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  1. 3487 3514 3547 3552 3557 are enroute via Sheppard Ave to Arrow
  2. Mount Dennis is not getting any buses. They are only giving NG HEVs to Malvern. The 88xx/89xx are moving to Arrow to help replace some of the diesels that are moving to McNicoll. The 927 will most likely use the artics that are currently used on the 89 since the 89 is moving to Wilson. The 935 will most likely remain 40ft for now.
  3. Not sure. Just wait and see. 8893 8895 8896 just left Eglinton and are enroute to Arrow Rd. 3238 is enroute to McNicoll after being the driver shuttle for the units that moved to McNicoll earlier this morning.
  4. 3275 3293 have moved to McNicoll 3518 8892 8894 8906 have moved to Arrow Rd.
  5. The 53 stopped using artics when the 953 express service was restored. Same thing happened to the 85 when the 985 was restored. During peak, Malvern still sends some artics on the 39/939 and the 134 usually gets one artic during AM peak (run 10). I'm not sure why the 36 is using less artics than usual though. The 36 is supposed to have 27 artics during the AM peak and 29 artics during midday and PM peak.
  6. 3323 3324 3328 are enroute via Hwy 400/401 to McNicoll. 3358 is the driver shuttle.
  7. Not a movement. It was a RAD on the 36. 3508 did the same thing the day before.
  8. The 334 also currently has a trip that comes off of the 100 on weekends and off of the 116 during the week.
  9. 3325 3326 3327 have moved to McNicoll. 3362 was the driver shuttle.
  10. They can adjust the schedules so that all of the runs that go on the 334 come off of the 34 or the 54. That might be easier considering both the 34/334 and the 54/354 terminate at Eglinton station.
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