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  1. 7749

    Missing in Action buses

    Highly doubt it, it's only been in service for around 4 years. TTC usually sends out buses for rebuild every 6 years now.
  2. 7749

    TTC Photography additions

    Last day of 1619 service
  3. 7749

    Missing in Action buses

    it's either 7924 or 7922.
  4. Visible from sidewalk or nah?
  5. 7749

    Today's Sightings

    Some buses now have orange-colored MTO's, specifically the 12xx-18xx and some 79xx-80xx
  6. 7749

    Reactions to Transit Enthusiasts

    This was a while ago but anyway And around 1 month ago a Queensway operator was dabbing at me and my friend for taking pics of his bus, lol.
  7. Should be 4157, I know someone who checked last week and 4157 had the exact same tape on it.
  8. 7749

    Today's Sightings

    But that's 8872...
  9. 3447 is driving right behind it
  10. 7749

    Missing in Action buses

    Looks like they changed the original position of where the "8924" was originally written.
  11. Sometimes the tracker automatically doesnt work if you refresh it too many times.
  12. 4221 will be last is my guess, that one has always seemed good