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  1. Very interesting! I wonder if for whatever reason they had difficulties with the locomotive itself, or running the locomotive along the line so they decided to go with the Swedish locos instead.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help me find out any information on this locomotive, seen in the Walkley Yard, Ottawa, June 1991. I have been trying to find some info online, but to no avail. Photo is my own.
  3. HCRR is quickly turning into the UTDC preservation society!
  4. 4204 Powered up at the HCRR after being delivered.
  5. Hi, I understand you are new here, but if I could chime in and sort of repeat what others have been saying. Maybe just hold off posting so-so pictures, and wait until you get one really good shot, similar to photos posted by others here. (I understand you may think your photos are great, but others may not feel the same way, or that they are of the quality that people expect for the feature-photo.) If you do this, then people might find your photography much more interesting and of higher quality, and maybe one day your photo of high quality will be chosen as the feature photo for the week. Don’t feel like you have to post every photo of a bus you take, wait until you get the best you possibly think you could.
  6. Judging by photos that Via Rail/Siemens have released with the design of the new trains, no, it will probably just be a cab car. Taken from here: https://m.viarail.ca/en/about-via-rail/fleet-renewal
  7. Use the map feature where it shows the precise current location of the train.
  8. Ah whoops, had thought Alstom had bid. Interesting article, not really what I was expecting considering that they are both European companies with a very large presence economically in Europe. Would think the commission would want the merger... -Charlie
  9. Question: With the Siemens/Alstom Rail merger, is it possible that will affect both of their bids for the new Via Rail rolling stock?
  10. Could I ask, what do the trains ship in and out of the water treatment facility? Is it just stuff like chemicals and the like, or other materials. -Charlie
  11. I believe that fixed units are what the modern standard for DMUs and EMUs or BMUs so that they can have all wheel drive so that the units talk to each other and accelerate, etc, simultaneously. If Via chooses a locomotive train set, then it is possible that the set of passenger cars will also be fixed. If there were to ever be a crippling fault in one of the fixed unit cars, that required long term maintenance, they can still remove it from the rest of the cars, just not easily. I am not sure if they would have to replace that car with another one, or if the fixed set could still run minus 1 car, it might just depend on the type of train. Fixed units, in one form or another, seem to be basically the only option for modern trains, just look at basically any new train orders around the world and you will se fixed units. -Charlie
  12. I would definently agree that Siemens is more likely to get the contract. I am not really sure what VIA Rails opinion towards bombardier right now is, so I’m not really sure where they stand. Also, if Stadler made it to this stage then I guess we should not rule them out just yet. As for the company Talgo, considering I had never heard of them and they only have 1 or 2 contracts in the USA, I do not really see anything going to happen with them. Of course these are just assumptions, but that is what this board is kind of for, to speculate and what not and voice different point of views on different issues. -Charlie
  13. I was quite surprised that Stadler made it into the next phase as well, but the company really seems to be doing some serious expansion in the North American market, with some contracts and a plant in the USA, as well as them supposedly providing new trains for the Ottawa OTrain Trillium Line in a few years time. I wonder if Stadler is bidding with a DMU set, or if they are going to possibly bring over one of their european diesel locomotives, and make their own deperate coaches. -Charlie
  14. Because there is such thing as the sun?
  15. Or they just try to just use the HEP or HEP-2 equipment on the milk run trains where the schedule is not expecting to get up to top speed. -Charlie
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