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  1. I don't think the city will have peace officers enforcing mask wearing unless the province or city creates a public health order making them mandatory and provide the resources to do so. I doubt most operators would enforce it even if transit asked them to.
  2. And that one is the only feeder route with 15 minute service still!
  3. Yeah I've been taking the 38, around 6:30, and around 17:00. Its been getting more and more packed, to the point where people are standing again. I understand transit is in an extreme budget crunch but if people continue to start going back to work the frequency on some routes will have to start increasing again.
  4. If we're thinking logically, they might need a larger substation to power the trains than they did the trolleys. If thats not the case, well, its Edmonton and transit. Sounds as though the best decisions aren't made in that regard.
  5. The way I see it, there are dozens, if.not hundreds of airports around the world with automated trains to take you between parking garages and terminals, I feel like perhaps a heavier duty version of those would suffice
  6. Came across this map, which supposedly is set to be the official proposed alignment
  7. Its Siemens retaliation for not being considered for the Green Line contract 😋
  8. Next year, most likely
  9. As much as I know how resources get eaten up quickly on the express runs, I feel the route 69 could benefit from running along Aero Drive like the 32
  10. ETS 38 appears to have been purchased by a daycare in south Calgary
  11. Well you know just cause you don't see it happening doesn't mean its not happening. As well, what substance abuse evidence are you seeing? I travel through McKenzie Towne Terminal semi-frequently and really haven't been seeing anything of the sorts, neither day nor night.
  12. I CAN MAKE IT!! I CAN MAKE IT!!! notice how only one of three rollers is in there now
  13. Route 900 is now using an artic for a few of its busier trips, seems to be, departing Gateway, 7:15, 15:15, 17:15, 19:15
  14. 6007 on the 32 6011 on the 148 6029 on the 43 Though i suspect for this signup these might become normal
  15. Perhaps I spoke too soon, a couple have gone out today
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