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  1. Surprisingly, yes, albeit not very many. The few times I've rode it there was never more than about 15 people on the bus
  2. Thanks for the info. None of the refurbs I'd been on before had had that issue so I was curious. Side note: white unit numbers in the middle of the car!
  3. I was just on 2204, and the train seemed to jump back when stopping and lurch forward when starting. Would this be a problem with the train or an operator unfamiliar with the controls?
  4. Picked up some new schedules at one of the information sessions. MAX Teal will now be on a 20 minute peak/23 minutes off peak frequency. As well, i hope its made obvious to MAX Teal and 20 operators to use the transitway, its not obvious to average transit user that those routes are using the transitway.
  5. The time savings for using this road would be minimal, as in it might take 30 seconds off of some routes. Plus, the condo complexes are on Sage Hill Drive, so thats where it makes sense to run the buses
  6. What is with 7 Ave & 1 St. SE? The only two incidents I've witnessed have been there and it seems a whole lotta them are there too 😅
  7. The 22 routing change to 14th Street vs. Crowchild was due on part to the proposed route 51 not going ahead if I'm not mistaken
  8. 7689 was being towed off Stoney between Shaganappi and Sarcee this afternoon around 2:30pm
  9. Dude you missed Minotour day last Friday. Bunch of em were hauled in last Thursday and we're scrapped on the Friday
  10. 8230 was dead on Crowchild SB just past 24th Street. Bad place to break down
  11. I'm going to be at Rockyview later, I'll try and go and take pictures of the current construction. Teal southbound probably won't have a major difference, but Teal northbound will definitely take longer now
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