entire legacy fleet forcing the low floors to operate on Carlton.
  16. Once all the remaining CLRVs get decommissioned will Russell carhouse start housing the Flexities right away or is the division going to get a major overhaul just like Roncy?
  17. Shouldn't the third batch of Novas be delivered to Queensway once the 79xxs and 80xxs retire?
  18. Hopefully we get to see some new buses in South Etobicoke.
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