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  1. 8153 has a “Stop Requested” sign in front (like MTA) instead of the “Stop Request” TTC-style sign in the back.
  2. I found it a bit strange that the portions of routes 300, 320, and 385 that parallel Lines 2, 1 and 4 respectively are still operating. Is there a reason for this? I can understand for 320 and 385 as those have daytime counterparts (97B and 85J), but not the 300.
  3. It's especially weird considering that the morning trippers from Royal York Station down to The Queensway, which pass by both BA and ESA, are assigned to the 76C and come from and go to the 73.
  4. This is not entirely related, but I thought I would mention the route 15 trippers that are operated by Mount Dennis from Royal York Road and Coney Road (Bishop Allen Academy) northbound to Royal York Station, and then proceed onto route 35 and 41. These would be especially good to put articulated buses on.
  5. How do the GO Transit bus garages work? Unlike local transit agencies, it doesn't seem like each route is assigned to a specific garage. Are they assigned more like the TTC streetcars as one division?
  6. It’s been rescheduled for this weekend. Probably due to festivals last week, or staff shortages, or both.
  7. I rode on 2252 today on the Hillcrest-Bathurst shuttle, which was such a nostalgic experience after over a decade since my last GM ride on route 52. I liked how there were nostalgic ads from the 80s inside as well as how simplistic everything was. However, the engine seemed to make a lot more noise and smelled worse than I remember, was it like this when they were still running in service?
  8. Spotted a 2nd generation Toyota Prius TTC car at Bathurst station. Haven’t seen these in service in a long time.
  9. I know that this 96S school trip then turned onto the 35 and eventually became a 36. Quite a strange layout if you ask me.
  10. I found what I think is another one, 75S Sherbourne short turn to Bloor. My hunch is that it’s used for the garage runins to Birchmount that deadhead via Bloor and Danforth (both Avenue and Road).
  11. No service between Sheppard West and Wilson due to a medical emergency, shuttle buses operating. Did the medical emergency occur between the two stations?
  12. I think there’s also some runs on route 84 that run from St. Basil the Great College School via Starview Lane and Weston Road to rejoin the main route. I think these only operate to Sheppard West.
  13. A strange subway closure has been announced for Friday, September 16, from 1:30xm until the end of service. All of Line 1 will be closed to facilitate the commissioning of ATC from Eglinton to Finch (I assume). From St. George to Bloor-Yonge, shuttle buses will operate both ways. From St. George to Vaughan, southbound trains only with northbound shuttle buses. From Bloor-Yonge to Finch, southbound trains only with northbound shuttle buses. Why are southbound trains still operating? I assume that there will be a lot of confusion about whether passengers going north from downtown will need to transfer at St. George or Bloor-Yonge.
  14. TTC 8587 spotted on Euston Avenue, one block west of Donlands along Danforth.
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