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  1. The 11 is pretty far from Exhibition Place though.
  2. Why were some of the lower 7900s retired? (Not ES-0 to ES-5) I know 7936 suffered an engine fire.
  3. Really? I never knew that. I knew that the windows vibrated a lot when stopped though.
  4. It's apparently actually 8616, and the INIT unit of retired 8409 made it into 8616.
  5. Splatoon music. It's better than a lot of pop songs these days, which is weird because they're supposed to be pop songs as well.
  6. I'd restore a TTC D40LF. I have a lot of memories of how nice they were on what was then known as 45E.
  7. I wish the VISION buses would announce "Arriving at (stop name)" when getting close to an express stop. The previous system did it for a short while, and then it was abandoned in favour of repeating "Next stop".
  8. I had a door guard on a Line 2 train yesterday who pointed at the wall before opening the doors. Is there any reason for this? I haven't seen many guards who did that.
  9. Any New Flyer LF or LFR with Cummins and Voith. The whine of the Voith sounds really good, especially when it revs high. https://youtu.be/lcr8JITJyIY?t=2235
  10. TTC 3700 was on the Line 2 shuttle from Islington to Keele on Tuesday. I think this is the first time it has happened. TTC 8430 was also on 900 that day or the next, I believe.
  11. TTC 8401 crashed into a white Mazda CX-5 on Bloor east of Islington.
  12. I know this is a month late, but I thought so at first as well. On Google Maps, it still shows all the buses at Royal York as stopping outside the station.
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