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  1. I'd say for right now it's a little out of the ordinary; 7919, normally an Anderson bus, is in service on a 14
  2. I saw 525 with students aboard yesterday, I was shocked, I thought that thing for sure had been scrapped.
  3. We ought to resurrect the Zipcard in the form of a smartcard you can use on the myfare readers, Zipcard of the Future or Zipcard 2.0 or something...haha
  4. *Cough* Canada Line *cough*
  5. Level one is just holding hands with other riders and walking the line together.
  6. Article says 30 foot buses but isn't the tender for cutaways? I mean of course there are cutaways that are 30 feet but could they possibly be looking at Vicinities?
  7. Having to enter McKenzie Lake from the south it probably made no difference time wise.
  8. I work near the First yard, 3255 is indeed still in service
  9. Airdrie Transit once again reducing their local service to dial-a-bus weekday evenings and all day Saturdays https://www.airdrie.ca/index.cfm?serviceID=1651
  10. Except the Max Purple runs every 20 minutes, hence, by branching the 1 you then have two routes doing a single routing from downtown to East Hills. This makes no sense. At current ridership levels you don't need more than the Max Purple running to East Hills anyways, though more 68 service would be a bonus. Chestermere residents will not gain a viable transit option by only seeming four buses a day. Look what happened with Airdrie route 903 to Crossfield. Four trips a day. Service lasted six months and was cancelled. If I recall the service saw less than a dozen riders a day. I fear the s
  11. The two cars they have parked outside at Haysboro tease me every morning and afternoon when I go by
  12. That doesn't make sense to have the 1 and Max Purple go to East Hills. With current service levels you'd then only have a bus to Penbrooke every 40 minutes, and in return, you'd get maybe half a dozen people on the bus to East Hills that easily could've taken a Max Purple
  13. 2043 was eastbound on 7 Ave just now. Man I miss the U2's
  14. I think there should just be a feeder service to East Hills and/or Rundle, it doesn't seem like the original proposal of two trips in the AM and two trips in the PM will garner any sort of ridership that would justify service expansion. Especially now that we've seen transit ridership shifting away from the "downtown commuter" I would be shocked if those four trips a day get anymore than a couple dozen riders
  15. Potential changes to the operator and the service for Airdrie Transit come August 1st https://www.discoverairdrie.com/local/changes-coming-to-airdrie-transit-in-the-near-future
  16. 8368 dead at Chinook. Side note, and this is just speculation, but have there been some mechanical issues with the CNG novas? I'm noticing more diesel novas being sent out than CNG's and when they do go out they seem to break down, but perhaps there's something I don't know about or am missing
  17. You can find these all along Crowchild and Barlow Trails, some still work too, I know Crowchild and 17th northbound does
  18. For the most part no, some places have a layover, say 5 minutes, but if the bus is early arriving there it must sit for that time plus the 5 minutes. Sometimes there's just a lot of time built into the schedule
  19. I for one am glad. The amount of time I've spent on a weekend Max Yellow sitting at one of the mid route time points is too much to count
  20. BuT DiEsEL bUsEs ArE bEtTeR fOr ThE eNviRoNmEnT
  21. Would probably extend the 402 versus the 167/168, plus, the road network doesn't yet look to be at a capacity to have a through bus service yet
  22. Man 52 Street seems to be a Bermuda Triangle for buses
  23. Yes I understand that I'm simply curious as to how any sort of schedule can be salvaged after a 30 minute delay if no trains get short turned
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