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  1. Still the same numbers just different font/font size
  2. I'm wondering if the trains are gonna go to four cars on weekdays too, that would at least balance out the loss of frequency
  3. I was on a 301 last weekend that had at least 45 people on board. The frequencies are not there, and now we have to pay more for it? I understand the economics of inflation requiring fare increases but many of the average folk don't, all they see is paying more for the same or worse service
  4. Seems as though on the Red Line there will be a ninth train out midday, as times from Somerset are :00, :15, :30, :45, but from Tuscany they're :05, :20, :35, :50
  5. There's also stuff like a "new 119 at 3:41pm," but that's actually for the 123. The 157 change is actually supposed to be for the 153, and the Max Purple change is supposed to be for I believe the 43. Also under route 149 "FLAG-do not see changes to headways"
  6. Sometimes it just glitches too for no reason
  7. It wasn't moved to stoney, sometimes if a bus does a run thats normally out of a different garage it'll show up on T55 as assigned to the wrong garage. It's likely sitting at Spring Gardens
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