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  1. When a prior transit rider group came up with the SuperExpress concept in the late 90s and presented it to Winnipeg Transit, the SuperExpress was meant as a "bridge" to LRT, similar to the B99 was to the Canada Line SkyTrain in Vancouver. I told Bill Menzies (former WT Planner) at our group that SuperExpress could be done for 10 years while Winnipeg saves up for and increases population for LRT or BRT. Given the popularity of the SuperExpress, I support an Express BLUE route.
  2. Never underestimate the power influence of the road/highway lobbyists. A Billion dollars is at stake here. Don't you think they'd rather spend that huge wad of cash on more road projects?
  3. In lookng at the map again, route 662 is the Taylor feeder bus. But what is this 636? And where are you getting the route names from, because clearly anything east of Cambridge is not R.H., but Grant Park. I know because I grew up first 9 years south of there in the Rpckwood neighbourhood.
  4. While I love electronic technology and that, I kind of have a soft spot for the old mylar roller signs I wish we'd have them back. Especially for the Red on White Express routes. That the previous 444 used to be the Santa bus.
  5. I emailed the Mayor's office on the weekend and today received a response from a WT Customer Service Rep. 16 buses, IF we get federal funding.... 4 batt. electric 40 footers 4 hydrogen - battery 40 footers 4 batt. electric 60 footers 4 hydrogen - battery 60 footers These would all be delivered in 2022.
  6. It's called "inertia" or "the status quo".
  7. So disappointed they're not 60 footers pr electric or both...like an XE60. Can we have some of those Then I saw this report. https://winnipegtransit.com/en/major-projects/transition-to-zero-emission-bus-study/
  8. What are these 99xx series buses about? The video was posted 1 month ago, but I know that the OC Transpo buses were bought in 2012. The 40 footers are from Calgary? And I dont think the video was from 2020 because no one was wearing masks. haha
  9. The current logo dates back to '77.
  10. The St. Norbert bus became the Express Kings Park and Express St. Norbert on Feb. 17, 1974. No, that doesn't sound right according to this ad. Express Kings Park initially and then some time later in the 70s Express St. Norbert. Note the feeder St. Norbert route that replaced the route operating to downtown.
  11. Salter trolleybus route, nice straight lines. Salter bus route of today goes every which way once it gets out there. Looking forward to Transit Master Plan straightening out the routes.
  12. Does there exist a Winnipeg bus route simulator route like Train Simulator? I bought TS 2021 as a Christmas present for myself this year. It'd be nice to drive these routes as they were back in the day.
  13. Sure is. A sanatorium was a medical institution where people got treated for TB. After TB was overcome, it got converted into today's St. Amant Centre. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanatorium I'm surprised at two things about this route: 1) It doesn't list St. Mary's Rd. or whatever major thoroughfare that is on the map. 2) It is a very short route. DaveW, do the Sherbrook and St. Norbert documents have maps? They're missing in the scans. Note that the St. Charles route includes delineation of the Fare Zones, that were done away with in abouts 1964.
  14. I only ask because usually when WT wants to increase the fares all sorts of opposition (ie poverty groups) come out of the woodwork to oppose them. But I guess we're in an age of nickel and diming transit to death.
  15. The Grant route began in November 1955 and was connected to the Talbot bus route. the longest in Greater Winnipeg at the time at 9.75 miles. In 1955-56 rhe route terminated at the Grant & Lindsey tracks. The family house we lived in was constructed in 1958. The ones closer to Grant in 1955. https://web.archive.org/web/20091213174714/http://www.uwto.org/trib/transit_1955longestroute.html
  16. Does anyone know if Transit fares are going up Jan. 1. Secondly, does anyone know if WT still intends to sell paper tickets and passes?
  17. Thanks doug_oak for clearing up this issue. And thanks goes out to Dave, who spent those hours doing the scans.
  18. I know that by 1972-73 the Grant bus ran to Red River College till Nov. '97. Went to "Unicity" since '75. In the early 1980s when I was attending Kelvin High School, there were buses signed Grant Kenaston that I guess turned around at Grant and Edgeland loop. Could be the portion of Grant Ave. between Stafford and Pembina had not been created/p[aved yet. Remember that until the 1950s, the ROW that is Grant was the former Canadian Northern Rwy line.
  19. I know that Grant Park Shopping Centre Phase I didn't open until that time as Dominion at one end and Woolco in '64. But why the Corydon routing? I'm also aware, based on old newspaper archives that when the Grant bus route started back in 1955 that it travelled down Lilac St.
  20. So are we still supposed to receive 20 electric buses in '21?
  21. Ummm, why would retiring these ugly (in their current white paint scheme) non-air conditioned buses "Suck"? Glad to see 'em go! I wish they'd renumber the Salter route. 38 is such a downer to me. Is that why Uni students don't tend to use Balmoral Stn.? Yet I see most Uni. students get off and on at Portage at Spence
  22. Today, upon returning from the Walmart in Assiniboia, on the 66, two senior citizen passengers were talking about the new schedules.They said right now the 66 and the 98 usually show up together.They were both aware of the new schedules, effective August 2.
  23. I remember that name f rom the 1980s. Just a Did You Know... factoid tidbit... Evelyne Reese (the road),, was named after Evelyn Reese the former Councillor of the former Langevin Ward.. Winnipeg Free Press October 12, 1980 by Paul Sullivan Reese squares off against new foes Who needs Ralph Nader when you have Evelyne Reese? She's not exactly a household name, but she should be, Evelyne Reese is the peppy francophone who, as chairman of the Concerned Citizens of Winnipeg, spearheaded the drive to shut down Borger Industries' 'asphalt plant on Lagimodiere Boulevard because it violated zoning bylaws....
  24. But the electric trial is OVER, so moot. I thought they'd demolish those 3 buses by now.
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