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  1. I did see a Megabus on the shuttle as well but it wasn't a double decker though. There were a few of GO's double decker Super Lo's on the shuttle too.
  2. This was one of the GO shuttles from last weekend's closure
  3. 2017 Coach Canada Prevost H3-45 313828 at Clarkson GO on the 18H Lakeshore West Shuttle
  4. So how many more cars need to be shipped for the welding defect?
  5. I'm pretty sure that all of those wraps have been removed from those units.
  6. Visual Sighting: Spotted TTC 9074 on the 985 Sheppard East Express at STC
  7. Visual Sighting from November 7th, 2021: I spotted one of the Coach Canada buses being used for the GO shuttle at Kingston Rd and Morningside Avenue late last night.
  8. Tracker Sighting: TTC 3631 is on the route 7 Bathurst
  9. I spotted one of GO's VAXX buses in Scarborough today
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