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  1. TTC 1503 on 63 (1503 is a Mount Dennis NG HEV)
  2. TTC 1661 is on 38, unsure if it has moved back to Malvern since these buses are sometimes used for in-service training.
  3. TTC 7948 is the in-service training bus for today. Because of bad gaps and contruction on the 73, it is now on the 73C. It will be on there for approximately 1 hour.
  4. 7931 has been mia since March, not sure what happened to it. It has been at Queensway Garage all this time and still does track, but hasn't been used on 501 or 506 or any other routes for this whole time.
  5. I'm not sure how long the progran will last but until day 20 you'll see random trump or vision units doing in-service training, then after day 21 you'll see them found in service training again until day 25 (the final exam) where i believe they go on 131/108/90 with a TRUMP NG HEV
  6. Expect to see some TRUMP ISLs on Queensway routes, right now it is day 18 of the training program, and this is where they use TRUMP units to do in-service training. For example right now 7940 is on 111
  7. There is only Kipling or Kennedy, besides Out Of Service.
  8. I think with the newer update to the side signs (they now say "towards Kipling/Kennedy" instead of the older "to Kipling/Kennedy") they also increased the noise of the external, so now it's blurting it out.
  9. Is Day 25 of the training program where the trainee gets dispatched on Route 131/108/90?
  10. It's been at the scrapyard since August
  11. I always thought they should just be marked as repainted only, and not as rebuilt
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