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  1. Forgot to mention this, I saw 6005 being driven by a mechanic a few days ago, but when I looked in my mirror after it drove by I swear it was missing the rear bumper? Hasn't been active for about five weeks so who knows
  2. A survey was recently released for the station design options for the proposed Midtown station https://engage.calgary.ca/midtownlrt
  3. BuT tHe TrAiN iS sHaPeD LIkE a MaSk
  4. 2208 and 2216 are back in service
  5. Saw as I was driving by a CNG Vicinity on the tarmac at Spring Gardens. It was all white so I assume a demo bus.
  6. That light is red for a looooong time before a westbound train goes through. Besides, the roads weren't THAT bad yesterday
  7. Random question: why is the 329 service so sparse? I rode it last week and the bus I was on leaving Surrey Central had at least 20 people, and the bus coming back to Surrey Central had at least 30. I know it's a duplicate route to the 314 and somewhat the 319 but it seems to be well used for a Monday to Saturday daytime hourly service
  8. Seems like a cool idea, the demand I'd say for such a system does exist, but I think the travel times are a bit underestimated. I don't see with acceleration and deceleration, the route and the geography you can get from Horseshoe Bay to Langley with five intermediate stops in 21 minutes.
  9. Is it possible we'll finally get a full fleet of conventional buses with bike racks? 😲
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