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  1. 8723 has the new red dot, sorry if it’s already been reported. The dot is more orange than red
  2. Yes you might. The bus could crash and throw you out of your seat. There’s nothing in front but the grey wall. You’d obviously slam your head on it.
  3. What do you mean by abandoned? Do you mean they left the bus there for a few days?
  4. The driver was forcing people on the bus. I don't remeber what he looked like at all, or the bus number
  5. I like that seat. When I was younger I use to love seating in that seat and I still do.
  6. Yea. That’s why I rarely seat there. Another bad seat is the one on the first row in the high floor section on all buses. You can bang your head on the pole.
  7. As leylandvictory say’s they are trained on the articts which are very similar. Even if they won’t they could always train them.
  8. Oh dear it was pretty dangerous to stand at the door. People do it all the time, and the person I was with really wanted to get on that bus. Maybe the ttc should tell drivers to not let passengers stand behind the white line AT ALL Nope not really. Was late and wanted to get home. I knew it was pretty dangerous on board. I will think about it next time standing behind the white line. Something could’ve gone horribly wrong there. Also it was the 92 so it was a pretty short route. I tried to talk the person I was with out of it to go on the 64 that would be quieter but he really wanted to get on that bus. My apologies.
  9. They might move the older LFSes to other garages like Malvern or Birchmount.
  10. I got hit but a stupid nova front door I was behind the white line as well.
  11. What are the chances of the bus crashing tho? It’s not very likely
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