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  1. I know this is a month late, but I thought so at first as well. On Google Maps, it still shows all the buses at Royal York as stopping outside the station.
  2. Is the opening of the bus platform at Royal York Station on May 24 confirmed? As of now, the TTC page seems to be a bit incomplete.
  3. Lately, buses with luggage racks have been appearing on non-900 routes on all-day blocks. Is there any reason for this?
  4. At High Park Station today, people trying to enter through the Quebec Avenue entrance were being told to go through the barrier between Quebec Avenue and the bus roadway to enter from the bus platform. The supervisors also made the stairs and escalator parallel one-way.
  5. I think the 30B Lambton should be given a new route name and number south of High Park Station, even if it remains interlined with the 30. I don't think there are that many people going from the 30 west of High Park Ave. into High Park.
  6. TTC 8120 northbound on Royal York near Norseman at about 11:15am. No Wilson routes operate in that area.
  7. 5:41pm Feb 22, 2019: No service on Line 3 due to a mechanical problem, shuttle buses on the way 5:52pm update: shuttle buses running 8:26pm update: regular service resumed
  8. Is the Museum station underpass open during this weekend's subway closure for those wishing to cross to the other side? The TTC website is unclear and just says it is closed, and Idk if that refers to the underpass.
  9. This is an unpopular opinion, but maybe getting rid of route names like some other major cities might work because of situations like this.
  10. If TransSee is to be believed, MiWay 0866, which according to CPTDB wiki has been retired since June 2018, is back in service on the 5. Is this true?
  11. Mine would have to be the 501 Queen. It goes through many strikingly different neighbourhoods of the city.
  12. Why do the TTC buses frequently change license plates? I've noticed many of the original plates still seem to be in good condition.
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