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  1. 1339 is retired. At 1810 markham rd with STOP paper on the windshield. It also seems to have the GPS off since it was last tracking July 15th in the maintenance area. 1306 and 1308 have also been removed from 1810 so i guess they are either at Hillcrest or scrapped
  2. 4422, new delivery I believe. At the New SCW at Hillcrest. Wasn't there yesterday.
  3. TTC 8608, 8127, 3491 was being used today as a shelter for the Vaccine Clinic at Hillcrest
  4. TTC 1318 did 53 this morning. Pre-McNicoll days
  5. 1408 seems to have been removed from 1810 markham. I've also noticed 1658, 1560, and 1550 have been sitting at 1810 for a month or 2 now, possible retirement ig. 1308 was also behind 1408 previously but has now been moved beside 1560 and 1658
  6. They and Queensway have a majority of 6:xx pm - 3:xx am RADs (roughly 20 each iirc), so you'll see alot during this time, for both weekends and weekdays.
  7. Saw 1039 yesterday. It's just to the right of where it's being tracked at MTD (so yes, its not tracking correctly).
  8. Had a feeling it was that one, havent seen it in 1810 in a while
  9. 1308 is retired. There is also a decommissioned old livery NG sitting inside the bus maintenance bays, # isnt specified, if someone knows that would help.
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