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  1. COTA New Flyer D40LF 2120 was sold to JATRAN in Jackson Mississippi
  2. Bus 1307 had 2 windows shot out during protest a few weeks ago the damage is worth $5,400
  3. it appears COTA has received at least half of the 2020 XN40s mainly running on the 5 6 7 8 9 10 and CMAX. There has also been an increases in the older advantage and hybrid use on many North side routes. I found out 2011 is a project bus for a test of placing a bus at the YMCA on Karl Rd and turning it into a WiFi Hotspot for the neighborhood to use Evidence:
  4. Recently spotted 2020 New Flyer Xcelsior XN40 2011 and a sticker on the front of the bus said Project Bus Out Of Service I was unable to take a picture due to rain and Bus was going to fast will try to get picture at some point if I see the bus again
  5. 1013 is out of service following a crash on 1/26/2020 the car caught on fire following the accident but the bus was not damaged by fire. The accident damage is expected to be repaired and the bus should return to service
  6. The only 2 28xx’s buses I can confirm active are 2829(31) and 2840 (31) I possibly seen 2814 and 2808 however this was after sunset so I couldn’t completely see the numbers unfortunately also riding on my first XN40 right now
  7. Hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. 2840 and 2829 continues to be active. I plan to search for more 28xx’s today and will update later today on the results of my search.
  8. The first ride video on the 2019 New Flyer Xcelsior XN40s has been uploaded to youtube not by me by here is the link
  9. Everyone get your camaras and get your last rides on the 2008 and 2009 Gilligs this is really the nail on the coffin
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