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  1. These buses should've been delivered to Queensway brand new during their procurement in 2015/16.
  2. But the number of remaining active ones is probably closer to 40.
  3. Technically Bathurst got Flexities first before Carlton. There first appearance on 511 was way back in the summer of 2015 during the Pam AM games and have been running every summer during the CNE. Their debut on the 506 was just this past winter when the extreme cold grounded the entire legacy fleet forcing the low floors to operate on Carlton.
  4. Once all the remaining CLRVs get decommissioned will Russell carhouse start housing the Flexities right away or is the division going to get a major overhaul just like Roncy?
  5. Shouldn't the third batch of Novas be delivered to Queensway once the 79xxs and 80xxs retire?
  6. Hopefully we get to see some new buses in South Etobicoke.
  7. Personally I like variety and I'm not looking forward to having a homogeneous streetcar fleet. It's going to be like the subway system. I miss the days when we had TRs, H5s and T1s on line 1 and H4s, H6s and T1s on line 2. Now it's just 1 model running on each line.
  8. 4160 and 4178 are amongst the CLRVs scheduled to make a run on the 301 this evening.
  9. For all you night owls in the beaches area tonight could very well be the last time we ever see a CLRV in service on the 301 at Neville Park considering that Queen is expected to be converted to 100% low floor next week. Better catch that one last ride while you can.
  10. Is 1666 on its way to purgatory? ๐Ÿคฃ
  11. And there aren't that many active 40xx cars remaining I usually see only 10-15 of them in service on a day to day basis.
  12. Here it is a short clip of 4566 en route to Toronto. 20190803_152403.mp4
  13. This afternoon I saw 4566 on a freight train in Sudbury most likely en route to Toronto.
  14. During the daytime on weekdays there are 7 CLRVs used on 501L. One of them always returns to Russell at the tail end of the PM rush and that is indeed the 6:31pm trip from Long Branch which you can catch at Queen and Roncesvalles just after 7pm.
  15. You can also catch them in service on 501 between Humber and Greenwood/Connaught westbound in the early morning and eastbound in the late evening.
  16. Were those the 2 units that were badly destroyed during the Raptors victory celebration on June 13?
  17. That's sad I saw it at Bathurst station in service on the 511 just last week.
  18. But when it's time for Mount Dennis' hybrids and Wilson's NGs to retire those divisions will most certainly get the next batch of new deliveries. Meanwhile Queensway and South Etobicoke routes will be short changed and suffer from the brunt once again. Once the remaining 7900s and 8000s get decommissioned they are very likely going to be replaced with more hand me downs (the remaining 8400s and 8510s) as previously posted in this thread which totally isn't fair.
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