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  1. This, or the operator who signed the crew is suspended (maybe cause of the current vaccination mandate?)
  2. The routes with 1-2 buses will always get priority over the ones with 10 or more buses, customers will never accept no buses on a route they need and would complain, that is the reason why even though (almost no one) takes routes like the 30, it will still have priority rad over other routes like 45, etc
  3. The rest of those buses (55-58, 61) also have the wrap too
  4. Mount Dennis as well (a few days ago 1088 was on it, as well as another OG HEV on a different day)
  5. They're giving even those ES buses which used to have the halogen headlights with these LED ones..
  6. Is there a known reason why it retired? Or is it just that it was time for it?
  7. 1114 replaced 3194 at around 8 or 9 if I remember correctly
  8. It's back, saw it today on 21C, and is now missing the TTC logo on the front. Wonder what that had to do with anything
  9. They get assigned their own bus. Here's an example of how it looks like (sorry for the bad pic lol)
  10. TTC 1356 is on camouflage mode on the 985 today
  11. It wasn't out yesterday though? (unless it was running unscheduled or training)
  12. TTC 1118 came back for a 2017/2018 run on the 939
  13. Looks like it had some kind of engine fire on the 28th of August while on 32A
  14. Looks like it was on 66 run 939, then after that next crew came around it did unscheduled 39
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