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  1. Yep 3502 and 3509 came from Malvern as the training buses, same for 3605 and 3606 from Arrow. Not sure if those four units are staying at Wilson.
  2. Of course he's speculating, that's wayy too obvious. It's his logic sense I'm trying to understand. It's just funny how people come up with these "what-if" scenarios.
  3. Birchmount just got the rest of the 8400s from Queensway a few months ago, why would they move back? And if the 8100s are going to Queensway, then I'm assuming that Wilson is either getting one of the new orders, or possibly nova diesels?
  4. 8002 is next in line to be decommissioned. It's parked at Queensway in the hold area.
  5. Enough of the "being pressured" business! No one can force you to do anything you don't want to do. If Mr. Mumble wants that info posted he should be the one posting it, not you. If you are experiencing "being pressured" as you have said that about Mr. Mumble before, you should get some help.
  6. 8638 went to Arrow today and is currently in service on the 52 (replaced 3620).
  7. 8638 seems to be going around to all divisions. It's at Malvern now.
  8. Sorry I wasn't specific when I said "done". Yes it's still at the island but whenever it returns to the TTC, there is a very slim chance of it returning to revenue service.
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