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  1. GOA transit news, info etc

    Ok people, not to be condescending, I love the work everyone has put in to the OC Transpo section of the CPTDB wiki, but this is a bit of a stretch saying 9151 is part of the fleet anyways just wanted to point this out lol it made me laugh. -Charlie
  2. GOA transit news, info etc

    Wasn’t entirely sure where to put this and believe it isn’t on the forum yet: http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2679925228 It is an old CBC report on OC Transpo’s move to eliminate 1$ bills from buses. Enjoy, Charlie
  3. This answered all my questions and then some! Thanks you very much. It seems like it served its purpose quite well while it lasted. You should make a cptdb wiki page with all this info (half jokeing )One question, where do you find old route maps like this one? Thanks again, -Charlie
  4. Haha your right I was being not smart: https://www.cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/TRANSPO_9954-9964 I didn’t realize was not OC Transpo, just Transpo
  5. Evening all, So since I got interested in OC Transpo and buses and transit systems and their equipment, I have always had several questions, that I did not know how to answer except here. Tele-Transpo: what is it, how long was it running for, what was it’s purpose , what the fares were and where it ran are the questions.I’ve lived in Ottawa all my life, and never lived in an area that had it and never used it. There is not a cptdb wiki on it. Thanks you in advance to whoever answers. -Charlie
  6. GOA transit news, info etc

    Does anyone know what they were talking about with building fare gate entrances at transitway stations?
  7. OC Transpo Retired Bus(es) Whereabouts

    Found this while I was on the internet this morning, http://transitsales.com/60-new-flyer-lf/ ex OC Transpo 6320 in original paint. Contrary to what the description on the page says, this bus is very much not from a dry, western climate and I am sure is not free from corrosion and rust. It was part of the first couple buses delivered in one of the early 2000s orders of D60LF buses to Ottawa. I think this bus would have been retired at least 5 years ago, but please correct me if I’m wrong. -Charlie
  8. OC Bus Spottings

    Seen at 1:40 at st Laurent with Navette/Shuttle on it’s destination
  9. Haha, it’s funny how quickly that thread got off topic, nevertheless, thank you. It seems like it was, but was it only the one bought by OC Transpo?
  10. Evening all, So just now I was scrolling through Google Images and found this: I was like “what is this it is so ugly!” It says it is and el dorado EZ rider and the photo was possibly taken around 2001. What is this? I have never heard of OC Transpo owning and El Dorado before, so I would like to hear your thoughts+ info. Also, was it simply a demo bus or actually purchased? As I said before, this is not my photo (duh) and simply found it on this thing called the internet -Charlie
  11. OC Bus Spottings

    Just saw 6527 being towed turning right from Riverside towards hurdman, probably looping back over riverside to go back to the yards. Seen at 11:47
  12. GOA transit news, info etc

    I am glad that the CTA is finally putting some pressure for OC Transpo to make sure the announcements are working a audible, but what good does it do with a publically funded federal agency fineing another publicly funded agency. I don’t think that it is really in the interest of the people for OC Transpo to pay that 25 thousand dollars of Taxpayer money to another agency. To me, it would just make more sense to just force OC Transpo to announce all the major destinations, then maybe take further action or help OC Transpo in some way to make sure they comply. My point is is that the Canadian Transportation agency should be working with OC Transpo , not makin them pay 25 thousand dollars of public money. Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, -Charlie
  13. The Confederation Line [Under Construction]

    I think it is very unlikely that it would start in 2019. The lrt is somewhat nearing completion; Stations like Blair, Cyrville, St. Laurent, Tremblay, Hurdman, Lees and uOttawa are actually sort of nearing completion, especially the ones Tremblay eastwards. Also I am sure they have done more then half of the trains as that’s what it was in the spring. Stations west are coming along, with still a decent amount of work to do obviously. The bulk of the work is definently in the tunnel stations and laying the track in the tunnel. This track not being in the tunnel is a pain as it means that they cannot test trains west of the tunnel on the tracks nearing completion there, unless they were to put a train on a truck and put it on the rails there. In my guess, the lrt will open fall/early winter 2018.