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  1. Got an email saying that West Calgary On Demand users will be able to go to Richmond Terminal starting May 8.
  2. 2060 is still functional, just saw a maintenance guy taking it for a spin around Oliver Bowen
  3. The same consist is out this afternoon. However it's now 2038-2056-2043
  4. It's rarely used, but hey I passed by on a train right before you snapped this photo!
  5. A virtual ride on board car 2038 for those who havent been able to take a ride recently. https://youtu.be/gYm0d2OOpN0
  6. It's 2043-2038-2056 and it's out this afternoon too
  7. I believe the point is to serve where most people would be going, so downtown and U of C. From Brentwood people can get to other major centres with one more vehicle (SAIT on the train, MRU on the 9/20, etc.) While service to Calaway Park would be nice, it would only be a seasonal service. Plus, nobody from Cochrane is commuting to Springbank high school, and if they are, they're driving or taking a school bus. There would be no point to run the service there.
  8. The town of Cochrane is planning to launch a route between Cochrane and Brentwood https://www.cochranetoday.ca/amp/local-news/colt-seeks-public-input-on-regional-on-it-transit-line-3647479?__twitter_impression=true
  9. The same consist that was out yesterday, 2043-2060-2056, was out this afternoon as again. The issue from yesterday mustn't have been serious.
  10. So supposedly there was something wrong with it, and everyone got kicked off at Whitehorn SB on it's second round trip. Train then went past the crossover, driver switched cabs, and went back through to Oliver Bowen. I don't know what killed it after a round trip but I was thoroughly disappointed to only get a 7 minute ride.
  11. Same 3 car consist is doing two round trips from Saddletowne this PM, will start it's second round trip at 16:41
  12. Tonight there were 11 big buses on shuttle runs, on routes 10, 13, 52, 91, 93, 111, 127
  13. I'd say for right now it's a little out of the ordinary; 7919, normally an Anderson bus, is in service on a 14
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