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  1. Neither. Just guessing since the hybrids arn't as reliable as the diesels, it makes more sense to retire the original generation hybrids then the 79's.
  2. Well wouldn't the 10's/11's retire before the 79's? The 79's are far more reliable then them.
  3. Drivers arn't the most accurate source for information. Why would they retire the 79's this year if they are retiring the hybrids and the remaining 77's and 78's anyways? And besides, queensway drivers like the orions way more than the novas anyways.
  4. gtatransitguy

    Username Change

    Hi, could i please have my usernane changed to Jonah Nixon Thanks.
  5. gtatransitguy

    TTC Photography additions

    1567 at Renforth Station Jonah Nixon
  6. gtatransitguy

    Today's Special Sightings

    Like i said... the route was supposed to be only novas, so when the orion went on, it could've been rare its unknown, we will have to find out next week if an orion appears on it again. Also just because a bus is on a route from the same division as the route it could still be rare, like for example an artic on 82 Rosedale that would be rare right?
  7. gtatransitguy

    Today's Special Sightings

    8151 on the 175 Bluffer's Park, A Supervisor said last week that the route is supposed to be only novas, so im not sure if this is some weird occurence or if the supervisor made a mistake.