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  1. Any chance that Queensway division gets some?
  2. Amen finally somebody understands my side of this discussion
  3. Any new diesels should go to Queensway if hybrids or electric buses are restricted in that division plain and simple
  4. The 3300s have the LCD screen display which isn't new in general these buses are 4 years old now but they are new to Queensway and South Etobicoke because we've been shafted with handmedowns for so long now.
  5. The airport express should be using artics which means Queensway should get a portion of the new deliveries.
  6. We've seen this 1 star movie many times before it stinks nobody wants a sequel they should consider creating a new plot instead
  7. So will all of Queensway's remaining 8400s move to Birchmount?
  8. Those should be the replacement buses for Queensway when the 7900s and 8000s hit death valley.
  9. So the newest garage is sending handmedowns to Queensway that's absurd
  10. The fleet numbers on this sheet are all Queensway handmedowns
  11. Why not just order brand new buses for the airport express route and deliver them to Queensway? Absolutely not
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