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  1. "ATTENTION BUS DRIVERS - PLEASE DO NOT OPERATE BUS ENGINES IN THIS AREA" - According to this sign that I snapped a shot of TTC 3642 this afternoon on the 21B BRIMLEY.
  2. 3481 is at McNicoll for the preventive maintenance program and 8934 is probably at Birchmount for repairs or maybe even MTO renewal. 8887 was at Birchmount last week and has since returned to Arrow. These are not movements that need to be constantly reported because the buses aren't transferring to another garage, and buses can be sent to any division across the city for various reasons.
  3. 3480 has moved to Malvern. I spotted it this evening on the 95.
  4. Can a moderator please remove this photo. Thanks in advance. https://cptdb.ca/wiki/index.php/File:Toronto_Transit_Commission_3652-a.jpg
  5. 3481 3482 3487 are enroute via east on the hwy 401 to Malvern
  6. 3474 3485 are enroute east via the hwy 401 to Malvern
  7. That bus most likely was used as the bus shuttle to bring the drivers to Arrow to pick up those 34s that you mentioned to bring them east.
  8. It's possible but I highly doubt it.
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