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  1. That could be someone using the GO feature though, which would be an individual, not NextRide
  2. As far as I can discern the schedulers have forgotten about weekend service altogether. It's been years since I've seen major service improvements to weekend service outside of say the 2018 and 2019 route reviews. When it's cutting time? The recent cuts made for say 30-40 minute weekday frequencies on routes that still see 18-20 minute service in weekends. Examples include: 1- 30 minutes weekdays, 25 minutes weekends 8- 35 minutes midday weekdays, 25 midday weekends 14- 45 minutes weekdays, 30 minutes weekends 37- 30-36 minutes weekdays, 18-30 minutes weekends 301-18 daytime 40 evening weekdays, 21 all day weekends I understand that the goal was probably not to downgrade weekend service anymore than the September 2019 and May 2020 cuts but, as shown above, people tend to start noticing stuff like this.
  3. Are there specific stopping procedures for some routes? Got chewed out by a 210 driver for wanting to disembark at McGill & Renfrew coming from downtown.
  4. I believe the answer is no, seatbelts are only been required on intercity services whereas TransLink qualifies as a municipal transit service
  5. They must realize we've come full circle with the destination signs right? If you're standing at Marine Drive station, there's still three buses that say downtown.
  6. Likely a Nova but they very well could be replacing the ARBOCs
  7. Because we want to encourage people to live on the edge, think outside the box, and take a whiff of fresh air! Just kidding, it's because wanting passengers to have a comfortable ride is a foreign idea
  8. I prefer to be in denial about it; these do not exist! Fake picture! Ahhhh!!!
  9. Lmao yeah a 6am bus, a 10am bus, and a 6pm bus makes for a shitty service
  10. Just remember whoever did the design for the transitway didn't actually think about how the 1 was going to turn out of the transitway until very close to the opening date. The same people also thought the 1 was going to be able to turn into it off 52 Street
  11. The 301 will be using conventionals at night The 301 is the only bus that goes from downtown to North Pointe save for the limited 142 trips. So if you're connecting to a feeder route at North Pointe you just got royally screwed. If all buses met the 301 at North Pointe every 40 minutes? Sucks but it's not so bad. How exactly is one supposed to conveniently connect to the 123 on a 36 minute frequency? The 8 on a 33 minute frequency? It's imposssible. You're asking for long waits and unhappy passengers. I refuse to believe this was the best course of action. There are plenty of other routes that could've had a frequency cut. The 20 comes to mind, ridership data doesn't support a 21 minute frequency on weekends. I mean, it doesn't even make sense that off peak the 14 will be running less frequently than all day on weekends.
  12. 14 and 301 every 40-45 minutes? That should go over well
  13. Not a single one, they were all removed when the stop announcements signs were installed. The only reason I can give for this one being left in is because when the CADs and what not were being installed, this unit was in for some further maintenance and they must've just forgotten about it
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