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  1. No, that's pretty much it. I had to tag along with my family as it was and the camera I had was a Kodak Disc type. Not very hi res.
  2. In 1985 when our family visited Minneapolis for the first time and we wer eon the skyway, I saw that their Metro Transit buses have the serial number on top. I don't know if they do that still. See the large numerals at the top rear of the MAN (?) bus/
  3. No it was possible "bomb devices" that had to be checked out by the WPS Bomb Squad. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/manitoba/suspicious-incident-pembina-highway-1.5577239
  4. This afternoon I decided to ride to Plaza Stn and walk along the AT path, to Clarence. Didn't quite make it that far. Didn't anticipate the "dog leg" of the AT path near the Letellier overpass. So instead I made it to Chevrier. Wow! Lots of room to do some landscaping along Chevrier. You have two lanes for auto traffic, one "sharrow" lane for a bike, plus two more AT lanes. Should be narrowed and trees and better visual appearance along that street. Also, I was not sure, due to abs. no signage to lead me to the next Station, where exaatly I should walk. I "guessed" because to the left of me was the AT path on Chevrier as described above. Got to Chevrier and there are no comfortable seating benches along the heated shelter. On such a HOT day such as today, I don't want to be sitting inside a HOT stuffy transit shelter. I wanna be outside. But those metal thingies alongside clamped to the shelter are not wide enough for me. Maybe for a 6 or 10 yo. though. Next time I'll get off at Chevrier and walk to Clarence.
  5. LilZebra


    Haven't ridden a new 400 series yet. Do they have vinyl seats? I think all buses should go back to the vinyl seats because it helps reduce chances that a bed bug will transfer from a persons clothing onto a seat and then onto someone else.
  6. So, question to the bus operators here... How was your job today? Lots of passengers or the same? I was on a 24 westbound at Portage and Donald and there were only two other passengers aboard around 1 pm.
  7. Been riding return trip from the terminal loop at Assiniboine Park recently and I can say that not just in the past month but also in past years (weekend trips to Tuxedo Safeway), no one going to or from the Zoo really uses that stop. Guess why? While there is an unheated shelter on Roblin for the 79, there is nothing for riders waiting for the 18. Also, there is just a plain metal bus stop sign, nothing special to denote that the Assiniboine Park Zoo bus stop is important. Next trip out there for my walk I will take a photograph and possibly a video for YouTube documenting the problems with this particular bus stop. Despite the Zoo itself being Closed, there were many people (couples) who parked at the Zoo entrance parking lot, and walked on that path to inside the Park itself.
  8. "The union is investing..." Didn't you mean in-vesti-ga-ting? Investing is a wholly different thang. 🥰
  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/k6oSQhn Posting the photos yielded some comical responses for the title "Where is Plaza Station from Pembina Hwy.?", such as: From "myviewsareonlymine": Depends on how you’re facing. It could be in front of you, behind you, to the right of you or to the left of you. From "TheRedOnesTasteLikeBurning": Over that way a little. From "AlwaysUpvoteBeerCigarsWhiskey": North
  10. BLUE Line Observations - Day 3 Returned to Plaza Station. This time via the 29 to Beaumont Stn. to see how it got from Pembina Hwy. I don't like how Plaza Station is pronounced. No one in Winnipeg that I know pronounces it as Plaw-za. We pronounce it as Plah-za. I "found" the designated walkway from the platform to the sidewalk at Plaza. And also spotted the sort of roundabout, with the pedestrian and "AT" cycling path, and the STOP sign telling all to yield to one another. When I'm at the northbound platform, all my brain sees is the un-landscaped mud/dirt. Still, like I mentioned on my Day 2 report, there should be fencing, or short shrub bushes (not high enough for riff-raffs to hide in) to help passengers to and from the designated walkway. Did you know... there is a rapid transit Station called Plaza if you are on Pembina Hwy.? No, didn't know that. Because, aside from a cycling sign posted to a street light, there is no indication as such. Desperately needs signage with 'rt' branding as a wayfinding tool to find the darned thing on the Pembina Hwy. side. As for people using Plaza Station, compared to Tuesday and Wednesday, today I found a few more passengers waiting for their northbound "train".
