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  1. What’s even more boring as a driver is waiting at Exhibition Loop. Too much running time is scheduled, so the bus always ends up waiting at Exhibition for much longer than the 2 minutes I see on TransSee.
  2. I rode the new 172 and 174 seasonal routes today, and the initial reports are not very flattering. The driver of the 174 immediately assumed I was a transit fan by asking me at Ontario Place if I was just riding, and he mentioned I was the first passenger in 6 hours. The 172 also ran non-stop to Cherry Beach from Union, and was held back by the lifting of the bridge, which might hinder its appeal. I should mention that it is the first days of the route and there are no events occurring at either the Port Lands or Ontario Place, which might be depressing ridership. Time will tell.
  3. I guess they had no other buses available. Even if there is range anxiety, a bus is better than no bus, I guess?
  4. TTC: 8381 on 119 Torbarrie 8142 on 118 Thistle Down 3574 on 165 Weston Rd. North 8088 on Line 2 shuttle from St. George to Broadview
  5. I personally find the NGs to be the nicest to ride. The OGs are too rattly and the Nova’s acceleration isn’t very smooth to me.
  6. I did, however, get to realize how transit fans looked for specific buses before NextBus was a thing, so that was fun.
  7. TTC 4549 (Flexity) has a TTC Welcome Back wrap.
  8. You need to reset your password on the new website to resume receiving them.
  9. TTC 8386 on 8 Broadview. Filling in due to an "operational problem".
  10. When I try to access the website, it still shows me the old one.
  11. (October 20, 6:25pm) CBTC down on Line 3; shuttle buses dispatched. (6:40pm) EDIT: regular service has resumed.
  12. TTC 8441 on 927. A nice throwback to when the bus was new.
  13. I did. I actually rode it in June, if that counts.
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