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  1. TTC: 3472 - 17A Birchmount North of Steeles to HWY 7; at around 9:15am at McNicholl Northbound on Birchmount. Must be a RAD bus from Malvern
  2. Pretty Lady Automated Voice "You're CAA Roadside Assistance Driver is Estimated to arrive in 5 minutes." "You're CAA Roadside Assistance Driver is Estimated to arrive in 3 hours and 5 minutes." Well F'that
  3. Waking up early and going to work, coming home almost twelve hours later and then redoing the whole thing all over the next day. Doesn't matter, which mode that you are in..... you're finish time is not guaranteed. Customer Service is key in this job occupation. I.e. wait for people that are running for you're streetcar and or Bus, just don't take off and leave them in the dust. Lower the bus to provide easier access to all customers at stops, don't wait for them to ask. Driving in adverse weather can be tough and darn dangerous. Slow down and give each other a safe following distance. Be aware of other users of the road, because they are not professional transit operators and only have the mind set of getting ahead of you or cutting you off. Schedules vary from crew to crew, so if you are in doubt. A shift can be as long as 8 hours without any breaks or a split shift of being on for 2 hours and then off for 3 hours and then being back on for four hours straight. Watch your mirrors when you move around other buses, cars, and streetcars. We make being a Transit Operator look an simple occupation, but it is not. So if you are okay with working at odd hours of the day, waking up at 4am and taking a streetcar or bus out of the yard for 6am. Dealing with sometimes rude and not so pleasant customers; other users of the road and operating in adverse weather conditions... then this job is for you. Oh Yeah, the one thing that they did not touch on my training class, was a hijacking of a Transit vehicle. This I will not go into detail. Good Luck
  4. Today 2:40pm at STC, wearing a TTC Hat and standing by the Elevator shaft where the 134 Artics stop. Another dude at Bellamy and Ellesmere wearing a TTC Hat and Brampton Transit jacket around 2:45pm also today.
  5. TTC: 8351 - 953 Steeles Ave East Express. 1708 Hours at Steeles Ave East and Kennedy Road heading W/B mostly empty. Also a rad bus from Wilson Div.
  6. Oh no 4175 was on a flatbed at Russell Yard approximately 0815
  7. I will be honest, I meant 403X (Couldn't) see the last digit, but I will confirm if it is still in the yard when I go by again later today.
  8. 403X was seen in Russell Yard being loaded onto a flatbed truck at around 0710 Hours. *I hope someone was able to get the Builders Plate Legitimately.
  9. Riding the 160 Bathurst North bus, heading North at Finch, the bus driver had already serviced the stop and the light changed green. The bus was already moving and someone was banging on the side of the bus. The bus driver did not stop, but merged with traffic. The bus driver muttered under his breath "Idoits with no Brains." Another time when I was on the 939 Finch Express and someone yelled at the driver because they missed their stop. The driver replied, "I am sorry that I missed you're stop, but this is an express vehicle." The person who missed their stop started too jump up down on the bus. The driver pulled over and let the upset passenger jump out.
  10. TTC: 1706 Disabled on Finch Ave, Eastbound at Kennedy Road approx 1945 Hours.
  11. Just a random photo taken a while back. A fleet of Orion VII NG Diesels sit at attention in Wilson Bus Division.
  12. Saturday, September 21, 2019 GREENWOOD SHOP & LESLIE BARNS PUBLIC OPEN HOUSE – A TTC/United Way event Includes: Guided tours, silent auction, food and entertainment, streetcar rides, kids’ activities, games, dunk tank, virtual streetcar simulator, TTC vehicles on display. Fun for the whole family! Location: Greenwood Shop, 400 Greenwood Ave. (south Danforth Avenue). Location: Leslie Barns, 1165 Lake Shore Blvd. E. (at Leslie Street). Time: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission at the door: Adult $2/Family $5. Free shuttle bus between venues with price. Proceeds to TTC/United Way Campaign.
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