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  1. TTC 8870 got into a collision yesterday. Saw it being towed into Eglinton garage with some minor damage to the front of the vehicle.
  2. Would anyone happen to know when the rest of the 79xx are expected to receive VISION?
  3. #8695 is no longer mia and has re-entered service this afternoon on route 954 Lawrence East Express.
  4. It would have been nice if the NG's moved back to Birchmount.
  5. RAD buses can be sent on any route when needed. Like one day #8759 was on the 40 Junction.
  6. #7940, #7941, #7944, #7946 @ Queensway Division (Obico Yard).
  7. Just a thought: if the 79xx are retiring this year, then it might be easier to move them to Birchmount now and then Queensway gets more 84xx novas. When 3570-3654 get delivered later this year (and they get delivered to Arrow), then Arrow would only need to move the 31xx to Birchmount to replace the 79xx.
  8. The VII HEV used to be at Arrow when they were delivered. Then they were split between Arrow (50 units), Malvern (50 units), and Wilson (50 units) when the VII NG HEVs were delivered. When Mount Dennis opened, Wilson lost their units to Mount Dennis (25 units) and Malvern (25 units + 50 =75). Then Arrow have up it's 50 units to Mount Dennis. At this point it was a 75/75 split between Malvern and Mount Dennis. Then last year, the rest of the units at Malvern went to Mount Dennis to join the rest of its fleet. If you are ever unsure about something, it doesn't hurt to do a little research...
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