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  1. 1115 parked beside 8573 near davenport building at Hillcrest (this could be retired, i'll check tomorrow and see if they remove anything) 8184 - front headlight smashed (left side), same side also smashed slightly. Parked where 1376 used to be (infront of 1348, 2345, 2444) 8016 - has been moved and idk where it is now. 1271 - missing lots of parts like usual (the og hev is 1115) 1027 - REMOVED FROM PROPERTY, SCRAP (1115 has technically took its place) It was 1027. I saw the fleet number, unless me being tired made me see it wrong lol EDIT from yesterday: 1115 moved into Harvey
  2. These were already confirmed retired but 1027 and 1271 are at Hillcrest, specifically outside the Davenport garage where 8573 and 9003 are still there. They're both missing various parts now. Guess these 2 will become the new 1348 and 1376 for parts (which are, still there). On a side note, for 8016, this one is missing a windshield. I guess it's getting a replacement? Dunno. I'll try to get a pic if I can
  3. I think this is the only route it will do since the 2010's are almost always on the 905/302 until retirement (which should be sometime soon, maybe this week)
  4. TTC 1213 was on 64, replaced 8604 for a bit, then went onto a different run. Now 3449 has replace that new run 1213 got sent on.
  5. It seems only the 2010's are active (8471-8473). Guess this is the end
  6. I believe it was OT the MTD operator picked up, the crew likely needed a fill in
  7. TTC 9055 did 60 yesterday. Seemed like it was on OT (overtime)
  8. Wouldn't surprise me if it was, still hasnt seen service for more than a month
  9. This isn't really related to the post but...does it still have the old operator barrier?
  10. How in the....how did Birchmount even manage to get on 45?
  11. All 07 D40LF's should be retired. 8431's posting hasn't been posted yet but hasn't seen service in a month, just about the same amount of time 8435 has gone without service
  12. 8435 8455 8465 listed on govdeals today
  13. 8437 8452 8468 listed on govdeals. Will edit the wiki right now
  14. These were at a different divisions, far more east than those 3 routes quoted above.
  15. TTC: Some artics got redirected from 29 to the 505, 9029 and 9054 i think
  16. To be fair the same thing happened with 1410 months ago...it was sent to Wilson to be decommed. I even saw it at Wilson so it wasn't a tracker error.
  17. Someone beat me to it I edited it on the wiki now, hopefully it's fine.
  18. Its been there for less than a day. Relax lol there's a 99.9% chance it isn't for rebuild (based on the location it's at, it's definitely not for rebuild) EDIT: it's out on eglinton avenue east now. told ya
  19. Yesterday: 1385 stuck on brimley near huntingwood 3120 stuck on mccowan near huntingwood They still seem to be stuck there
  20. Recently i've noticed they've been sending XE40s on those 32 school trippers
  21. -saw ttc 1392 on 46 this morning -saw an unknown og hev on 37A this morning
  22. damn never knew asking someone to change the color font would cause this much damage, guess I should just ignore it next time
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