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  1. I have no idea how any of it works but count me in!
  2. Basically, you have the 1 stop at 2, 3, 301, 305 layover point east of 2nd Street, the 13 stops at the 17 layover point, midblock, then the 62, 64, 109, 116, 117, 142, 151 stop at the now 7 and Max Yellow layover point on the nearside of 1st Street, with a parkade entrance and exit in the middle. Whoopsee!
  3. Though I would love to see 1615 come back from the dead, its just not tracking at all
  4. When the 199 was becoming the 138, I tried explaining to a couple people at my bus stop one morning the route from that stop to Crowfoot would remain the same, only that the number was changing. These people completely understood, yet refused to accept they wouldn't have to take the bus to Tuscany, and therefore, determined the changes were an inconvenience. Some people just don't get it.
  5. 8140 is on the side of Deerfoot north of McKnight with a mattress under it
  6. Another member and I rode 8228 on its 7:01 trip south, picked up all the planners and schedulers too! Only issue was the bus driver forgot to enter the transitwayb😂
  7. What will actually be confusing is drivers on Max Teal and the 20 not knowing to use the transitway
  8. I have one 66 schedule that shows the 34 street routing, and another that shows the 37 Street routing, i guess the NIMBY's now don't have three stops near them
  9. Knowing them they'll probably go out Christmas Day this year to show "how empty the transitway buses are"
  10. Whoops! Wasn't sure if it had been reported active yet or not.
  11. Just saw 2468 on a four care consist on the Blue Line
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