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  1. Will we ever see ALRVs in regular service again perhaps on 501L or 511? Or is it safe to assume that they are done with the exception of charters and special runs?
  2. The best time to catch a CLRV on 501A is early morning westbound and late evening eastbound while trekking from Russell to Lake Shore and vice versa but what about other times during the day? Is there one that gets added or removed to the mix before or after peak period?
  3. Is there any chance we see the CLRVs make a return on the 505 before the route gets officially converted to 100% low floor?
  4. The 501 is currently detouring via King and Dufferin due to a security incident at Jamieson so I got to ride a CLRV #4110 on King St. for potentially the last time ever.
  5. Are the 79xxs without vision at Queensway ever going to see regular service again or will they just be restricted to shuttles?
  6. 7976 is currently on the 73/76 interline but it's rear route number sign is messed up.
  7. Saw a 6 car T1 train running on line 2 with the following fleet numbers: 5088-89 (Kipling end) 5188-89 5288-89 (Kennedy end)
  8. Are the Flexities now outnumbering the CLRVs on the main 501 branch (Humber-Neville Park)? It seems like the legacy cars are slowly starting to disappear I am noticing less and less of them as the weeks go by.
  9. No question about that 4004's days are definitely numbered.
  10. Another round of hand me downs for Queensway.
  11. How about those Raptors they are 1 win away from their first ever NBA Finals appearance. 👏
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