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  1. Would probably extend the 402 versus the 167/168, plus, the road network doesn't yet look to be at a capacity to have a through bus service yet
  2. Man 52 Street seems to be a Bermuda Triangle for buses
  3. Yes I understand that I'm simply curious as to how any sort of schedule can be salvaged after a 30 minute delay if no trains get short turned
  4. Northbound. Four trains went south before two came back north
  5. I'm at Anderson and due to a car on the tracks earlier the next train to arrive will be about 30 minutes late. Even though theres a train 2 minutes behind that one, the first one didn't get short turned. How does a train recover from a 30 minutes delay if it never gets short turned?
  6. Didn't know where else to post this but I saw eBus 5718 yesterday with a red wrap that also said "thank you to our front line workers"
  7. The 14 and Saturday midday 126 are back to conventional
  8. Hopefully it'll only be for a while due to COVID ridership numbers and that within a couple years we'll see that number increase
  9. Before the "inactive routes" portion of the app decided to go haywire on me, I noticed that under route 305 there was a notice that said "service cancelled until further notice" whereas the express routes still said until March 12. I suppose this means we may not see the 305 next signup either?
  10. Though not unusual, it's uncommon for this signup: 6065 is doing a Max Orange
  11. Most artics aren't out this morning and the ones that are are mostly on the 10, 302, Max Yellow, and Max Teal
  12. https://livewirecalgary.com/2021/01/26/work-to-begin-on-the-foundation-for-calgarys-52-street-se-brt-conversion/
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