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  1. TTC 8203 earlier today, did a few unscheduled trips on 900 after 8027 took over.
  2. Technically from yesterday's sightings, both TTC 7909 and 7979 were on the Line 1 shuttle, saw them both.
  3. Some ES buses are stored at Obico, some stored at Birchmount. Usually 2 or 3
  4. No, 7946 replaced a different run on 46(4 run). 8430 was taken off because 3323 entered the route on the same run 8430 was on(71 run).
  5. back to Birchmount, that is if this even was a movement.
  6. I think I've said this somewhere before but you should always wait a day or 2 and see if the same bus is there or not. If it is, it's likely a movement. But for these, 1310 hasn't seen service in a while so i'd assume this is an Obico bus, and therefore training. 1239 on the other hand i'm not sure about but likely training as well. You don't always have to report right when it gets there.
  7. This is not really rare but today(Sunday) TTC 3119 was on 302, now even though 302 is run by Birchmount, the run this was on came off from the 41 run 21 which is a run from 21 that does 302 on Sunday. 9235 also ended up doing 335 today(Sunday) Also the rads today will likely be doing the same kind of blue night route thing, as they start at 10 pm and end at 6 am. Just for those who want to look out for them. Majority of the rads are from Birchmount with a few Malvern and Eglinton
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