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  1. The era of Big Diesel at Metro is now over with the official retirement of the 1100s. 21 years for the class, about 100 for non-electric drive buses in Seattle.
  2. Have not seen 3660 and 3680 on the app in over a day. Too early to make the call?
  3. So, pure diesel buses at Metro may be days away from retirement. Yesterday , I observed more 4600s in operation than 3600s.
  4. Outside of the tunnel, does the HUSH mode have a use, or will it be rwmoved.
  5. How well do the Double Talls handle the snow?
  6. Charged from local hydropower, some of it from the Spokane Falls. Wonder if these would have the range for Route 66 to Cheney?
  7. Track 9 is the closest to the Stadium. Makes sense to have SOUNDER to use Track 9 on Game days. Thank you.
  8. After getting off a late Amtrak 508 last night, I noticed a ST Ticket machine and 2 ORCA Readers on Track 9 at King Street Station. Is it for the agreement for Sounder-North?
  9. I saw Pullman Standard Trolley 1005 running on Beacon Ave S, yesterday morning. I thought MEHVA was done with trolley excursions for the year.
  10. Thanks. Was surprised to see them, and a different paint job. Most of the 226/241 loop was using 4600s yesterday. Only saw 1, maybe 2 of the XDE35/XDE40 type. Wonder what the next routes to get the fast chargers will be?
  11. I was at Eastgate today, and saw 4604 and 4605 in service. How many 4600s have been delivered? Just wondering.
  12. Never realized it that way. All the improvements over the years, both internal and external with the buses. Diesels and trolley buses, pretty power steering and chopper controls, and now hybrid electric buses, trolleys with off wire capabilities, and battery electric buses. It's a shame Metro did not hold onto Jefferson Base, could have been served by a spur of the First Hill Streetcar.
  13. Do they usually put Enviro500's on the 512 on Saturday? I saw a few parked in the yard next to SODO Station today.
  14. I noticed that extra buses are being added to the 50 instead of shuttle buses to Seafair. I was wondering what the reason is? Will they add a bigger bus like an 8000, or more 3700's.
  15. Great photos. Although I am partial to Trolleybuses myself, I like the restoration job on these coaches. Also, a couple of weeks ago, I thought I saw this bus going down Martin Luther King Jr Way, complete with a vintage rolls ignore saying 42-Empire Way. During this buses tenure with Seattle Transit and later Metro, that was the street's name.
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