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  1. In front of the garage. There's the parking lot and behind it is a set of concrete blocks. And behind those blocks were the two units parked beside some other novas and hybrids. The protector shields were still on the vehicles and the way the units were parked, the front of the buses were facing the street. What I could see on the buses was that there are two external cameras on both sides of the bus. One at the front sides and the other on the back sides. The last order had one external camera on each side of those buses at the front sides.
  2. There are two brand new Nova buses that are parked at Arrow Rd garage. Unfortunately, I couldn't catch the fleet numbers because of where the units were parked at the garage. Nevertheless, there are two new units on TTC property.
  3. Shemar

    TTC Orion VII Retirements

    I went down to Eglinton and these are the units that I saw there: 7707 not stripped as yet 7781, 7827, 7881 stripped and are parked by the railway tracks I saw another unit inside the garage stripped but I don't know the fleet number of the bus
  4. Shemar

    Today's Sightings

    TTC: Vision unit #1212 on route 127 Davenport #9219 - 64A Main #9231 - 24A Victoria Park #9233 - 24B Victoria Park #7809 - 113A Danforth #9208 - 87A Cosburn #8956 - 506 Carlton #7953 - 506 Carlton #7847 - 113A Danforth #8100 - 20 Cliffside/62 Mortimer #9224 - 506 Carlton
  5. Shemar

    Bombardier Flexity Deliveries

    4476 is now trackable.
  6. Shemar

    Today's Sightings

    Sightings from yesterday TTC: 7713 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 9239 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 7809 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 4473 - 509 Harbourfront 9234 - 113A Danforth 8929 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 8943 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 7763 - 113A Danforth 1380 - 6A Bay 1410 - 6B Bay 8922 - 116S Morningside ShortTurn 1500 - 53F Steeles East Express Sightings from this morning TTC: 9204 - 21A Brimley 8159 - 121C Fort York-Esplanade 8793 - 116C Morningside 8144 - 23A Dawes 9216 - 64A Main 8857 - 86E Scarborough Express 1500 - 57 Midland
  7. Alright people! No more speculating fleet numbers! If we were to continue like this, this thread would have to be called the speculation thread where all rumours and inaccurate information is posted sending a bad message to other people on this board that read this thread. When the first unit is reported as delivered to Birchmount this week that will confirm the fleet range for this set of buses and let's just leave it at that.
  8. Actually sometimes speculation can be a good thing. It might be pointless at the end but it gets people's minds going.
  9. Well, you never know because it's like how the PCC streetcars were iconic and two of them are still being maintained and used for service in the summer units 4500 and 4549. However, the TTC ordered Flexity streetcars and they are using the fleet range of 4400-4603. I don't see how the fishbowls are any different. The fleet numbers are not active anymore and should be able to be used sometime in the future. Plus, the fishbowls also used to use the 8000 series and those ones are being reused right now.
  10. The 325 buses will most likely have the fleet range of 9240-9564 or 9300-9624. After the 9000 series are all used up, the TTC will most likely start using the 2000 series again.
  11. Shemar

    Today's Sightings

    Sightings from yesterday TTC: 9229 - 113 9205 - 175 8958 - 175 9227 - 12B 9238 - 20 8776 - 116C 4402 - 512 9212 - 16 1022 - 47B 1015 - 127 8908 - 116C
  12. The TTC's bus procurements right now does have this year as the last order of clean diesel buses then they are ordering just 2nd generation hybrid electric buses and battery electric buses. However, things can change so just hold your seat for a little bit longer before we just assume that this is indeed the case going forward.
  13. The last unit from the 9200-9239 series has entered service this morning: #9239 on route 505 Dundas Now all units are in revenue service. Next deliveries of novas will start delivery to Birchmount next week.