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  1. This week the Route 11 and 10S schedule changes happened. On 6/29, the 11 became 11A (operating as the existing Route 11, hourly) and 11B (now serving Tanger Outlets, hourly). On 6/28, the 10S had the routing and schedule modifications to serve Tanger Outlets. As I mentioned previously, the 11N is not operating in it's full form until retail hours go back to normal. Last minute, we (and the county) decided to run one round trip on the 11N. That trip leaves the ITF at 7:00pm and runs outbound to Tanger. Then returns Inbound at about 8pm. The other trips will not operate until the regular mall hours resume. In other news, we've received an order of 7 2020 Gillig 35' Low Floor Diesel buses. These are pretty much identical to the 2600s other than a few minor changes. I am still working on confirming what was retired and replaced by these new buses. I will update the Wiki later this week once I've confirmed the information 100%. Fares had been suspended since the beginning of April but were reinstated on 6/1.
  2. There was a fire early this morning at the WMATA headquarters building https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/fire-erupts-at-metro-headquarters-in-dc-firefighters/2313727/
  3. Headsigns are fascinating to me. There's so much info that can be displayed, in different formatting, etc. I am always interested in seeing different headsigns from various systems.
  4. The change I mentioned a few months ago regarding Route 11 changing to be 11A/B format with the addition of service to the Tanger Outlet Mall area, as well as the addition of Route 11N (Night), and routing/schedule changes of Route 10S (Sunday), has been delayed. The change did not take place in April as originally planned due to COVID-19. Instead, the changes for Route 11 to become 11A/B and for the 10S are now planned for the summer. Route 11N is delayed indefinitely because the mall's temporary hours are until 7pm, which is when Night Service starts. Once things begin to return to a more normal world again, we will look into starting up Route 11N.
  5. Reports that all 120 Gillig BRT Pluses have been sidelined due to a recall from Gillig. Repairs should be beginning today, with the arrival of a team from Gillig and buses will be returned to service once the repairs are completed.
  6. On the Wiki https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/Suffolk_County_Transit
  7. I should be up in that area in a few weeks to visit family. If everything is a little more normal by then I'll try to find E-106-E108 and get better photos.
  8. Possibly, I could have sworn it was longer when I saw it a few months ago. In this article there's a photo of E-106 and one of the older buses for a comparison. http://www.themunicipal.com/2017/04/its-not-the-size-of-the-city-that-counts/
  9. The only other discussion for CATBus is over 5 years old and not being used. So I figured I'd start a new one with new information. In recent years, CATBus has purchased several new Proterra buses as they are on the way to 100% electric buses. I've updated the Wiki with some of that information. Bus assignments have changed slightly over the recent years as ridership increases and new buses are purchased. Clemson Area Bus Fleet: The buses assigned to the Clemson area fleet sport a orange and purple livery except for a few buses which have a purple and silver livery. 100s (2002 Optima Opus 30') - These buses are not used on the city routes often, I'm not sure if they're still used regularly on the campus routes. 200s (2003 Optima Opus 35') - These are also not used regularly on the city routes often and I'm not sure if they're still used regularly on the campus routes. 300s (2004 Optima Opus 35') - These buses are used more often on the campus routes and some of the outlying city routes. However, as the new Proterras enter service, these are usually used more as spares for the city routes. 400s (2012 NovaBus LFS 40') - These buses originally were only used on the Red Route, however they are being deployed on other routes more regularly now. 600s (2012/13 Nova Bus LFSArtic 60') - These buses are still only used on the Red Route during high traffic times. 1800s (2018 Proterra Catalyst BE40') - These buses are used on all city routes. First buses to have white destination signs. Seneca Area Bus Fleet: The buses used on Seneca routes are branded differently than the regular fleet, these buses are blue and gold, featuring a slogan: "Powered by Seneca, Driven by CATBus." Originally the local routes operated with 35' buses and the Express between Clemson & Seneca operated with a 40' bus. However, the newest buses are 40' and all the routes are operated with a mix of 35' and 40' units, depending on what's assigned on a particular day. E-100 - E-104 - (2012/13 Proterra EcoRide BE35) - Typically these buses are rotated out regularly so some aren't used more than others. However, with the purchase of the latest buses, I'm not sure if some of these have been retired or not. E-105 (2015 Proterra EcoRide BE35) - This bus is in an all white livery, I believe it was a demo unit from Proterra prior to entering the CATBus fleet. E-106 (2016 Proterra Catalyst BE40) - The first 40' Proterra in the CATBus fleet. This bus originally operated only on the Seneca/Clemson Express route, however with the purchase of the latest buses being 40', this bus is rotated through the other Seneca routes now. E-106 - E108 (2019/20? Proterra Catalyst BE40) - These buses entered service in November 2019, so I'm not sure if they are 2019 or 2020 models. These buses are rotated throughout the entire Seneca network regularly. Photos I've gathered over the past few years are below with some other information. Bus 401 working driver training in Seneca. It is very rare to see a diesel bus operating in Seneca these days. Bus E-105 in the all white livery. Bus E-108 operating on the Seneca/Clemson Express route. Bus 1801 operating on the Pendleton route. Rear of Bus E-100 Buses E-100 and E-105 at the Downtown Seneca charging station
  10. That's what I've been thinking will happen. Ridership will return to normal for those who need it and had already been using transit before the outbreak, but I think it'll also go up because there's people who lost their jobs and/or had to sell their car in order to make it through that are now also using transit.
  11. So a few days ago, my girlfriend says to me she had a dream about me and told me all about it, then I said "I had a dream too. I was driving a bus"
  12. Cool information, thanks. Is the ex-MMT the El Dorado?
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