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  1. TTC 3521 on 41 TTC 8065 on 927 TTC 8346 on 94 TTC 8379 on 96
  2. The tracker is NOT 8058, it is actually 7957(at least I believe it is). I checked by queensway today and saw that 7957 is in the spot 8058 is tracking as. 8058 is still in the same spot at queensway, with the rear cover lifted, and in the very corner. Not the best photo but the bus in the very front of that photo is 8058. Also 7956 is right behind 7957.
  3. TTC 3179 was on 5 run 53 today for a few trips.
  4. 1274 already had its bike rack on before it was even sent back to Malvern Only 7955-7958, 1500 are missing bike racks (1662 also had it missing, got installed back at malvern)
  5. That picture was from a week and a half ago, they probably brought it back to malvern to install it and bring it back to service.
  6. I mean 1662 wasn't even used once so...at least now it'll be put to good use
  7. TTC 8191 is on 94, not signed onto the route but I did see it with 94 on the dest. sign
  8. Yes all NG HEVs have VISION, infact, all TTC fleet has VISION aside from the flexities which some still have TRUMP i think.
  9. TTC 8568 was on 94 this morning TTC 9231 and 1345 on 82
  10. TTC 1406 currently on 45A, not signed in
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