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  1. Do you remember which unit
  2. 8344 same thing this morning
  3. Various VP buses doing shuttle work tonight: 7739 on a 22 7767 on a 10 7790 98/156/453
  4. 3728 is in service. It too a seemingly 2021 Nova LFS, this unit with a blue wrap.
  5. Airdrie has purchased at least one new unit. It appears to be a 2021 Nova LFS, numbered 3727, and has the pink "helloAirdrie" wrap
  6. Four cars trains are back! (for stampede) My train this morning was four cars
  7. Scout northbound at Chinook at 11:35am
  8. I've noticed that for the past week or so, trains have been moving at a glacial pace outside of 39th Avenue. Is there something wrong with the tracks, wires, or crossing?
  9. New route 408 from Brentwood to Banff! Just kidding, today I rode 8289 where the driver missed the exit to Valley Ridge, so we ended up going out to Old Banff Coach Road to turn around. You can see a little bit of that here: https://youtu.be/lUgoQLPSCYo
  10. Wasn't there at one point a stand with all the brochures at the ETS customer service counter?
  11. Hello all, Is there somewhere other than City Hall I am able to pick up route brochures/system maps? I will be in Edmonton next month but it'll be on a weekend
  12. The Edmonton Trail/North Haven portions of the route 4/5 should be split up. Edmonton Trail sees more ridership than North Haven.
  13. 2041 and 2060 were out on training/mechanic runs in the northeast this morning
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