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  1. Hello, could i please have my account deleted. I have made a new account @Triplej814. Thanks.
  2. Queensway sends them anywhere, I rode one this morning on 506
  3. these good? (had to downsize images in order to upload here, if you want the original i can send via email) TTC 8036 on the 7 Bathurst TTC 8049 on 30B Lambton TTC 8649 with 406 displayed on the sign (wrong code, was actually on 96S Wilson) TTC 7748 on 61 Avenue Road North TTC 8034 displaying TPS-TFS-EMS outside kipling station TTC 8689 on 29A Dufferin - Jonah Nixon
  4. IF it does get rebuilt and gets the new livery, its gonna get alot of foamer attention like the Ng's did
  5. 1710 and 1768 didn't go on 87, they just looped around eastdale and headed back south on 64.
  6. If they were testing the vision system then it would technically make sense for it to only go out for a short period of time.
  7. Neither. Just guessing since the hybrids arn't as reliable as the diesels, it makes more sense to retire the original generation hybrids then the 79's.
  8. Well wouldn't the 10's/11's retire before the 79's? The 79's are far more reliable then them.
  9. Drivers arn't the most accurate source for information. Why would they retire the 79's this year if they are retiring the hybrids and the remaining 77's and 78's anyways? And besides, queensway drivers like the orions way more than the novas anyways.
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