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  1. 8912 on 37 8914 on 111 8917 on 165 8919 on 46 8920 on 76 8921 on 123 8922 on 45 8923 on 927
  2. Welcome back to 2015, except it was 191 back then
  3. The retiring Orions at Queensway should be replaced by the 2022-2023 bus orders and not more garbage handmedowns. Otherwise shut down the division and get Obico running so they accommodate all types of buses (diesels, hybrids and electric).
  4. Is it a permanent movement or just for rebuild? I hope this doesn't mean 8476+ will be transferred to Queensway.
  5. Rebuilt #8430 with the brand new livery was on 110 this afternoon @raptorjays
  6. This is just for fun but I made a proposed schedule for the Eglinton LRT's operating hours. Thoughts?
  7. Trains will be using the southbound tracks only in both directions from Sheppard West to Finch West this week from 11:30pm until the end of service due to track work. Does this mean trains will run less frequently on this part of the line? Are some northbound trains going to be short turned at Sheppard West or Wilson or will they just head back to the yard?
  8. If the remaining Orion VII OGs and OG/NG hybrids are expected to be gone in the upcoming years is there a chance that Queensway division gets brand new bus deliveries to replace the 7900s and 8000s instead of receiving more handmedowns?
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