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  1. Sometime in 2020. Those two routes (502/503) are probably the last ones that will return to streetcar service.
  2. Shemar

    Today's Sightings

    Broken down or just idling??? It's currently at Runnymede station.
  3. #9006 is now at Mount Dennis Division.
  4. Technically no, because last time it was reported that it was repainted which was false.
  5. @Xtrazsteve, don't forget to add #9002 as a Mount Dennis unit. I reported it not too long ago but you might have missed it.
  6. Shemar

    TTC Orion VII Movement List

    #7952, #7953, #7954, #7955, #7956 @ Queensway Division.
  7. This thread will be used for the rebuilds and retirements for all of the TTC Nova Bus vehicles. Please make sure that you post accurate factual information on this thread and that your posts are well thought out, and that you do your best to stay on topic. Thanks 😉 TTC Bus Divisions: Arrow Rd | Birchmount | Eglinton | Malvern | Mount Dennis | Queensway | Wilson ============================================================================================================== Rebuilds: Legend: Emerald = Not Rebuilt Strong Red = Rebuilt 2013 Nova Bus LFS III Artic (9000-9026): 9000, 9001-9002, 9003, 9004-9007, 9008, 9009-9014, 9015-9017, 9018, 9019-9026 2014 Nova Bus LFS IV Artic (9027-9152): 9027, 9028-9029, 9030-9152 ============================================================================================================== Retirements: Units that are retired will be listed by the last division they operated out of. 2013 Nova Bus LFS III Artic (9000-9026): 9003 2016 Nova Bus LFS IV (8510-8617): 8573
  8. #9004, #9011, #9012 @ Mount Dennis Division. #9006, #9010 are tracking at Wilson Division.
  9. Shemar

    Today's Sightings

    TTC 2252 driving east on Ellesmere Road near McCowan Road this morning after 10am.
  10. #3108, #3109 @ Birchmount Division.
  11. Maybe Arrow is keeping some nova hybrids? I believe that they were trained on them.
  12. Did you physically see it in service?
  13. Both are allocated to Mount Dennis already.
  14. #9009 @ Mount Dennis Division.
  15. Shemar

    TTC Electric Buses

    You already have this list posted multiple times on this thread. It's not necessary and it's a waste of time. Just update one of them instead of posting a new one each time a vehicle is delivered, for example. I believe I mentioned this to you before.
  16. Shemar

    Today's Special Sightings

    I might have missed a few routes when I was editing those pages but I finished editing the rest of the Malvern route pages that don't have "Nova Bus LFS HEV" on it.
  17. 4207 is currently at Sunnyside Loop.
  18. Shemar

    TTC in the news

    ATC on the TTC's Line 1 Yonge-University is now activated between Vaughan Metropolitan Centre station and St Patrick station. Plus, the signal upgrades done on Line 1 over the weekend was completed ahead of schedule so the portion of Line 1 that was closed between St Clair West and Union was reopened yesterday at noon.
  19. For those keeping track: There are only 15 nova hybrids that need to be delivered out of the 3455-3569 series and 125 nova hybrids have entered revenue service out of all of the nova hybrids that are on TTC property.
  20. #3555 entered service on route 53B Steeles East #3558 entered service on route 95A York Mills
  21. #3548, #3554 @ Malvern Division.
  22. Another conversation that needs to be redirected to the PM's...
  23. #3555, #3558 @ Malvern Division.