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  1. (TTC) Every division is on 35/935 (together) right now. This includes but not limited to: 8323 (Wil) 1404 (Mal) 7954 (Qway) 8543 (Birch) 8793 (Egl) 1590 (MtD) And obviously Arrow since the route is supposed to be ran by Arrow
  2. TTC 1287 is on 996 (first day of 996 service bacK)
  3. TTC 7941 was on 98C yesterday night which then became a 320 later on
  4. TTC 1136 was on 90 today morning, 1077 replaced the same run later and is still on. 3103 and 8494 on 169 in place of 1 run (not sure why there's one extra bus on 169) 8184 on 84
  5. Not all transit systems have RAD
  6. Yes, I was fully aware of this from a while ago (I think it got the 80xx exhaust pipe somewhere in 2011). Here is a picture of 7924 currently, if it helps.
  7. 8753 has the Rapid TO wrap as well if not already mentioned (saw this bus on 300)
  8. TTC 7924 returned to Queensway from the Island shuttle but it is now missing the exhaust tailpipe for some reason. 8011 will also be out for a little bit since it crashed with minor damage while on the 300A.
  9. All of the ones you listed that are at Malvern except 9000 are at Hillcrest (presumably for rebuild). Seems like 9000 is most likely the last artic from Malvern to be rebuilt (that is if it ever does lol)
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