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  1. Strongly agree with this. 39 in the mornings on weekdays is always packed.
  2. https://www.ttc.ca/Coupler/Short_Turns/Coming Events/index.jsp Use this to find out when events like that are happening.
  3. I think the number of the bus is 8927
  4. Can confirm I saw 3422 pass by my school today at around 12:10
  5. I believe 1608 could be retired because it hasnt been tracking ever since NextBus refreshed
  6. Rami A.

    Today's Special Sightings

    I mean, this almost never happens, so i guess it's considered rare in a way.
  7. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    Not sure if i should report this here, but looks like 1759 went looking for parts, tracking at Hymus Rd on Warden Ave (JET). Also, 1608's tracker seems to be not working, could be mia or retired. 1500's tracker is also awkward.
  8. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    So that would explain why it kept moving around Malvern Garage without going in service
  9. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    1770 is mia, possibly the TRUMP has been taken out of it as it has been mia for 8 days so far.
  10. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    Is that photo in Mount Dennis? And when was it taken?
  11. Saw 5002/5003 out today. Still have yet to see 5230/5231 tho. My guess would be that one out of those 3 that are mia is being converted to a workcar meanwhile the other 2 pairs could be getting CCTV installed.
  12. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

  13. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    I've been told that someone did see 7468 get towed at of Birchmount around 1 week ago. Are you sure 7468 is still there?
  14. Rami A.

    Missing in Action buses

    It's a part bus in Queensway, same goes for 7843 and 7728 i think if those are still at Queensway