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  1. They've been sending mtd rads everyday on the 506C it seems
  2. That I do not know...maybe that movement is to prepare for when they are done with it
  3. It started being installed there sometime during the summer I believe. I was working at Birchmount and saw them installing it (i had also overheard other operators talking about it). The location should be at the very back of the garage, somewhere here
  4. TTC 1045 did a trip yesterday on 169 and got changed off with 3484 (1603 seemed to have had an issue)
  5. That'd be 2471, privately owned It was running around Toronto today
  6. July 30 2022 TTC 8073 was taken off the carabana shuttle at around 2 pm, was changed to a police shuttle. Dropped off all officers at 32 Div, 41 Div and 42 Div in that order. 8880 and 9152 were also taken off and sent on this shuttle but with different officers to different locations. Buses were using "SPECIAL"
  7. W261 is likely retired; saw it stripped of its unit # and other decals at Lakeshore today
  8. I dont think we will see a wrapped XE40.
  9. Where did you get these pics from? These are very old pics
  10. Not sure if it has been, but many people know about it since the location was "leaked"
  11. 3712 has (finally) been moved to inside Harvey, so it could be possible. I'll try and check Monday, can't guarantee it though
  12. Took a photo of it yesterday, i think they already fixed it
  13. I tell you what, it's probably 3712 (it's been sitting at Hillcrest for awhile), I have also been to Arrow and seen many XE40's still in the normal electric wrap, so i'm thinking it's 3712
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