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  1. No more handmedowns to Queensway please
  2. Queensway should get a portion of the new delivery, even if it's just 20 buses I'll be satisfied with that.
  3. Once again Queensway is going to get shafted with castoffs while other divisions get the brand new toys here we go again indeed.
  4. Queensway should've taken over the 927 it definitely would've been a throwback to see those 7900s and 8400s running up and down Highway 27 again.
  5. That means 8467 and 8469 are officially the last non-rebuilt Novas with the old livery left at Queensway and neither are in service right now. The last one I saw in person was 8470 on the 71 Runnymede this past Tuesday.
  6. A special sighting on the closest route to Queensway garage this AM peak #3641 was on the 15 Evans
  7. Some 2015 throwback sightings to report: 8460 on 35 8468 on 96
  8. If that's the case then the next batch of electric bus deliveries should go there and we'll gladly welcome them with open arms.
  9. Don't transfer anymore LFSes. Let the 7900s and 8000s finish their life at Queeensway, then replace them with the incoming 2022 HEVs.
  10. Ugh send them back nobody wants more handmedown LFSes here
  11. There aren't many old livery / non rebuilt Novas left at Queensway
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