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  1. 1999 was the year we first got D60LFs for Orange County Transportation Authority, we at first got just 10, then we got 20 in 2000, and 20 more in 2001. All were D60LFs and were replaced by XN60s Photo taken by: So Cal Metro on Flickr
  2. OCTA: D40LF, D60LF, NABI 40-LFW, RTS-03, Gillig Phantom, Pretty much most of the post-1980 Buses
  3. OCTA: Most of the discontinued routes (Like the 62, 51, etc) As well as reopen route sections that go to the now closed Santa Ana Transit Terminal
  4. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Lol, true. Next time I'll do that
  5. You know you're a transitfan when...

    - When you replicate in full detail your TA's buses on ROBLOX (Check out my other post) - When you geek out when seeing a bus and use the CPTDB or Transsee to find out what bus it is. - When you enjoy reading other peoples posts on their trips - When you wish you had a transit bus as a personal vehicle (I'd like a New Flyer) - When you socialize with the driver about transit related stuff (Like what routes they been on before, how long they worked/drove for their TA, etc) - When you notice that your run has a different bus - When you're always on CPTDB - When you log the buses you've ridden on I ran out, when I think of more I'll edit into this post
  6. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Update #6 Hey! long time no post hehe. Anyway, here's the OCTA D40LF looking more 100% complete than I said on update 5. I've also been working on building the OCTA NABI 40-LFW. I'm sorry if there are like so many damn pictures but its because I'd like to show all angles. Pictures of the 40LFW are in the next post (Since I think I reached the 5MB limit posting these)
  7. Transit Fanning Trips

    Will need to consider going out and riding those buses. When I rode OCTA XN40 5743 on the 60 about 2 days ago, the driver accidently scratched the sidewalk (These buses are too damn low!) and some cardboard got stuck under. (I knew that by asking the driver if he'd like me to check). That same day in the morning, OCTA 5775's (Also on the 60) forward right axel or something made like a wet brake sound. The driver said that It started around when he left the Harbor stop. Knowing these changed my opinion on the XN40. I honestly think that New Flyer should re-open the LF and/or LFR product lines or at least make these Xcelsiors BETTER QUALITY.
  8. Transit Fanning Trips

    I blame the tree huggers for supporting the regulation regarding diesel powered vehicles. I too want to ride a diesel bus (I'm also in the OCTA area and take it to/from school). Sigh, the only OCTA D40LF I rode was unit #5376.
  9. Own any bus

    For me, I would want a bus that was part of the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) Fleet. My "must have" buses are: New Flyer: D40LF D60LF C40LFR NABI: 40-LFW LNG (040.09)
  10. Buses for sale

    General Auction Company's upcoming auction has OCTA NABIs 2301, 2309, 2331, and 2334 https://generalauction-s.hibid.com/catalog/107638/vehicles--equipment--and-misc--august-19-2017/?cat=626
  11. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Mini Edit #2 After looking for a better looking bike rack (The old looked too small and basic), I found one that fits and looks more realistic.
  12. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Small Edit: I gave the Bus a new rear design (now looks more of a New Flyer Low floor rear design than just vents) I have also corrected the Buses base information card as per a post by user OCTD 2039 Excerpt from that Post: These are the stall numbers of the D40LF units stored in Santa Ana base. They have the vinyl ads placed in them unlike the D40LFs from Garden Grove base. *5302: 78 *5315: 77 *5331: 76 *5353: 75 *5372: 74 *5376: 73 *5386: 72 *5387: 71 *5388: 70 *5403: 69? *5406: 68? *5409: 67? *5412: 66? *5413: 65 *5414: 64 *5415: 63 *5416: 62
  13. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Front as in the stairs the Driver gets up on? Or Front as in the lowest stair on the rear? I also just realized that Unit 5376 Is at the Santa Ana base and not the Garden Grove base
  14. OCTA New Flyer D40LF in ROBLOX

    Let's just say, parts did not want to work correctly. Also, I always though it looked more the really old OCTA livery but without the curve