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  1. Blake M

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    It's an SD160 and unfortunately it's going not coming
  2. Blake M

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    Yeah a 147 key used 6023 today
  3. Blake M

    Calgary Transit

    If I may ask what key was this? I live along that route and would be interested to see if I know the driver 😂
  4. Blake M

    General Route Discussion and History

    I work in Great Plains so I have a little insight into those industrial routes. 23 south of 17th IS used, but at the moment it's not well used at all. It's almost impossible to get a good connection coming from downtown on the 1/MP so that's why I personally rarely take it. 42/49- I assume the 42 is doing okay but I know the 49 has had a massive increase in riders, probably due to the fact you can actually....ride the 49 (no longer every 23-61 minutes!) 58 is doing quite alright 67 always seems to have at least a dozen people whenever I ride it 68 isn't getting the ridership they'd hoped for I know that much, but there are a small amount of people who take it. 147 is starting to gain some traction but on a 30-60 minute frequency and no service evenings/weekends there really aren't many riders you can attract. 148 definitely has less people than the old 23 going to and from Chinook, but I can tell you it is getting used. I always seem to use it going in the reverse peak direction, so I'm always on a near empty bus but the one(s) going the other way seem to be fully seated. 149 is a dead route. It doesn't go anywhere and only occasionally will I see no more than 2 people on the bus or waiting for it at South Hill. 150- I have only ridden the it once, myself and three other people on the bus at 6:30pm on a Friday going towards Anderson. It seems decently used at rush hour but outside that....it's sufficient for a shuttle route. MAX Teal and Orange seem to be getting decent ridership from what I've seen, I've noticed more people will now decide to take a MAX Teal over a 20 or 9 between MRU and Heritage and between MRU and Westbrook, respectively.
  5. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    Haha I remember that! Oh please please please let there be a MAX neon pink
  6. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    I agree. I'd just like to know what colours they'll come up with for the future MAX routes 😂
  7. Blake M

    General BRT discussion

    https://max.questionpro.ca/ Link to survey about the MAX routes Also random question: with the 306 replaced by MAX Teal, the 301/302 eventually replaced by the Green Line, and the 300 replaced by some sort of airport train or the Green/Blue lines, I wonder what the plan will be for the 305
  8. Blake M

    Stoney Bus Garage

    I think it has to do with shift changes
  9. Blake M

    Stoney Bus Garage

    Oh hey there you go!
  10. Blake M

    Stoney Bus Garage

    I hear that there will be a new route from North Pointe to the new garage. I also heard some drivers aren't happy it won't go to a train 🤔
  11. Blake M

    Community Shuttle Retirement/Storage Watch

    I'm also telling you right now, as a Calgarian, be thankful for having the pull cords. The buttons a) don't work about two minutes after the bus has entered service, b) have to be replaced about once every two days, and c) TRIGGER THE STOP REQUEST BELL EVERY SINGLE BUMP IN THE ROAD
  12. Blake M

    Random Photos - Calgary and Area

    Man these seats on 7993 seem so...Classic...
  13. Blake M

    Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    7728, a VP bus, is on the 148, a route with Anderson keys on weekdays and Spring keys on weekends
  14. Blake M

    CTrain - S200 (series 9) cars

    Actually the only ones that don't are Sirocco and Shaganappi Point
  15. Blake M

    Calgary Transit

    Driver doesn't know what they're doing then