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  1. Half of 1155 has arrived in the city, parked on Belfast outside of the yard.
  2. To add to this response, battery technology is nearly guaranteed to improve significantly by 2036. Think about where the technology was 15 years ago, in 2006. I personally believe that this is a great plan laid out by the feds and the city, one that could set an example for other Canadian transit agencies and one where the city ultimately saves a very large amounts of money that they could’ve had to spend otherwise.
  3. A Southeast Transitway conversion to LRT is certainly and interesting conversation. The current transitway certainly has some difficult geometry for a DMU to manage, namely around the Riverside Hospital. I agree that it would make the most sense for it to operate as an extension of Line 4. In terms of ridership, Billings Bridge would easily be the busiest new station, as it already serves many high-ridership local routes into the south end. I wonder if a mix of current transitway alignment and the Via Rail ROW (on dedicated track) would work best. I have also seen some discussion in the community about a possible Bank Street subway, which I’m sure would be supported by urban councillors. It’d be interesting how it would connect to a possible SE Transitway LRT or DLRT. Of course both of these rapid transit projects are many years away, especially since there’s barely enough money to go around these days, much less for capital projects.
  4. On the wiki, the OC Transpo page is named “Ottawa-Carleton Regional Transit Commission”. Is this accurate? Because if I recall correctly, in city documents OC Transpo is always simply called OC Transpo. Is the long name still officially used anywhere? If not the wiki page should be renamed.
  5. Very interesting! I wonder if for whatever reason they had difficulties with the locomotive itself, or running the locomotive along the line so they decided to go with the Swedish locos instead.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody could help me find out any information on this locomotive, seen in the Walkley Yard, Ottawa, June 1991. I have been trying to find some info online, but to no avail. Photo is my own.
  7. On the bus stop schedules it says January 5th I believe.
  8. HCRR is quickly turning into the UTDC preservation society!
  9. 4204 Powered up at the HCRR after being delivered.
  10. That’s correct, route 140 shouldn’t be signed ‘Heron Park’. If anything it should say ‘Herongate’, or if you want to reference the area north of Heron that it serves, maybe they could use ‘Guildwood Estates’ or ‘Featherstone’, or more generally just ‘Alta Vista’. I also noticed the “Billing’s Bridge”, which is incorrect since there shouldn’t be an apostrophe.
  11. Have there been any updates on the units that were on order for 2019?
  12. Bus stop flags have begun being switched over in Alta Vista, along new routes 46, 140, 141, 55, and for the 44 Hurdman. I find it funny how a bus stop flag, for example, now has routes 46, 140, 141 on it, but really, despite there being three routes, the service level is the same as before, provided by just one route (112).
  13. While the fact that the writer claims the 12 days of testing has been reset several times may be true, his post just seems a bit too sketchy for me to find it trustworthy. What they say is all very vague, and when they say that the city has agreed to change the contract, frankly, I don’t believe that statement whatsoever. The city wants a working system just as much as anyone else, since it means that there will be lower maintenance costs later on, after the handover. The poor grammar of theirs certainly doesn’t help their credibility either.
  14. Here is a photo of the new INFO graphic. (Try and ignore the black mark on it, it’s only covering a photo of the LRT. The reason I put that is because on the glass there is a sticker that is just not appropriate for this, so I decided to scribble it out.)
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