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  1. Now the situation of the trolleys in Shanghai isn't good,the old scrapped are much more than the new coming.
  2. The Provest in out city are all very old,maybe some of them have been more than 15year-old.
  3. The conductors had not worked for NO.96 since last year. The trolleybuses maybe not working for NO.17 next year. Now we are trying avoiding all these happen.
  4. We have no idea,the exhaust Euro 3 law is effective only in some big cities like Beijing,Guangzhou & Shanghai.
  5. The conductors are still working on No.49.And there is no SWB6100V in 49.
  6. Yes,you can see them everywhere,downtown or urban.And he has an elder brother:SWB6100V with DEUTZE BF6M 200KW EURO 2
  7. Enviro 400 !Now some 500 have been in HK
  8. This is the SWB5105KGP-3(2006 EDITION) The Hangzhou CHANGJIANG XIANFEI CJ5100
  9. CUSTOM body company producting.But Volgren company is also very famous in Aus.
  10. It has been more than 26 years,I still keep the oranginal AD of O-Bahn in Essen.
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