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  1. 3411 has been on the 85 all day though...
  2. TTC 1020 is on the 63 Edit: It only did 1 block on the 63, got taken off after. Edit #2: It is back on the 63.
  3. 7912 is now at malvern for presumably vision installation.
  4. Not possible, 3725 was last seen 14 hours ago. I think you might've meant 3726 or some other unit.
  5. Queensway, it was a deadhead there today. I'd expect to see it in service soon.
  6. It was not a training bus today, I actually managed to see it leave Malvern today, it was at sheppard/mccowan at around 8:30 am. It was NIS.
  7. Thats most likely the plan, which is why 7909 got vision near the same time 1703 retired. With the retirement of the TRUMP NGs (excluding 1666 as it is MIA), they don't need all those TRUMP 79s stored at obico anymore
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