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  1. Its out doing the 31/76/97/129 till 9pm today if you want a final goodbye
  2. Another collision involving transit, this time, an Access vehicle. Unit # unknown. https://mobile.twitter.com/660NEWSTraffic/status/1244644872285327360
  3. Yes it was weird seeing a big bus on the 52 again. I believe 2016 was the last time.
  4. As well as 8012 on the 28/83, 8035 on the 10, and 7999 and 8065 on the 439/454
  5. Another message of thanks from my cousin: "Transit55 has made fanning so much more rewarding. For example, when I went to Edmonton last summer, I was able to find all sorts of old gems to ride that I wouldn't have been able to otherwise. In Calgary, I would've never rode a 1995 D40LF without the help of T55. It's also so exciting when something old tracks for the first time in months, and when something new pops up for the first time. It's also very helpful in finding first and last day of service dates, as well as fighting boredom by being able to watch the buses drive around during this time of quarantine. Also the tons and tons of raw (and neatly processed) data!"
  6. Agreed. I can't even count the number of times I've been saved from waiting for a delayed bus, or by finding buses to take when I have my bike with me. I couldn't live without Transit55!
  7. I still remember all of being like WTH IS THAT MECHANIC DRIVING?! Also I love the fact they gave it the stripes and a unit number
  8. For the record I would like to work for the city 😂
  9. Yes Edmonton tried switching to Saturday schedules and failed miserably due to the crowding
  10. COVID-19: *laughs in arboc*
  11. Just wanted to update, 7665's CAD is once again working.
  12. I've noticed that about once or twice a year, there's a slow order for coming into Dalhousie northbound. I understand the freeze-thaw cycle probably wreaks havoc on the track and the wires, but it seems to always be Dalhousie northbound. Is there something different about that section of track? Just curious.
  13. Is this actually possible? Like can dispatch actually forget to dispatch buses? I know they're short shuttle drivers right now but would they actually forget to send out six buses?
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