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  1. CBC News Manitoba Sep. 17, 2019 https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/umsu-winnipeg-transit-union-1.5285543 'Inconsistent transit service makes for stressful introduction to university life, first-year student say Eric Yeung just began his first year at the University of Manitoba and already has his sights set on majoring in economics, but one thing that remains uncertain is whether transit service will reliably get the 17-year-old to class on time. "It's been really inconsistent," said Yeung. "For a couple days it's been perfectly fine, then a couple days it's not showing up at all or been really late." Despite living less than 10 kilometres from the University of Manitoba in River Heights, near Waverley Street and Taylor Avenue, Yeung gives himself an hour of buffer time to get to class from the time he leaves home. But in the first two weeks of the fall semester, he said he was left waiting for the route 78 Waverley bus for over an hour on several occasions, forcing him to miss two morning classes and half of another. I waited an hour, my class started, two or three buses should've come by now, and none of them came," Yeung said, describing one instance. "Finally, 10 minutes after class started, my first bus arrived." He characterized the experience as "infuriating" on social media and said it's added stress during a time that is already anxiety-inducing for many students who are figuring out how to navigate university life. I'm half way done my second week of my first year at university, and [singlehandedly] the transit has made this the most infuriating, frustrating, and soul sucking time of my life," he wrote. "For the past week I spend anywhere from 2-5 hours either waiting or on the bus going from school to work to home.... This is unacceptable." Unacceptable and ridiculous. More artic. buses and more frequent 36, 74 and 78, 75, 160, 162, 170 service may help. Of course come next April, 162 will become 662 and won't go downtown, speeding service somewhat.
  2. How will the new McGillivrary bridge over the CN tracks be when it comes to winter driving conditions for those artics.? Will WT resort to going back to 40 ft. buses in the event ofslippery conditions or will they ask to put more sand on it?
  3. NF is becoming more and more like AT&T. They are getting too large. Not good for new design ideas when a company gobbles up their competition.
  4. I guess the bus display didn't go on, due to the rain? If so, is it rescheduled for a later date?
  5. 🤨🙄😟 I know, let's hire Reptiles instead of Humans. Reptiles eliminate waste through their skin. Or wait it out long enough and replace Human drivers with those Google or Facebook (lookin' at you Zuck) with Robots or driver-less computer programming.
  6. Have been sayin' this for years, and a few yrs. ago there was word (reported here) of a possible extension of the 41 Henderson Exp. into E. St. Paul. Someone kiboshed that plan though.
  7. Was working all last evening on the Pan Am Pool#History section on Wikipedia. In doing a reference search for other material about that topic, I stumbled upon this paper, published in 2012, about a potential public toilet at Osborne Station. Here's the relevant text: Mary Ellen McMurtry, Department of Interior Design, Faculty of Architecture, Univ. of Manitoba, Exploring public toilet design in Western culture: Challenges and responses for the 21st century. 2012. I guess that idea fell through at some point.
  8. 57% on-time performance...That's a baseline for improvement.
  9. Were they thinking of you DavidW when they said that?
  10. I've used the 36 to go to Sals (Pembina & Stafford), to travel to Superstore (Kenaston & Grant). Will be using it for the foreseeable future going for a haircut at Andy's (Nick) Pembina & Merriam. Use it in Fall/Winter months to attend a coffee house at HSC. And if I do wanna do some grocery shopping at Superstore, I cannot really do it in that 75 mins. because the 36 doesn't operate often enough during the Spring-Summer months. Sometimes I just squeak by in about 80 minutes round trip. Can't really do a 36 > 65 > 65 > 36 because the headways on the 36 are sometimes 1 hr. or more between buses. During the Summer months the 36 isn't crowded at all. It's during "semesters".
  11. Stop announcements work the best in the middle of Winter when it's dark out, the bus is crowded and you're in an area that you're not sure where you are. But I swear that some WT drivers turn the volume on Low or 0 sometimes.
  12. I remember the RTS II bus or buses (there were 2 of them) from 1997-98 till fairly recently. I think when the 36 SuperExpress was implemented (what year? 2013 or so?) is when the Univ. of Man. stopped the Shuttle service. So that particular route was demanded by UMSU to provide an easier way to get from the U of M Ft. Garry Campus to the U of M Bannatyne Campus (Med. School).
  13. Editing the Winnipeg Transit page tonight. 33 years is a long time to remember stuff, details. The issue is the section of the article about the 30 GM buses we were supposed to get from Calgary Transit in '86, but it looks like we got 30 used or were they new New Flyer buses No. 601-630. A couple of articles from the Free Press at the time mentions that EPC chose the New Flyer buses over the GM buses because the Manitoba NDP (Howard Pawley) wanted to prop up New Flyer. The CPTDB page doesn't say the 600s were from Calgary Transit or not. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Winnipeg_Transit_601-630 Anyone remember what really happened?
  14. Turnbull Loop does not have a heated transit shelter. How could they (WT) do that to people, especially in -40 C Winter here? If there is, it isn't shown in WT's own photo of the site. I was expecting a lit "blue sign" at that spot, since it's the terminus of the "rt" route of the 162/170. Then again, how many passengers use Stop # 60699? That stretch of road looks long enough for 2 artics. at least. Maybe 3. Photos (source WT) show Turnbull Dr. loop and Des Trappists bus stops. In any other big city you'd have semi-rural areas with a commuter rail stations with a platform that you'd have to climb some stairs to reach. But not here, oh no. Here (Winnipeg vicinity) you just get a roadside stop with a simple metalic sign. Nothing to do there, except maybe collect your postal mail while you wait for your DIESEL BUS. (sigh).
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