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  1. I rode 8734 twice and believe me, those seats aren't comfortable at all!!!
  2. We are talking about the eBus that is supposedly going to be wrapped for the pride parade.
  3. Maybe the eBus will be wrapped prior to the pride parade
  4. It has returned to home base at Arrow
  5. I understand what you guys are saying but that's not the point that I was trying to make.
  6. Maybe it's not rare for you but it is rare for me because this is something I physically saw myself and I've never seen a MiExpress on the 11 before which is probably because I don't fan or ride MiWay very often.
  7. Main post has been updated. I'll update the wiki later today.
  8. I was thinking the same thing but if it is 3712, I wonder why it hasn't been out in service like the other wrapped units. Unless they are saving it to be used in the Pride Parade.
  9. https://www.ttc.ca/news/2022/May/TTC-celebrates-Pride-Month-this-June According to this article, there are three TTC units that have the Pride Month wrap: W706, 8601, 8916. But has anyone seen the XE40 that was supposedly wrapped?
  10. Not really a special sighting as the 171 runs out of Mount Dennis
  11. 8615 has been rebuilt and has returned to service on the 924
  12. I remember when they would rarely put a BYD on a 34 run that ends up on the 334 overnight. But that hasn't happened in quite a while.
  13. TTC: 1661 on 133; 3710 on 984A (displaying NIS); 3715 on 952 (displaying NIS)
  14. There are some minor errors with your list: 1342 is done, and 1277 is still active and is in the old livery. I'm going to add this to the list on the first post of this thread.
  15. 589x and 590x were the trains used at Lower Bay today
  16. 5681-5686 has that weird door chime. Tuesday at 5-22 PM video.mp4
  17. 3483, a 2019 TTC Nova Bus LFS HEV, seen on May 24 2022 operating on route 133 Neilson
  18. eBus Sighting: TTC 3750 on 34 last night 05/19/2022
  19. "ATTENTION BUS DRIVERS - PLEASE DO NOT OPERATE BUS ENGINES IN THIS AREA" - According to this sign that I snapped a shot of TTC 3642 this afternoon on the 21B BRIMLEY.
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