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  1. I just realized something....I think perhaps west of Home Road they're trying to get people to take the 53. What if....that's their ultimate goal?
  2. I feel like the problem with the west end of the route 1 is that it's completely unpredictable, because you're right. I've been on buses going into downtown at 9:30 that have had maybe a dozen people, and buses going into downtown at 11 jammed full. However it's not going to be good when you have those situations of having two people with walkers, three strollers and a wheelchair if the route is running with 40 foot buses. I've seen it happen. It was not pretty. I definitely agree with your assessment of Bowness leg getting screwed though, because just 8 months ago they had...mostly reliable service every 12 minutes 6am to 6pm. And to them, I'm sure it feels like they're losing a good service for no reason whatsoever. Oh boy you're preaching to the choir. My absolute favourite connection is from MAX Purple or 1 to the southbound 23. Until 3:41pm on weekdays it is absolutely impossible because with the exception of the route 1's at :16 past the hour, the bus always arrives approximately 60 seconds after the 23 has gone by. Without fail. As with the number of buses they'll use, maybe 6? I'd also like to dream about them using a few artics on weekends again but I know that's only a dream for now Also also, route 82 will be getting buses every 30 minutes weekdays from 5:40-19:10
  3. Hopefully it's all artics because it's going to be pretty jam packed going to Bowness otherwise
  4. Two updates: 1) 3714 has a new bike rack. 2) a next stop announcement board has been installed on 3717 Also, from talking to a driver, it sounds like Airdrie wants to purchase Vicinity's to replace the Arbocs within the next 2-3 years.
  5. I know this might be out of the scope of "Metro Vancouver" questions but do Central Fraser Valley buses wait in Mission for the WCE if it's late? And do you know if CFV buses issue transfers or is it one fare for one ride?
  6. I'm assuming 40 foot buses? But then again they said shuttles will be every 5 minutes so I feel like they could get away with Arbocs if they really wanted to.
  7. Here's a photo. I guess these ones are decals and not permanent signs? I don't know
  8. Couldn't get a picture but the signs at SAIT have changed to SAIT/AUArts/Jubilee
  9. Side loading platforms?? In Edmonton?? Who'dve thunk it??
  10. I feel like it's still quite duplicated. 20A Street and 18 Street are still pretty close together. The 75 being cancelled will also anger quite a few.
  11. Huh. You're right. Just an odd place to park then (it was on the grass)
  12. 7738 was abandoned on Crowchild Trail north of 5 Ave NW when I drove by around 2pm
  13. https://calgaryherald.com/news/local-news/cochranes-colt-buses-to-take-riders-in-new-directions?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook&fbclid=IwAR14o4n2p_3qMelUn6oL0Plo4IZaoNZZAslc0bhOzzx83wlGcX2KaXyzNMk#Echobox=1557121049 Looks like Cochrane is getting bus service
  14. https://mobile.twitter.com/tastyflamingo/status/1122381879179481088
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