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  1. I saw this photo on Facebook (so not my photo, credit to the original photographer), of two new Clemson 40' GILLIG DIESEL buses. I was under the impression that all new buses were to be electric, as their goal was to be 100% electric by 2025. I wonder what changed. I also can't make out the fleet numbers, but there's at least two on the way. According to the OP of the photo, these were spotted near Atlanta, GA recently.
  2. Upcoming route changes in June include: Routes 24, 25 elimination and Route 44 converting to Flex Service. We have two cutaways on order for the Flex bus fleet and to my knowledge, no fixed route buses currently on order. So the three Phantoms will remain for some more time. Not much to update since we've been running regular service and nothing else has really changed.
  3. I remember seeing a NABI on the tracker in May or June, which was surprising considering they had so many other vehicles to choose from and lower ridership. According to the LYNX board report, the 25 buses are to be purchased from the FDOT state contract. It doesn't specifically say NFI, but going off that "state contract" mention, I'd say they'll be NFI XN40s.
  4. I work for Votran and I updated that document myself. Those vehicles were purchased through Mid Florida Community Services (HeadStart) and from what I've been told, (because I specifically asked about adding these vehicles into the TAM plan) there was a lot of headaches over purchasing them in the first place, with the FTA needing special paperwork. So the final consensus from higher-ups was that they would not be included in this document. However, they are indeed active service vehicles.
  5. It's been a while since I've been on here to give an update - school, work, and life all took priority. Since my last update on 7/1/20, we've accomplished the following: The seven 2700s (2020 Gillig 35' LF Diesels) have all gone into service RETIREMENTS: The remaining 1400s (2003 Gillig 29' LF Diesels) ALL 1700s (2008 Gillig 35' LF Diesels) -- From what I was told, these buses were suffering lots of mechanical problems and the maintenance department was pouring money into them. So they were retired now, while keeping the 1300s (2003 Gillig 35' Phantom
  6. So I was looking at their bus fleet, where and when could the MCIs be found, if they're still used? And is there any roster of the 900 series streetcars? The Wiki shows that there's still 35 active, but not which ones specifically.
  7. This week the Route 11 and 10S schedule changes happened. On 6/29, the 11 became 11A (operating as the existing Route 11, hourly) and 11B (now serving Tanger Outlets, hourly). On 6/28, the 10S had the routing and schedule modifications to serve Tanger Outlets. As I mentioned previously, the 11N is not operating in it's full form until retail hours go back to normal. Last minute, we (and the county) decided to run one round trip on the 11N. That trip leaves the ITF at 7:00pm and runs outbound to Tanger. Then returns Inbound at about 8pm. The other trips will not operate until the regular mall h
  8. There was a fire early this morning at the WMATA headquarters building https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/fire-erupts-at-metro-headquarters-in-dc-firefighters/2313727/
  9. The change I mentioned a few months ago regarding Route 11 changing to be 11A/B format with the addition of service to the Tanger Outlet Mall area, as well as the addition of Route 11N (Night), and routing/schedule changes of Route 10S (Sunday), has been delayed. The change did not take place in April as originally planned due to COVID-19. Instead, the changes for Route 11 to become 11A/B and for the 10S are now planned for the summer. Route 11N is delayed indefinitely because the mall's temporary hours are until 7pm, which is when Night Service starts. Once things begin to return to a more no
  10. Reports that all 120 Gillig BRT Pluses have been sidelined due to a recall from Gillig. Repairs should be beginning today, with the arrival of a team from Gillig and buses will be returned to service once the repairs are completed.
  11. On the Wiki https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Suffolk_County_Transit
  12. I should be up in that area in a few weeks to visit family. If everything is a little more normal by then I'll try to find E-106-E108 and get better photos.
  13. Possibly, I could have sworn it was longer when I saw it a few months ago. In this article there's a photo of E-106 and one of the older buses for a comparison. http://www.themunicipal.com/2017/04/its-not-the-size-of-the-city-that-counts/
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