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  1. Where have you ridden transit?

    New York - MTA Toronto - TTC United Kingdom - Stagecoach London - Underground, GAL Barcelona - Subway (don’t know what it’s called) Paris - Subway San Diego - Don’t know the Transit Authority York Region - YRT Missesagua - MiWay Ontario GO Transit Probably ridden more that I have forgotten.
  2. Improve your existing local transit system

    TTC, bring back D40LF, Orion V, and RTS’, and make more routes in surburban areas. Also fire all the drivers that treat customers like shit.
  3. Fastest speed I went was probably around 80-90 I’m on the TTC 191/192 on highway 427.
  4. Stalker Buses

    Formerly I use to always get 1270 on the 95, or 122x units, like 2+ years ago.
  5. What routes do you drive?
  6. TTC Route interlines

    Ok That change has been made!
  7. Probably will start at birchmount with 8910 or 8920.
  8. Today's Sightings

    116 doesn’t have express.
  9. TTC Route interlines

    16 interlines with a Eglinton roue.
  10. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    Maybe collison, and it wasn’t really on the news.
  11. TTC Orion VII Retirements

    How about 7830, and 7802?
  12. Today's Sightings

    Maybe it was moved to birchmount for training as well, along with 8678.
  13. TTC Route interlines

    115 and 122 have been interlining for a while once I saw 8188 on the 122, then later on the 115.