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  1. What is your time line.
  2. I am still in process. I applied last year in oct. Now i m waiting for training call.
  3. After interview ..two month for getting pass email.
  4. I got the response very next day after the strada but after interview they took long time. One of my friend got response after two month .
  5. Hi...i am new to transit industry. I got the offer from go but same time i am in process for miway. But here is some confussion regarding the pick one.can some one give serious advise which has better perspective in terms of wage, growth, benifits etc.Thank you very much.
  6. Hello ..can anybody have idea what kind of question ask in the interview for go transit . Realy thanks for your help.
  7. HI Singh 123,

    After ur map test and mini panel interview, in how many days u got email for next step....

    Kindly advice

  8. Singh123


    Hey thxx buddy...Usually they start hiring in april but not happen this time.
  9. Singh123


    Hello everyone....is there any info when miway going to start next hiring for transit operator ...
  10. Yes .bro....i got...what about u
  11. Singh123

    TTC Application Process

    I gave test on 10th jan. Is there still chance to get email for next round .Thanks
  12. Singh123

    TTC Application Process

    Thanks Andy for info. Yes the day i landed in canda i am doing the school bus job. I have BZ.. Thanks Andy for info. Yes the day i landed in canda i am doing the school bus job. I have BZ..
  13. Singh123

    TTC Application Process

    Hi All, I am new to this discussion board. I have a question about the eligibility for 1st step after apply online for operator.i have applied 2 times in october 2016 and april 2017 but never heard back. 1. Is there any age factor? 2. Is there any skill match with job postong in CV. 3. Or this is normal time for every file? because i am in canada for 1.5 years. Please guide me so something can change in my file.