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  1. a good amount of the 1991 flxible auctioned in 2003 had problems matter of fact most busses sold before 2004 were in bad condition
  2. several 21xx units were sold to tarta (Toledo) evidence ( https://wikivisually.com/wiki/Central_Ohio_Transit_Authority )
  3. 2707 2727 2731 are also active certain 28xx - 10xx units have new bike racks and replaced ramps
  4. I saw 2710 2717 and 2721 downtown yesterday a few weeks ago a truck scraped across side of 1330 no damage the bus continue on route a lawnmower scraped across the side

  5. The rts was abandoned on Whittier St at a building that used to be a school it is unknown it the bus is still there update the bus was at 562 west Whittier St Columbus Ohio 43215 the building was demolished so the bus was presumably scraped completely proof of location http://www.angelfire.com/oh5/urbancolumbus/562whittier.html