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  1. TTC 1065 on 52 Lawrence West (would have been common a few years ago!)
  2. Kind of a throwback sighting. When the 41 was back at Arrow Road before 2008.
  3. I believe the Van Hool TD925s used by Megabus are 4.0 m high. The highest Enviro500s that have been in storage since April are 4.1 m high, so they still might not be able to fit.
  4. I'll leave the first point to other users to answer, as I'm not as knowledgeable about that. The 39 Britannia is a Central Parkway division route, and from my looking at TransSee today, the "many seats available" feature is so far only available on MiWay within the GTA. It wasn't on any of other agencies I looked at.
  5. Why are some bus routes that pass right by Wilson Station not run by Wilson Yard? I can kind of understand why it's done for the 96 and 165, but for the 118 and 119, especially considering that there was a Wilson division bus on the 119 recently, I was thinking that allocating those routes to Wilson would be able to reduce deadhead time.
  6. RAD is an acronym for Run As Directed. I think they're standby buses that are deployed to fill gaps in service as needed instead of short turns.
  7. Everything normal. I would do anything to get back to normal life asap, but alas, I can only be patient.
  8. Again posting here because of the lack of a thread for Toronto area. I've noticed the UTM shuttle buses have First Student numbering schemes on them. Are they contracted to operate the shuttle bus for UTM?
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