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  1. Spotted TTC 3485 was training near Morningside Avenue and Kingston Rd TTC 3754 was training around the Toronto Zoo loop
  2. @Jova42R the edits that you have requested have been added to the wiki.
  3. #1294 has moved to Obico. #1225, #1291, #1292, #1311, #1323 have moved back to Malvern from Obico. #8082 has moved back to Queensway from Obico.
  4. This doesn't make sense to me. What's wrong with the 81xx-82xx? And even if the TTC orders more buses, shouldn't they be replacing the 79xx-80xx first?
  5. Will do. And if I'm not sure if the information I'm adding is valid, I'll ask first.
  6. That's what I thought as well but I found this website that has information for all of the GO BiLevels, locomotives, and cab cars. http://www.trainweb.org/railwayop/carroster.htm
  7. The new BiLevels that you are talking about are correctly known as Series 10.
  8. #9059 and #9110 are now rebuilt. #9057 and #9099 are at Hillcrest.
  9. I know that 7924 is the Island Shuttle
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