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  1. #3750 is out on an all day run today on the 116 15 run. That's the fastest transition for a TTC electric bus model to go from rush hour runs to all day runs. EDIT 8:50am: nvm it was just changed off with #8765
  2. It's had that logo for quite a while. I think it got it the year it was repainted which was two years ago.
  3. The TTC hasn't posted it on their website as yet.
  4. No on Tuesday the media run only went out on the 68 for a round trip and then it went out of service and headed back to the division.
  5. It was more of a launch run not a revenue run. Plus, it didn't stay on the route for long.
  6. #9069, #9088, and #9094 are now rebuilt. #9080 and #9124 are at Hillcrest. #9067 is back at Malvern from Hillcrest. I know it was getting collision repairs done but does anyone know if was rebuilt as well?
  7. #3750 has entered revenue service on route 116 Morningside
  8. The current movement threads are fine just the way they are. And they've been around for quite a while.
  9. About time. #3754 I believe will be the unit to enter service this afternoon.
  10. TTC 3400 is on the 77 Swansea TTC 3429 is on the 55 Warren Park
  11. #3739 has entered service on route 6 Bay 6 run.
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