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  1. TTC Application Process

    How is it the toughest ? What do you need to learn for it? Do they have the same tests?
  2. TTC Application Process

    Has anyone received streetcar or subway ? What is the training like for those? Most of the convos are about bus but there isn't much info on the other twos training.
  3. TTC Application Process

    Has anyone heard back for an interview from the July 26th info session?
  4. TTC Application Process

    Did they tell you approximately when you would start training?
  5. TTC Application Process

    Has anyone who had medical in July been called for documentation yet ?
  6. TTC Application Process

    Hi, my interview was last month.
  7. TTC Application Process

    Has anyone started training earlier than the estimated time frame ? In the info session we were told that we would start before November but after the interview I was told January-February.
  8. TTC Application Process

    If they contact your references within a couple days of the interview, does that mean you passed the interview? Or do they check all references ?
  9. TTC Application Process

    What would you say was the hardest part about the process? I.e the information session, job shadow, interview etc
  10. TTC Application Process

    Does anyone have any advice/ tips for the interview ? What is it like,what kind of questions are asked and best ways to answer them etc.