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  1. Guess i miss calculated its arrival lol, it went to the island shuttle i believe in september or october.
  2. Yea, i believe it should be returning back to queensway somewhere in March since it will needs its MTO renewal.
  3. 7953 and 7954 at queensway. 7935 is the only one without vision now
  4. saw 1216 today, can confirm it is in new livery. 1231 also in new livery, spotted at wilson garage.
  5. The ones kept at the front of the line at obico are used for training, while the ones stored at the back (typically the 80s and few remaining 79s without vision) are there for storage. To answer your question then, the ones only at the front of the line are driven for training. Sometimes in-service training, sometimes just training. Depends on what day the trainees are on.
  6. 7975 has been mia since AT LEAST Jan 27.
  7. Can confirm it's on it I got a bad pic of it though ;(
  8. Not possible for these to be RADs, 8538 has been on the 43 since i believe before 10 am, if this were a RAD it would have been sent back to Birchmount at round 1 pm
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