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  1. Hi! Here's some name change requests File:Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority 7538-a.jpg - CPTDB Wiki - I made a typo and identified it as 7538 when this is actually 7528. File:LAX Shuttle 697-a.jpg - CPTDB Wiki, File:LAX Shuttle 672-a.jpg - CPTDB Wiki, File:LAX Shuttle 663-a.jpg - CPTDB Wiki - For these 3 files, they should be named as "Los Angeles World Airports (Fleet number)-a". I'm not sure why exactly I named them "LAX Shuttle"; probably from being tired. And lastly, Anaheim Resort Transportation 2101, 2104, 2111, 2118, 2122, 2125, 2127-2128, 2130-2132, 2134-2141, 2143, 2147, 2150, 2152-2153, 2156-2161 - CPTDB Wiki and Anaheim Resort Transportation 2201-2203, 2205, 2207 - CPTDB Wiki should be renamed to "Anaheim Resort Transportation 2101, 2104, 2107-2112, 2118, 2122, 2125, 2127-2128, 2130-2132, 2134-2141, 2143, 2147, 2150, 2152-2153, 2156-2161" and "Anaheim Resort Transportation 2201-2203, 2205, 2207, 2321, 2323, 2325, 2327, 2337, 2342, 2366, 2367" respectively to reflect the more units ART received from OCTA in 2016-2017. Thanks! Hopefully this isn't too much of a hassle.
  2. You cannot be serious Ya'll really need to stop using Wikipedia Wikipedia is not a good source. Until I find out for sure, I will not make any changes yet
  3. I don't think your application was declined. I think you should make a reply in the application thread politely asking for a response, as an admin should normally respond by at least two weeks (based on my experience). Remember, the admins are humans too and have jobs to tend to, bills to pay, etc. Hope this helps
  4. Hi! I would like to request that File:Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority 5894-a.jpg be renamed to File:Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority 5984-a.jpg, as well as File:Norwalk Transit System 1739-a.jpg be renamed to File:Norwalk Transit System 7139-a.jpg Thanks again
  5. Oh dear, I don't understand what was going though my head when I made these images. I'm hoping image titles fall into this category but I would like to ask if these titles were corrected File:Norwalk Transit 7124-a.jpg should be renamed to File:Norwalk Transit System 7124-a.jpg File:Norwalk Transit 7094-a.jpg should be renamed to File:Norwalk Transit System 7094-a.jpg And lastly, File:Omnitrans 7153-a.jpg should be renamed to File:Culver CityBus 7153-a.jpg as this bus definitively doesn't look like an Omnitrans bus... where's the facepalm emoji when you need it. Thank you so much
  6. I'll redo the page as soon as I can when I'm done with finals (which is tommrow). Thanks again for your help
  7. Some info on mostly retired New Flyer D40LF units - License plate for unit 5383 was 350220 - License plate for unit 5385 was 350193 - License plate for unit 5397 was 350180 - License plate for unit 5415 was 350237
  8. These are of the license plate numbers for some of the 2018-2019 New Flyer XHE40's buses 1111: 1535861 1112: 1545595 1114: 1545537 1118: 1545625 1119: 1545582
  9. In light of some pictures being sent, here are some of mine of units that don't have pictures of themselves yet on the wiki (Permission is granted for use on the wiki since these are all my images) - 5128 laying over at the short turn 60/560 termination point at Main and Locust on March 20, 2019 - 5613 at Goldenwest Transportation Center serving route 70 on April 3, 2019 -5522 serving route 60 as a tripper on October 21, 2019
  10. Updates reguarding the OCTA wiki page - Routes 211 and 462 have been eliminated as of October 12 2019 - Add new route 862
  11. You're right, however if the buses are built at random, why does the wiki page for the 2001 NABI's look all in order. How about the D40LF's? Just saying, no argument needed
  12. Some updates: - Units 2102-2108 were built in July 2000 due to the fact that 2102 's build date is July 2000 according to a post in the Facebook group, Orange County Transit Fans and 2109 also being built in July 2000. - 5704 was rear ended by a DUI driver on July 20, 2019. The bus was then repaired and placed back into service. - 5334 was purchased by LA Charter in 2019 from Zacher's Auto Salvage and renumbered as 5415. - After serving with Anaheim Resort Transportation as 9829, 5418 was then sold to Starline Tours with an unknown fleet number - Units 5322, 5329, 5372, 5379, 5381, and 5385 were auctioned off on January 14, 2017.
  13. Big Update: - All 2013 New Flyer XN60 (7601-7620) buses are to be repowered to what is assumed to be the L9N
  14. Updates: - 5361 was leased to Stanford University Parking & Transportation Services as unit #3704 in 2014. It is unknown if its still there or not - 1111 is not OCTA's sole XHE40, the fleet of XHE40's is of 10 units, 1111-1120 with 1111-1116, and 1118 being spotted in service on Transsee - 5714's license plate number is now 1560145 - Units 7201-7206 were sold and became shuttles at Six Flags Magic Mountain
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