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  1. I have indeed seen 307 Max Purple before
  2. Does the destination code 303E exist then? And does it display route 303 or Max Orange?
  3. 1601 was in the parking lot of my work today. Couldn't get a picture cause I was working. The bus is now fully white except the back end which still has the CT colour. Bus was filled with tires on racks, with the seat at the front retrofitted to what appeared to be similar seats to the ones on the 2019 Novas. Bus has new, shiny hubcaps.
  5. I think we need a bunch of us to send out the tweets 😂
  6. Don't know if this is a first or not but 7933 (VP) was on the 138/169 this morning (an SF key)
  7. Can't quite tell what unit it is, somewhere between 6050 and 6059 https://m.facebook.com/groups/1546864085383931?view=permalink&id=2831109570292703&fs=1&focus_composer=0#!/photo.php?fbid=731680867249643&id=100012232089889&set=gm.2831109570292703&source=57&refid=18&__tn__=EH-R Basically it seems the suspension got busted halfway through an intersection
  8. Check out all the other operators around here. I know Southland is hiring right now for sure.
  9. Im noticing that more and more of the clocks on these cars are a good 5-15 minutes off the current time. Is there a software issue again?
  10. Just make sure you close by 9pm weekends 😂
  11. I'll explain why some of these cuts can actually cause more harm than you think. For route 93, the alternatives you named are the 9, 94, 111, and 453. The closest the 9 gets with the exception of Westbrook is 8 blocks away, and does not go west on Richmond Road. The 94 might follow or intersect at certain points, but for the most part deviates away from where the 93 is supposed to serve (ie. Richmond Hill and Signal Hill). The 111 is an okay alternative, but service ends at 9:30. The 453 comes close but doesn't serve Coach Hill and also ends at 10pm. For the 104, you named the 1, 4/5, 20, MO as alternatives. The 4/5 only intersects with the 104 once, the 20 twice, and MO (as well as Lions Park and SAIT stations) might be near by to 6 Avenue on paper but geographically it doesn't work as an alternative. The 1 does work as an alternative, my only problem is that it already experiences reliability issues. The 24 does not have have an alternative service between Inglewood and Lynnwood. The 17, 41, 147, and 302 do not run after 10pm weekends. The 36 is a fair alternative in Lynnwood and Riverbend though. There is no alternative service to routes 92, 96, 153, and 406, aside from routes 14 and 23, but they basically go on the outer edges of those service areas. They're not okay alternatives for most of the areas the four aforementioned routes serve, as the walks to these routes for some areas can be well over an hour.
  12. The biggest problem with stopping service after a certain time of day versus a reduction in frequency is that you've completely lost those passengers. Running a bus every even 60 minutes from 30 minutes from 9pm-1am means some people will always be there to take that bus, and that they can use the bus to commute. Completely cutting off service after 9pm means those people will now find alternate ways to and from wherever, and in Calgary, that most likely means buying a car. Once they have that car, putting back the service after 9pm three months later means nothing to them, they're not coming back to transit. Service span should always be one of the last things to cut.
  13. Quick question: im in the city for a week, which lines are these cars running on? I've found them on the 506, which other ones?
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