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  1. Blake M

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    Oh my https://mobile.twitter.com/YYCCowboy/status/1073734969195823104
  2. Blake M

    Calgary Transit

    Thought I'd just lay the idea out as a topic of discussion: 24 hour transit service. By means of regular routes, dedicated night routes, etc. I'm sure time and time again there have been proposals for this but it would be interesting to hear different perspectives from members of this group 🙂
  3. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    I took MAX Purple on my way home today. I noticed at least six different floater buses, and they seemed to be running in pairs. Another thing I noted, my bus was behind a different MP bus, and my bus missed the light to cross 28 Street. Once we did cross, we didn't stop at 26th Street station, and proceeded to make the lights at 26 Street and 19 Street. Meaning that the only way to actually make those lights to keep the bus on time is to skip the stop at 26th Street. *EDIT: I realize I essentially just restated what @Transit Fan said on Monday. Problem persists I suppose.
  4. Blake M

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    I may have missed this earlier in the discussion, but are these buses going to be for expansion or replacement?
  5. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    I think the most disappointing realization I've had is that the 305 took less time than MAX Purple...
  6. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    It doesn't help that the light timings still haven't been completely fixed. It astounds me they complete this huge project with no signal priority for the buses. I can't actually rely on MAX Purple and the 1 because I then have to connect to the 23, so if MP/1 is late, I miss the connection, and have to wait 20-30 minutes. It still takes longer to get to work on the 148, but at least the 148 runs on time
  7. Blake M

    Garage Transfers

    Yeahhhhhh I thought about it right after I said it 😂
  8. Blake M

    Garage Transfers

    From my understanding they sent 7714 and 7729 to SG because 8206,53,313 went to VP
  9. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    That's nothing compared to 19, 26, and 28 streets
  10. Blake M

    2018 Novabus LFS CNG Sightings and Deliveries

    I was sent a photo of the inside of one of the new novas
  11. Blake M

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    I thought we were getting 69 from this order?
  12. Blake M

    General Route Discussion and History

    The 138 interlines with the 169 at rush hour, then the 158 is added into the mix non rush hour.
  13. Blake M

    General Route Discussion and History

    Also the 306 is showing as an extension, not MAX Teal.
  14. Blake M

    Xcelsior Airporter buses

  15. Blake M

    Xcelsior Airporter buses

    Any idea if 8176-8183 will lose the bike racks too?