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  1. I wonder if it’s possible to buy one of the RTS buses from Langille’s and restore it?
  2. Where was the land TTC was considering in Leaside
  3. I’ve heard trucking is expensive and plus the escorts
  4. MiWay, Zum, YRT and HSR uses artics on weekends
  5. Will the ordinary people ride it on the parade?
  6. Cornwall Transit: Former Orion V CNG Orion II CNG London Transit Commission: Former Orion V CNG (Ex Chatham Transit) Orion VI CNG Mississauga Transit (MiWay): Former Orion V CNG Grand River Transit: Former C40LF ex (Kitchener Transit) Burlington Transit: Former Orion II CNG
  7. Do you know when they are returning back?
  8. Have you heard anything of 8058 inside the shops recently?
  9. Any update on 4471 and 4478?
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