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  1. Wendy’s - Dave’s Single - Medium Size Combo with an Sprite to drink. $11.05 Cravings
  2. Long post.... multiple edits. It's been 18 long years, since I last seen my High School Crush. We've lost one too many classmates as preventable motor vehicle accidents and drug overdoses become a thing of the normal day thing. Had so many shoulda, woulda, and coulda moments in my own life.....Always took the 68 Warden after school, so I could just be with you a while longer. I didn't even have to look around, because I knew where you would sit on the bus ( Closed-Side last seat ). When I saw you're reflection in the window of the Orion V Bus, my heart skipped a beat. 18 Years has gone by and I know you are not the same person as before. I know you've opened up and you are presenting yourself too the world through music. I don't know if it is you, but I am 85% certain that the photograph of this mature woman playing the Piano is you. I knew in my heart that one day you will become famous and forget everything and everyone during your High School days. I really didn't even get a chance to say that you're, stunningly beautiful. I didn't and I'm sure you also didn't go too Prom, because going to Prom without you would be like going to my own funeral. Time has changed for both of us and during these 18 years, I always had you in the back of my head. Not sure what you were doing, where and which part of the World you are in, who were you dating, who you were sleeping with, if you still have any memories of me. Did he satisfy you when he was inside of you or did you want more that he couldn't give? I had to move on after high school; and we parted ways without saying anything too each other. I knew just one day that I would see you again in different setting and situation. It was the middle of winter earlier this year in January, we were on the line 1 subway and I was on my way too meet up with my bus as I took over 6 Bay. I was in my Transit Uniform and you were in a nice Louis Vuitton Winter jacket. Our eyes met for a moment, I smiled and nodded.... I could tell you were blushing and I had to look away from your stunning beauty. You got off at King Station and looked back at me as the train accelerated towards Union..... unspoken words, feelings of emptiness, and despair as the tunnels fill the darkness. First it was Yut-Long, then it was Michelle, there was Yukiko, Ashley, Tram, Mary, Heidi, Rimshah, Tabitha and Vicky. What have I got too loose if I could go back in time and change the way that history was written or change the past too make it too benefit myself instead of others? I know what I am saying is all make belief, but I know in an alternate universe that some way, some how we are together or its just my wishful thinking? Anyways, I hope that you are staying safe and healthy wherever you're piano performances take you. COVID-19 is such a serious virus and especially when you are in a populated city like Shanghai, China. I wish you all the best wherever you are and I hope / pray that I see you again.
  3. I went to Ikea and bought a PAX, I got lost reading the instructions and out came this Got teary-eyed after listening too this
  4. Not in particular order or location: CYYZ - Toronto CYKZ - Buttonville Airport CYTZ - Toronto City Airport; Billy Bishop Airport CYVR - Vancouver International CYYC - Calgary International RKSI - Seoul Incheon International Airport KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport KMCO - Orlando International Airport KORD - Chicago O'Hare International Airport VHXX - Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport (Closed) VHHH - Chep Lap Kwok Hong Kong International Airport ZBAA - Beijing International Airport ZSAM - Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport ZYHB - Harbin Taiping International Airport
  5. A&W Drive-Thru Papa Combo, Sweet Potato Fries, and a medium root beer. Not the healthy choice of a Transit Operator, but it will do for now. Probably will not eat another meal for the rest of the day. Maybe a few snacks here and there including ample amounts of water too end the day.
  6. TTC1 - TTC Command was seen northbound at Birchmount and Lawrence around 1301 Hours today.
  7. TTC: 3472 - 17A Birchmount North of Steeles to HWY 7; at around 9:15am at McNicholl Northbound on Birchmount. Must be a RAD bus from Malvern
  8. Pretty Lady Automated Voice "You're CAA Roadside Assistance Driver is Estimated to arrive in 5 minutes." "You're CAA Roadside Assistance Driver is Estimated to arrive in 3 hours and 5 minutes." Well F'that
  9. Waking up early and going to work, coming home almost twelve hours later and then redoing the whole thing all over the next day. Doesn't matter, which mode that you are in..... you're finish time is not guaranteed. Customer Service is key in this job occupation. I.e. wait for people that are running for you're streetcar and or Bus, just don't take off and leave them in the dust. Lower the bus to provide easier access to all customers at stops, don't wait for them to ask. Driving in adverse weather can be tough and darn dangerous. Slow down and give each other a safe following distance. Be aware of other users of the road, because they are not professional transit operators and only have the mind set of getting ahead of you or cutting you off. Schedules vary from crew to crew, so if you are in doubt. A shift can be as long as 8 hours without any breaks or a split shift of being on for 2 hours and then off for 3 hours and then being back on for four hours straight. Watch your mirrors when you move around other buses, cars, and streetcars. We make being a Transit Operator look an simple occupation, but it is not. So if you are okay with working at odd hours of the day, waking up at 4am and taking a streetcar or bus out of the yard for 6am. Dealing with sometimes rude and not so pleasant customers; other users of the road and operating in adverse weather conditions... then this job is for you. Oh Yeah, the one thing that they did not touch on my training class, was a hijacking of a Transit vehicle. This I will not go into detail. Good Luck
  10. TTC: 8351 - 953 Steeles Ave East Express. 1708 Hours at Steeles Ave East and Kennedy Road heading W/B mostly empty. Also a rad bus from Wilson Div.
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