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  1. The "homeless" boombox and mic singers are actually most likely working together, from what I've seen. I recall vividly being at Bloor-Yonge station twice, 3 hours apart, and on the platform, in the same location, were two different people (each time), each one with a different sob story but with the same equipment. I alerted the TTC as to my findings, but it doesn't look like anything has been done. These idiots are the reason why classist attitudes against the homeless who need help are not going away, in my opinion.
  2. As of November 23 @ 10:34am there is no service from Spadina to Union on Line 1 due to an unauthorized individual at track level. The Spadina streetcar is being used as an unofficial alternative during this time. Update, 11:18am, regular service resumed. In a separate delay, Line 3 SRT is also down as of 11:15am on November 23 due to an unauthorized individual at track level. Regular service has resumed as of 11:25am.
  3. The funny thing is, that express route is supposedly the 927, but the TTC has not yet realized that not everyone is trying to get to the subway. This mentality is hurting a lot of transit service in the edges of our city. This situation as well as some of the solutions proposed here are very similar to the situation with MiWay route 42 (Derry), which is consistently overcrowded. Limited stop service used to operate during rush hours, and there is now a short-turn branch, but the overcrowding has not yet been resolved.
  4. Perhaps a putative VIVA equivalent of the 98E?
  5. That probably also explains why the Newmarket B used suburban buses while the Richmond Hill C used local ones, but I might be mixing up the time periods before and after the YRT takeover in 2003.
  6. Update - W733 is in service and registered BT21695.
  7. As of November 21 @ 11:19am Line 3 SRT is down due to a mechanical problem. Shuttle buses are operating as of 11:26am. Update, 12:47pm, regular service resumed (but only for a bit).
  8. I had a question about the former Yonge Street services (before YRT/Viva took over). For the bulk of the time that GO was in charge, there were two services: the Newmarket B and the Richmond Hill C. I understand that the C was essentially today's YRT route 99, but I haven't been able to find as much information on the B. Did this provide local service in Newmarket before YRT route 98, and which service pattern did it follow south of Bernard?
  9. There was a P1 late on Tuesday night at St. George station. Trains on the University-Spadina line were not stopping at St. George while Bloor-Danforth was suspended between Ossington and Broadview initially, and later only bypassed St. George. In this case, how would the crew change from one-person to two-person at St. George be handled, as the station is no longer available?
  10. It's a bit hard to read this on light mode. Would you be able to repost in plain text?
  11. Don't 7937 and 7950 still have VISION? I saw it at the Open house in September.
  12. Was that branch replaced by DRT route 905?
  13. Trips beginning before midnight are operating, but after that they will not be. Interesting. The wiki did mention that Enviro500s were operated on route 81 at a certain point; was this changed back recently?
  14. W735 and W739 have been spotted in service. License plates BR46914 and BT33303 respectively.
  15. TTC W735 spotted at Danforth and Donlands. Registered BR 46914.
  16. The 8 Broadview over in my area of the city has the same problem with essentially no recovery time. Since it has a single bus, it's quite common for it to fall 15 minutes behind or more, making the schedules essentially a lie.
  17. Just spotted 1086 on TTC route 94A at Harbord and Spadina. Could this have been to maintain reliability during the CUPE/OPSEU demonstration at Queen’s Park?
  18. Speaking of which, have the new license plates in the (xxx xBM) series been added to the wiki? I was fanning MiWay buses back in September and noticed that there were new ones that had not been added.
  19. I'm sure that significantly improving service back in 2008 made most riders care less about how older vehicles were still running, too!
  20. The 50 is especially insulting considering that it's quite a short, local route. If fare integration ever happens, it would be better that it be eliminated and merged into MiWay route 26. At least their route management seems to actually be doing something. EDIT: redundancy. 35/935 is also a terribly managed route. Every time I wait at Jane Station for it, it is more often than not at least 10 minutes, and the bus is doors closed full up to Eglinton, and often more. The express also gets stuck in traffic and is not much faster than the local due to how many stops it serves.
  21. In short, not everyone is trying to get to the CBD. Not only the TTC, but all North American transit agencies, need to realize this. Even around 2015-2016, I once had to wait 40 minutes for it southbound at Finch on a school trip all while more 927s (and even the infrequent YRT route 7!) than I can count on my finger passed by.
  22. There’s also several short turns with a separate sign “25S to Eglinton”.
  23. She was a local politician in Toronto, and not a celebrity, but there was no thread for these I could find. Councillor Cynthia Lai for Ward 23, Scarborough North, passed away at the age of 68.
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