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  1. Bank/Riverside Eastbound has been replaced with all new signals. I believe Bank/Riverside Westbound was replaced last year.
  2. 4202-49 Elmvale at Pleasant Park/Fairbanks 15:10
  3. Via Rail/Tremblay is now completely LED with new signals and some new poles.
  4. Heron / Clover has been completely converted to new LED signals.
  5. Not really sure what category this PED signal fits into, but at Russel/Southvale there are some LED signals with square hoods. https://goo.gl/maps/99UvNjHZj3ZFVpfC9
  6. 4716-42 Blair at Trainyards Farm Boy - 1:10
  7. HCRR is quickly turning into the UTDC preservation society!
  8. Can confirm Smyth/Botsford/Dauphin is still active, with 3 old and in poor shape 8-8-8s still all incandescent. Walkley/Halifax has a few incandescent ped signals, but all traffic signals have been replaced. Walkley/Tim Hortons (just west of Walkley/Conroy) has some incandescents left as well.
  9. 4204 Powered up at the HCRR after being delivered.
  10. Smyth/Roger Guindon has been completely converted to new LED signals
  11. Here is a photo from last weekend of the old incandescent that still lives (for now) at Bronson/417. If I remember correctly, all of the other signals have been replaced with new LEDs. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t driving)
  12. 8120-55 Bayshore (run 55-06) at the Pretoria Bridge, 5:55 pm 8046-44 Hurdman at Alta Vista/Smyth, 6:00 pm
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