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  1. Today's Sightings

    TTC: Not in any particular order Training Buses: 1096, 1122, 1718, 1148, 1746 Not in service: 1252, 1090, 9061, 1319, 1093, 9069, 1768, 1785, 1342, 9086, 1145, 1315, 1707, 1775, 1222, 1719, 1733, 1125, 1734, 1144
  2. Pokemon Go Sightings

    Yup, I raid with an ELITE group and hence Legendaries are easy to acquire too catch. My main is at lvl 32 (Mystic).
  3. Buses for sale

    2003 Orion VII - EX Grand River Transit Can be yours if the price is right? 2009 Ford Econoline E450 Cutaway Also can be yours if the money is right!
  4. General WTF Moments

    Queen Street East just before Yonge Street, outside Eaton Center with the traffic lights. Light is green which means traffic has the right of way, me yacking away on the phone (hands free) with RBC Customer Support. South Asian Youngster with a cigarette in his mouth, could have been a spliff; walks across Queen Street forcing traffic to abruptly stop...... on Queen Street during Rush Hour, but He does it with so much arrogance and ignorance that you want to get out and beat the living shit out of him. I almost ran over that asshole.... had it not been my full attention on the road and not on the phone. Kid must have been High on whack Dashcam View (No Audio)
  5. I noticed some TTC MOW equipment with hyrail gear fitted along queen street. Does anyone have anymore info on these units? If this has been asked before please forgive me for my stupidness.... when streetcars turn (left or right) at an intersection how does the wire up top know which direction to go? Both Manual and or switch (sonor controlled by operator)?
  6. General FML moments

    A little bit on the naughty side.... That time after doing a number 2 and the toliet gets clogged when you flush :facepalm: I grab the plunger and surprisingly the stick comes right out from the suction cup; giving me a big painful jab into my chest. I gave up and called Mr. Rooter
  7. Today's Sightings

    7731 on 17 Birchmount Road to Warden Stn. A dark red Newer Honda Civic slid into the driver side of the bus at Scarden and Birchmount.
  8. What are you eating right now?

    Yeung Chow Fried Rice @ Congee Queen.
  9. YYZ Spottings

    Disappointed in this as I was hoping for more fanfare and celebration, but this was a surprise as the first Airbus A350 for Toronto Pearson came in late at night after it diverted too CYYZ while enroute to KJFK. Not my video, but hope to see it in daylight. https://youtu.be/NePrUy7k5Ds
  10. What music are you listening to right now?

    The Weeknd - Live For ft. Drake
  11. TTC Application Process

    Does anyone know what to wear for the Documentation Part of the process? I wore a three piece suit for the interview, but now it is post interview. NVM found out the answer myself. Goodluck to everyone who applied.
  12. TTC Application Process

    For fu** sakes, Canada Post lost my Police Clearance Letter and now I have re-apply for one. I did so myself yesterday at TPS HQ.
  13. TTC Application Process

    I am concerned about long processing time for Criminal Background Check.... *I already have a Police Clearance Letter from September... I called TPS Friday of last week and the automated system said they were processing applications received on December 7th, 2017. I did my medical on Dec 12, 2017. Should I say something if I don’t get the Police Clearence Letter back in the mail on January 12th, 2018? Should I let the recruiters know that I have a existing POlice Clearence Letter from September 2017? Overview so far: Information Session - October 2017 Interview - November 2017 Documentation - On going December 2017 *Also sent a Christmas card to the two people who interviewed me through snail mail.