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  1. TTC 3725, 3731, 3732 on the 505 Dundas TTC 3728 on the 6 Bay
  2. New service summary for the January board: https://www.ttc.ca/PDF/Transit_Planning/Service Summary_2020-01-05.pdf
  3. Anyone know why they are still training ops on the TRUMP units?
  4. This is #3734's first day in service so it is appropriate to post it here.
  5. #3583 has entered service on route 36B Finch West. #3615 has entered service on route 996 Wilson Express.
  6. #1274, #1316 are back at Malvern. #1310, #1660, #1680 have been at Wilson for a few weeks doing training.
  7. Maybe Wilson has scheduled runs on the 95 this board?
  8. How much emissions do the MP54s produce compared to the MP40s?
  9. The new locos usually are required to run a number of kms before they can run on their own but since there are currently more locos than cab cars, it will most likely stay like this for a while. I've seen some of the new locos on the Stouffville line before.
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