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  1. TTC #9125 is tracking once again at Hillcrest. Considering that it has been at Hillcrest for quite a while since that collision, it is probably getting rebuilt.
  2. Can Eglinton operate and maintain hybrids, or is it just diesel only???
  3. #1285 is back at Wilson. #8114 is at Arrow. Probably for repairs.
  4. Those units along with 9002 were moved to Malvern; not special. Also, 9007 is on the 985, not 85.
  5. #8737 now has the "Stand behind the line" decals inside the vehicle and the fleet number at the front of the outside of the bus is different. Its in the same font as the St Eustache LFLRV livery novas.
  6. Does anyone know if the Proterras have started to be delivered to Mount Dennis yet???
  7. It's probably an extra on the 29 or an express shuttle between Dufferin Gate Loop and Dufferin Station.
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