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  1. TTC Application Process

    Thanks Peregrine , I will be going through the google and yotube recommendations, I guess hard work is the only way !!! Ypu guys are awesome thanks everyone for supporting each other. Thanks Libra , I haven't started my prep and job shadow yet but from next week i will be doing it. Sure I will let know if I crack any codes but it seems like you are on the right track ;)) and yes Good luck to both of US!! and every one as well . Btw I was in the am for the test.
  2. TTC Application Process

    Thanks VIB121, good luck!
  3. TTC Application Process

    Hey guys applied for operators position, consecutively 5 years, got through this year. went for an info session on May 24, passed the test, interview on July 5th, job shadow still to do 5 routes. any suggestions on interview any recommendations for an interview. So Excited!!!!