  11. BLUE Line Observations - Day 2 No use going all the way to the Univ. of Manitoba. I wanted to 1) study Plaza Station a bit more closely on what it had for pathways between the station platform and that Chinese restaurant parking lot and sidewalk. And 2) get off at Beaumont Stn. and wait for a 29 Sherbrook to take me HOME. Again, bus 382 from Balmoral Stn. I ain't makin' this up, was parked on layover. Different driver this time. Like someone else said, there is "bus bunching" going on because of a lack of passengers the buses are arriving back sooner. There was a Transit supervisor van there at Plaza, so I felt a bit self-conscious about taking photos. And with my poor eyesight, the sun was too bright on my phone to frame the photo properly. Managed to snap two images. (NOTE: Excuse the poor quality images. Sunlight and maybe a dirty lens made the images appear a tad cloudy. I hope to do better next time. I tried my best to improve them using GIMP and G'MIC). In addition to the grassed area, there should be a way to "corral" passengers in and out of the Station, leading them to the platform, using the 'rt' styled gate/fence. Then passengers would "know" where to step and not be bewildered when they get off the "train" towards Pembina Hwy. In fact, it seems like there is sufficient room to install a gated area with tunstiles or some such, and allow for payment before boarding. However, as backwards as WT and the BRT concept is, that's just "wishful thinking" at this point. Plaza will really be "safe" come Winter, with the unplowed "curated" ice and snow. So now, off to Beaumont. Rode 390 (I think) to Beaumont. Was confused/unsure of where to catch the 29. Asked the driver. Had to cross to the northbound platform, as the southbound platform is for the 677. What a s**t show that is because 29 and 677 are not 'rt' routes and vehicles should not be on the 'rt' R-O-W. Can't see well, but managed to see the telebus # 61202. "Current time 11:46....BLUE...BLUE ...BLUE ...BLUE ...29 Sherbrook next bus is at 12:14". What? I'm not waiting 30 minutes for a bus. An acceptable wait for me would have been about 15 minutes. So I got another BLUE, got off at another station, kind of defeating my "trial" of the spine and feeder system. Apparently, if you see his other videos on that YouTube channel he's done camera work for Shaw Tv in the past. Yeah, he's got a good "reporter's voice". Maybe Josh will go on to work for CTV or Globzl one day.
  12. That was around the time I was riding the bus (around 12 noon). Maybe we passed each other somewhere today. After arriving at Balmoral Station (Terminal) today, there was no wait for the bus, as 382 was already waiting at the Terminal on a layover.
  13. What happens if WW III nukes Winnipeg and all the best laid plans are turned into dust? 🤣
  14. Observations - My first ride on BLUE Had my first ride on "phase 2" of the 'rt" this afternoon. Nothing special about it. The bus I rode was 382, a good number to me, and starting at Balmoral Station. The roadway at the very start of the new section from Pembina Underpass to Seel Station was very bumpy. Why? At a cost of $500 M I would have expected better/smoother riding. Lots of areas to the sides of a few of the new stations that still as yet have to be landscaped with grass, trees, etc... What is taking them so long that this was not done on time? Contractors had the whole Summers of 2017, 2018, and 2019 to landscape the station areas! Plaza Station would be the most useful to me IF I wanted to shop at Staples, Dollarama or if I were to stay at the Capri again (hope not!). Would have been real handy July-December 2018 when I was staying at the Capri Motel. However, saying that, there should be improved landscaping sidewalk wayfinding between Plaza Station and Pembina. I was unsure how I was to get from the Station platform to Pembina Hwy. streetside. And while its snowfree right now, I would hope that whomever owns the land just off the platform to that "improved" (new) sidewalk adjacent to the Chinese restaurant (thanks for making a nicer sidewalk for us!) would be cleared of snow and ice and be properly covered with sand or ice melt. I wouldn't want to be there in say in the Winter months with bags of groceries from Save-On Foods having to "run" for the BLUE bus. Nice housing development around Chancellor Clarence Chevrier or whatever (too many 'C' Stations to remember!). Those people around those stations are lucky because they have such a short ways to reach the Station. Unlike the last time I went there in Jan/February, there was indeed heat inside the University of Manitoba Station northbound, though I question why the auto doors on the shelter: why do they need to be overly difficult (heavy) to open without using the button? At northbound Plaza and Pembina I waited for whatever came next, a 47 or a 60. A 47 Transcona arrived. Oh, and before it did I saw that there was still a paper schedule for the 162/170, a route which is now obsolete! Related Transit routes Stopped over at Winnipeg Sq. to do some banking. Next time I take a northbound 47 and take it to Winnipeg Sq. I have to remember to walk north after I get off at Pioneer (303 Main). Due to construction of 300 Main the corner entrance to the Square (Graham at Fort St.) is now closed tilll later this year or later and I had to walk to the Fort St. entrance instead. Will really miss the 47 and 160 taking me to Portage at Colony stop. Now I'll have to walk from Graham and Vaughan
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