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  1. Valley Metro 6812: New Flyer XN40 or XN60 Articulated CNG Xcelsior was featured in this past Thursday's The Tribune Sports Session newspaper featuring the Bahamian NBA Phoenix Suns Player DeAndre Ayton donating some of the supplies to Fry's Grocery store in Phoenix for those who were affected by Hurricane Dorian in Grand Bahama and Abaco, Bahamas.
  2. How do you sign up for CPTDB Wiki editor account?
  3. Miami-Dade Transit Pilot bus 19232: 2019 Gillig BRT Plus CNG 40' is awaiting delivery at the Gillig Corporation factory in Livermore, CA today. The fleet numbers size and the New 2019 Miami-Dade Transit M Logo were too big. Features the new 2018 livery same as New Flyer XN40s. The 181 Gillig BRT Plus CNG 40 buses are on delivery starting this month. Photo credit goes to their respective owners. Used with permission.
  4. These Photo credits goes to Miami Transport of Flickr. Used with permission.
  5. Scooby-Doo and Guess Who? (2019): Opening and Closing Theme song New show was already came out this past July on Cartoon Network and Bommerang (Latin America Version)
  6. Agustina Palma from Disney Channel's Bia TV Series (Latin America Version) : Song of the Times from Harry Styles' cover
  7. On other day, I saw One rare unit (06XX) 2006 Gillig BRT HEV 35' was exported to Nassau, The Bahamas by a Private Owner for the first time and it has the Bahamas green and white license plate number NP 455 with the bike racks removed and destination signs not working. It was featured at the 2019 Bahamas Junkanoo Carnival Parade. https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/b/ba/Sarasota_transit_gillig_brt_hybrid.JPG
  8. Los Angeles Angeles Baseball Player Tyler Skaggs has died Today due to Drug and Alcohol Overdose
  9. Video credit goes to Randy Andieu This bus no. 19115 has Voith D864.6 Automatic Transmission. Bus no. 19111-19130 are the only 10 buses that made a voith D864.6 transmissions. The rest of the 18100s, 18200s , 19100s & 19200s are made an Allison B400R automatic transmission.
  10. Hello, I had a problem logging in to my CPTDB Wiki account but it keeping saying Incorrect username or password entered and when I was trying to reset my password, but it said There is no user by the name "Mitsubishi Fuso 6512 ". Usernames are case sensitive. Check your spelling, or create a new account. And it keeping saying that Permission error Jump to navigation Jump to search You do not have permission to do that, for the following reason: You are not allowed to execute the action you have requested.
  11. LACMTA 6458: 1997-98 Neoplan USA AN440 CNG Transliner is now owned by Transit Systems Photo credit goes to Metro Fans Productions Used with permission. And SCRTD/LACMTA 2737: 1989 Flxible Metro B ADB (40102-6C) is now restored and owned by Scott Richards of Regional Transit Service for movie Prop buses. Photo credit goes to Transitalk Transportation Media Group of Instagram
  12. Orlando Lynx 560: Gillig Phantom is now owned by a private owner. Photo credit goes to Trains and Trucks of Instagram. Used with permission.
  13. https://instagram.com/new_transit_fan?igshid=vj5bsc2us5p5 This account has many stolen photos from the internet. Already reported to instagram for spam.
  14. 1983 Neoplan AN 440 Transliner in The 40 Year Old Virgin, Movie, 2005
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