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  1. @R. Meu said 8367 did a 14 yesterday too, perhaps its a regular extra now?
  2. I'll pay $100 if its a ride on a fishbowl 😋
  3. Use Transloc to check buses coming into Calgary in the AM, leaving in the PM. Usually they're at least half full now. I've even been seeing some 900's going between Crossiron and Rundle that are over 80% full
  4. https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=466 Airdrie has an RFP out for what appears to be vehicles for an on-demand service
  5. Oh really? Huh. 2219 was one of the first three back
  6. Forgot to mention last week but 2215 is back in service
  7. Lol I was right across the street from where you were when you took this
  8. Don't know about that, on their pre-trip checklist its something that needs to be marked down and checked every morning, stop sign and warning light usage that is. I'm not sure its even legal to have them run as a school bus without the lights and stop sign, even if the City prohibits their use
  9. If its gonna be 15 minutes midday still they better run four car trains
  10. Im just curious from some of the operators on here, with a month to go, any news on what the September signup is gonna look like? Any major changes? Are Stoney and/or Anderson going to reopen?
  11. If anyone can make it, supposedly tomorrow and Friday a Classic will be out on route 2 again
  12. Routes 5 and 32 got an extra PM tripper bus as of yesterday, and the 43 got some AM extras as well.
  13. So will it be more Sprinter vans or will the service use arbocs?
  14. So a few things, Airdrie Route 900 (and technically the 901 at one point) used to route via McKnight Westwinds, and thats it. The decision to run the 900 further down 36th Street to connect at Rundle was for Airdrie residents, so that they could take a single bus from their city to places like Sunridge, Peter Lougheed, and the surrounding area, without having to transfer to the CTrain and pay another fare. Besides, Airdrie Transit decided to add a stop on 104 Avenue, I assume so riders could then transfer to CT routes to the Airport and some northeast communities. However, until a proper regional partnership is created, Calgary Transit's goal will be to serve Calgarians, Airdrie Transit's goal, Airdrieites. Where do you propose this Max Orange extension go? Besides, I don't know how extending the Max Orange would save hundreds of millions of dollars, because the train is still going to have to be extended at some point. The northeast is very densely and heavily populated, and a good number of that population takes transit. Thats why you see routes like the 145 that started off as the 445 over a decade or so ago as a rush hour shuttle route, grow into a service that runs about 21 hours a day, with rush hour frequencies (pre-covid) every 6-8 minutes. A Max Orange extension would be a nice thing for those residents, sure, but they've been promised a train already, and trust me, they'll need it. What is this Northlands station you're referring to?
  15. Right now that wouldn't be necessary, all that needs to be done is expanded service on routes like the 119, 128, 145, 157
  16. Don't actually know if this was mentioned here but 2201 is back and in service
  17. Yeah northwest and west trains are definitely not seeing as much ridership but if you go to the south and northeast, you will see packed trains at rush hour, sometimes other times too
  18. It has been going south on East Hills Square, even though technically the route has had it going north on East Hills Square. The stop has been on the northbound side of the street so I guess finally they moved the stop to the southbound side of the road. Funny thing is, they just installed a bus shelter on the northbound side of the street.
  19. I don't think the city will have peace officers enforcing mask wearing unless the province or city creates a public health order making them mandatory and provide the resources to do so. I doubt most operators would enforce it even if transit asked them to.
  20. And that one is the only feeder route with 15 minute service still!
  21. Yeah I've been taking the 38, around 6:30, and around 17:00. Its been getting more and more packed, to the point where people are standing again. I understand transit is in an extreme budget crunch but if people continue to start going back to work the frequency on some routes will have to start increasing again.
  22. If we're thinking logically, they might need a larger substation to power the trains than they did the trolleys. If thats not the case, well, its Edmonton and transit. Sounds as though the best decisions aren't made in that regard.
  23. The way I see it, there are dozens, if.not hundreds of airports around the world with automated trains to take you between parking garages and terminals, I feel like perhaps a heavier duty version of those would suffice
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