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  1. #3582, #3593, #3596, #3598, #3645, #3650 are now trackable.
  2. Spotted TTC 8935 on the 129B McCowan North around noon.
  3. Driver final exam route. Any bus from any division can be used on that route for the exam.
  4. TTC 3295 has returned to service, currently on route 84A.
  5. Remember the 325 Don Mills Blue Night already covers the 72A routing on Pape. It might not be feasible to have a overnight route to serve the waterfront communities if not a significant amount of riders are going to use it. It would just be a waste of money if that was the case.
  6. All of you guys are just dragging this out more than it needs to be. If you don't like a post or newly created thread, send a message to one of the admins or use the report function and leave it alone!
  7. I honestly think that Malvern should get the 20 or so Artics that are being taken off of the 41 in 2020 so that the 39/939 can get Artics. Then, in return Mount Dennis can get 30 NG HEVs from Malvern.
  8. Spotted TTC RT car 3017 on a flatbed truck at Markham and Ellesmere. I saw the truck turn into McCowan Yard while I was on 3489 on the 38 Highland Creek.
  9. TTC 9000 is on the 53B Steeles East this morning.
  10. #3606 has entered service on route 84A Sheppard West #3636 has entered service on route 60A Steeles West
  11. I just rode 3405 to get home. The ride was nice.
  12. I saw it this evening. It was most likely a RAD bus.
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