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  1. The hybrid artics that Mount Dennis gets next year along with Malvern's diesel artics if they move to Mount Dennis will be enough for Jane to go fully artic. That would be approximately 50-55 artics (diesel/hybrid) going to Mount Dennis.
  2. TTC Service Summary for the September 2021 board: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2021-09-05.pdf
  3. The more you say it is the more handmedowns you get so keep it up
  4. The hybrid order will most likely replace the entire fleet of OG diesels/hybrids and possibly some of the NG hybrid fleet.
  5. It's not impossible but logically if the new hybrids are nova, it would make more sense to give them to Malvern and move the 12xx-14xx NG hybrids to Mount Dennis. Malvern can keep the 15xx-16xx units. Plus, Mount Dennis is supposed to get half of the hybrid artics with the other half supposed to be given to Malvern. And Malvern's diesel artics will probably move to Mount Dennis. Another division will also get the new hybrids so that diesel buses can move to Queensway.
  6. 1386 is no longer a covid bus and returned to service on September 13th on route 131 Nugget
  7. Visual Sighting: TTC 3240 was on the 133 Neilson (spotted at Neilson and Sheppard - bus was heading southbound) TTC 3225 was on the 131 Nugget (spotted at Sewells/Tapscott and Neilson - bus was heading westbound)
  8. 1284 is no longer a covid bus and returned to revenue service this morning on the 95 York Mills
  9. Tracker Sighting: TTC 1401 is out on the 8 Broadview
  10. 8469 is now at Hillcrest. This is the last non-rebuilt Queensway unit to be sent for rebuild. It was last in service on August 31, 2021 on route 26 Dupont (26_2_20). 8458 is now rebuilt. 8544 is now at Hillcrest.
  11. Tracker Sighting: TTC 1392 is out on the 45 Kipling (45_7_70)
  12. It might've been at Malvern recently but that isn't considered a bus movement. It was sent to Malvern for maintenance but the bus wasn't transferred to Malvern.
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