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  1. 10 of the 3xx buses have retired at this point. 15 remain in service
  2. The 82xx Vanhool AG300'S may have been retired. Some of them were towed from BRT Divison
  3. By the Way 15 BRT A330'S are MIA so something is up.
  4. 6 of their XD60S went MIA also there was a 2008 D40LF with no sign. Also 579 had a broken sign
  5. Southwest Maintenance is quite poor...
  6. vanhools 40 footers came in 2005-2006
  7. Any idea what happened to 5115? hasn't been seen for many months now last seen in october 2021
  8. 980, 984 & 989 may have been retired
  9. Pink is suspended due to low ridership from what YRT said. Ridership is also down on the purple The artics are literally empty. I've seen it myself In rush hour. And YRT has told me a few days ago that the pink and green are suspended.
  10. https://www.blogto.com/city/2022/03/toronto-suburb-transit-drives-people-stations-cars/ accurate headline
  11. A new MOR service is comming in the month of may for service to and from rutherford and maple go station's https://www.vaughan.ca/news/Pages/Need-a-ride-to-the-Rutherford-or-Maple-GO-stations.aspx
  12. Maybe it will open in may. When it comes to service changes they are announced mid to late of the month
  13. So according to a driver who works at YRT'S BRT Divison 8 of the 82xx are retired and only 2 are on the roster
  14. When pink was running it was all vanhool 40 footers, in some occurences either a vanhool ag300 or a lfsa or an lfx showed up on pink. Hpwever most of the time it was all 40 foot vanhools running on the pink line
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