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  1. Unless the vehicle gets badly damaged in an accident and not worth repairing it'll probably be one of the last units to remain in service when the Flexities start retiring 30-40 years down the road.
  2. Hands down closing Queensway is the right move. That division needs a thorough cleaning of its facility and needs to remain shut until it receives the green light from health officials.
  3. So does it mean the author of this article is a fool too? 🤔https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2020/04/18/ttc-mechanics-stage-work-stoppage-union-calls-for-queensway-garage-to-be-shut-down.html
  4. Your interpretation is wrong. When I say shut down I don't mean closing the division permanently, although a new garage in the area would be nice. They just need to do thorough cleaning and provide personal protection equipment to ensure the health and well being of the maintenance staff.
  5. See I told you guys that Queensway garage is an unsafe work facility. As per CP24 four maintenance workers have tested positive for covid-19 and 8 other employees refuse to show up to work without the safety precautions taken. They need to shut down that division immediately.
  6. The Queensway garage is old and not a safe working environment. Those employees made the right move by walking off the job.
  7. Poor Queensway it doesn't have enough capacity to store its either fleet all at once. Instead they have to keep sending VIIs to Obico on a rotating basis.
  8. Too bad there's only 1 41xx car that will be preserved.
  9. Besides 4178 will any of the other 41xx units be preserved?
  10. I rode in T1 car #5044 and noticed that the B-end of the car has a A-side type sliding door. I believe #5293 is the opposite. The A-end of that car has a B-side sliding door.
  11. The TTC should just close Queensway garage and build a new division in South Etobicoke with a larger capacity so it can store more buses. Plus the height clearence should be adjusted so it can handle new deliveries whether it's diesels, hybrids or electric buses.
  12. These buses should stay at Queensway for the rest of their revenue service lives so when it comes time to replace them they can get the next batch of new deliveries in 2021-22.
  13. The CLRV weekend trippers on Queen have been removed unfortunately since the new board takes into effect today.
  14. So now we are speculating 8620s to act as handmedowns to Queensway and South Etobicoke in 2021 to replace the Orions? BOOOOOOO 👎👎👎👎👎
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