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  1. When Obico opens sometime in the late 2020s or early 2030s and it becomes the major division for South Etobicoke it will be a welcome sight to potentially see new bus deliveries in routes/areas such as the 110/123 at Long Branch Loop or the 66 at Humber Loop. It's been 30 long years since this area of the city has gotten the new toys first.
  2. Queensway also had the oldest buses in the system in 2015-16 when the handmedown 7300s from New Eglinton were in their senior years but the D40LFs were awesome so yes sometimes the oldest buses are the best buses.
  3. If they are so awesome why did Arrow, Birchmount, Eglinton and Wilson give them away? And I don't hate them it's just meh that we have the oldest buses in the system. That's great news for Etobicoke I can't wait for that.
  4. Queensway is really messed up. The restriction of not being able to store E buses and hybrids or not having the proper design in its facility to procure the latest models shows that the division should not be operating in the 21st century. Riders who use routes such as 46 or 77 are now learning what it's like to have handmedowns running on their routes after the McNicoll shuffle. This is what folks on all the routes in South Etobicoke have been accustomed to in the last several decades. Will the division still be open in 2040 when the TTC plans to have a zero emissions fleet?
  5. Because they're not allowed to receive the new deliveries
  6. 8912 on 37 8914 on 111 8917 on 165 8919 on 46 8920 on 76 8921 on 123 8922 on 45 8923 on 927
  7. Welcome back to 2015, except it was 191 back then
  8. The retiring Orions at Queensway should be replaced by the 2022-2023 bus orders and not more garbage handmedowns. Otherwise shut down the division and get Obico running so they accommodate all types of buses (diesels, hybrids and electric).
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