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  1. 2 hours ago, T3G said:

    Not to be a rivet counter, but all of the hybrids that were repainted were just that. They did not undergo a second refurbishment.

    Sorry I should've been more specific. I am aware that the orion hybrids only had one full refurbishment but when they were doing the repaints, other minor work was done on them as well so technically I wouldn't call them just repaints.

  2. 5 minutes ago, MK78 said:

    So when the last of the old livery Nova's get rebuilt, they'll have a bit of a break eh, since the next batch of LFS is from 2017, so not due for rebuilds for at least another year?

    Are they still rebuilding any of the Orions? Some are still running around in the old livery.

    They stopped refurbishing the orions back in 2020 and I doubt that they would be resuming that. For the 2017 novas, considering that there are 342 of them (8620-8716, 8720-8964), they might begin their midlife rebuild sometime this year and they'll have two years to rebuild that fleet. After the 2017 novas are rebuilt, the 2018 units 310 diesel (9200-9239, 3100-3369) and 55 hybrid (3400-3454) would be next.

  3. 12 hours ago, Kobayashi said:

    99 ARROW ROAD, a one way route, was born out of the 1996 cuts that eliminated 99 CLAYSON (formerly 96H) which was then replaced by the present 84C. It’s kinda basically a operator shuttle that runs every 20 mins except when 84C is in operation during rush.

    Other short routes worth mentioning are the 1 ARMOUR HEIGHTS, 3 ANCASTER PARK, 10 VAN HORNE, 12D KINGSTON ROAD to BINGHAM, 66 PRINCE EDWARD before merging with the 13 BERRY ROAD, and the 121 NORSEMAN.

    That has changed. The 99 now runs every 15min and now has 2 runs

  4. 1 hour ago, Young said:

    Why would Malvern need more artics if they only have 1 artic route meanwhile Mount Dennis has Dufferin,Keele,Jane and eventually the 927 that would use artics

    The 927 will get the artics that will be reallocated from the 36. Keele shouldn't have artics to begin with as it messes up the headways on the route so removing them from that route would free them up to be reallocated elsewhere. Jane could definitely use artics but they should make the 935 all artic and then some of the 35 runs could also be artic. Artics can be useful in the east end too. Markham and Finch are too examples. Even Lawrence East since that route is always crowded especially the 54A branch.

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  5. 1 hour ago, lifty4ever said:

    Storage shouldn't be an issue as soon a large number of Orions will begin active retirement. Heck, they're already in the stage of "If it breaks down and can't be fixed with basic tools and such, retire it". If the procurement are mostly Articulated vehicles which we believe they are, they'll likely all or most will end up at Mount Dennis as this division was designed to be able to store and maintain the largest number of Artics of any division

    269 40ft and 68 60ft hybrids are being ordered for a total of 337 buses. If nova wins the order, then most of the order will most likely go to Malvern and the NG hybrids get pushed out to Mount Dennis. For the hybrid artics, Malvern would most likely get some of them and also Mount Dennis. The OG ISLs are suppose to begin retiring too so there would most likely be another division that would receive the new hybrids as well so that nova diesels can move to Queensway.

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