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  1. Own any bus

    For me, I would want a bus that was part of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Fleet. My "must have" buses are: New Flyer: D40LF D60LF C40LFR NABI: 40-LFW LNG (040.09)
  2. Buses for sale

    General Auction Company's upcoming auction has OCTA NABIs 2301, 2309, 2331, and 2334 https://generalauction-s.hibid.com/catalog/107638/vehicles--equipment--and-misc--august-19-2017/?cat=626
  3. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Mini Edit #2 After looking for a better looking bike rack (The old looked too small and basic), I found one that fits and looks more realistic.
  4. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Small Edit: I gave the Bus a new rear design (now looks more of a New Flyer Low floor rear design than just vents) I have also corrected the Buses base information card as per a post by user OCTD 2039 Excerpt from that Post: These are the stall numbers of the D40LF units stored in Santa Ana base. They have the vinyl ads placed in them unlike the D40LFs from Garden Grove base. *5302: 78 *5315: 77 *5331: 76 *5353: 75 *5372: 74 *5376: 73 *5386: 72 *5387: 71 *5388: 70 *5403: 69? *5406: 68? *5409: 67? *5412: 66? *5413: 65 *5414: 64 *5415: 63 *5416: 62
  5. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Front as in the stairs the Driver gets up on? Or Front as in the lowest stair on the rear? I also just realized that Unit 5376 Is at the Santa Ana base and not the Garden Grove base
  6. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Let's just say, parts did not want to work correctly. Also, I always though it looked more the really old OCTA livery but without the curve
  7. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    After almost a month and a half, the OCTA New Flyer D40LF is complete! I am so proud to have made this with a realism goal set to maximum, The bus does drive with a working Destination sign as well as working doors. As of this typing, I am the only person on roblox to have made a highly Realistic OCTA D40LF or any other OCTA fleet member Possible video demonstrating the working doors, dest sign and Stop Requested coming soon (maybe lol,). Also, some missing features (such as the "These seats must be vacated for seniors, disabled persons") stickers are to be added soon once I take a good picture of them.
  8. Buses for sale

    1995 Giliig Phantom Ex-Foothill Transit F1039
  9. Buses for sale

    General Auction Company's upcoming auction this Saturday (June 24th) includes a bunch of ex-OCTA paratransit buses as well as ex OCTA Nabis 2302, 2355 as well as 2347 https://generalauction.hibid.com/catalog/103598/vehicles--equipment--and-miscellaneous-june-24th-2017/?cat=626 I myself would want a NABI 40LFW or a D40LF, but I'm too young (15) and don't have the kind of money.
  10. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #5 6/4 Hey! It's been a (short) while, been working on the bus while dealing with school. This update must be my favorite of all time Did some interior and Exterior mods. I can't describe in words, but pictures can visualize it I also gave up trying to recreate the curve on the OCTA Livery (Old) as the part's weren't working out as well Suggestions and recommendations are welcome, also please help me popularize this post as I want many more bus geeks to see this
  11. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #4 5/25 Interior somewhat started with the addition of notices on the front (e.g: "COACH OPERATOR ANNOUNCES MAJOR INTERSECTIONS AND TRANSFER POINTS") I also fixed up some things and added license plates.
  12. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Does anyone have interior shots of these buses? I need help with building the interior as well as get a accurate design of the seats (the arrow design on seats).
  13. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #3 5/25 Nothing too much but still worth uploading here Moved ramp to rear Removed middle column on the doors Resized the wall where the ramp controls would be to their actual (or close) size Removed forward wheelchair sign (yes, some OCTA D40LF's had them on both doors, but I think most had them in the rear where the ramp is) Something that's pissing me off is that in-game, the bus looks like it's falling apart with like some parts looking like they want to fall off where when I test it in roblox studio, none of that happens and the bus looks okay. Might be a roblox issue but those who'd want to see it would think it be more of a mess than a bus. Thanks for reading
  14. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #2 5/24-25/17 Painted the Bus Added the Fleet numbers to the front Made where the Ads would be (They appear as the grey blocks on the pictures and will be invisible on the final product) Realigned the Windshield wipers and Bike Rack Trying to move the wheelchair ramp to the back door (OCTA's actual D40LF's had them in the rear if you didn't know) Some Pictures..... Exterior is 90% done, but I'm not too sure about the interior. As mentioned on my previous post, if you have pictures of OCTA's D40LF's either interior or exterior, please post them here as I do need the community's help on this project. That's all for now, time for me to deadhead. Goodbye for now yall
  15. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #1 Minor update 5/23/17 (Forgot to post on that day and therefore is being posted today 5/24) Raised rear seats Added a farebox Grab bars on the doors. Fixed up the small "5376" on the rear If you guys have any pictures of OCTA's D40LFs (Weather it be interior or exterior), please post here as I want to use more references (also the fact that google images doesn't have the angles I want) Credit will be given