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  1. GO 561 at Unionville GO Station. "One of four remaining units" as per hogger climbing down from the cab.
  2. LMCX 1868 after arriving from Quebec City, at La Malbaie DSC_8139 by KMB BUS, on Flickr Control Stand of LMCX 1868 DSC_8108 by KMB BUS, on Flickr Interior Cab of LMCX 1868 DSC_8113 by KMB BUS, on FlickrX 1868 One more for the books DSC_8105 by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  3. I couldn't find a YYZ Spottings thread for Toronto after searching the General Aviation Discussion, so I created one and hopefully people can contribute their pictures of airplanes to this thread. Planes can be small or big, private and or commercial owned. Here are a few shots from yesterday at Airport Road from the runway 23 landings and approaches. by KMB BUS, on Flickr by KMB BUS, on Flickr by KMB BUS, on Flickr by KMB BUS, on Flickr by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  4. Drizzy Drake - Signs The Weeknd - Reminder Linkin Park - Leave out all the rest* I can't believe you're gone..... RIP Chester.
  5. 1112 gets a free shower during a heavy downpour at Scarborough Town Centre 20170720_114943 by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  6. Driver of 86007 went home to grab something 20170717_184152 by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  7. What Prevost Car bus models started to have a roof exhaust or stack design? I noticed a few Prevost Buses with this roof exhaust, but wasn't sure if this a new thing or an option.... I would hate all that rain going down the exhaust pipe, or does the exhaust pipe have some sort of drainage for water built in? Exhaust definitely means exit only. Not my photo: Credit:
  8. 169 Huntingwood : 8378, 8387 first time I saw these types of buses in revenue service.
  9. You're observations are correct, but it's actually called Night It Up.
  10. Pokemon GO 10,000 mAH charger, compatible with most Android and Apple devices. $45 PM me if interested.
  11. Nikon D70s 18 - 70mm
  12. When CP had them stored at Agincourt
  13. Ex-Firetruck now converted into a limo, owner and operator Best Limo 20170715_102007 by KMB BUS, on Flickr 20170715_102043 by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  14. Attridge ex-Hillfield Strathallan College, Ellesmere and Victoria Park, July 15th, 2017 20170714_192107 by KMB BUS, on Flickr 20170714_192246 by KMB BUS, on Flickr
  15. Prevost Unknown Model XL Type Warden and Ellesmere July 14th, 2017 20170714_173109 by KMB BUS, on Flickr Another Prevost H3 Model making a right turn onto Warden 20170714_175227_001 by KMB BUS, on Flickr Ontario PC 6226 is on Ellesmere just east of the DVP, July 15th, 2017 20170715_095341 by KMB BUS, on Flickr