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  1. Some updates: - Units 2102-2108 were built in July 2000 due to the fact that 2102 's build date is July 2000 according to a post in the Facebook group, Orange County Transit Fans and 2109 also being built in July 2000. - 5704 was rear ended by a DUI driver on July 20, 2019. The bus was then repaired and placed back into service. - 5334 was purchased by LA Charter in 2019 from Zacher's Auto Salvage and renumbered as 5415. - After serving with Anaheim Resort Transportation as 9829, 5418 was then sold to Starline Tours with an unknown fleet number - Units 5322, 5329, 5372, 5379, 5381, and 5385 were auctioned off on January 14, 2017.
  2. Big Update: - All 2013 New Flyer XN60 (7601-7620) buses are to be repowered to what is assumed to be the L9N
  3. Updates: - 5361 was leased to Stanford University Parking & Transportation Services as unit #3704 in 2014. It is unknown if its still there or not - 1111 is not OCTA's sole XHE40, the fleet of XHE40's is of 10 units, 1111-1120 with 1111-1116, and 1118 being spotted in service on Transsee - 5714's license plate number is now 1560145 - Units 7201-7206 were sold and became shuttles at Six Flags Magic Mountain
  4. This is my first time submitting a pic to this thread so please don't hate on it too much. Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) bus 5128, a 2008 New Flyer C40LFR in a suburban configuration serving route 60. It is part of a handful of C40LFR's that were repainted to the OCBus livery. Taken March 20, 2019
  5. Updates: - Units 2214 and 2228 were auctioned off on May 4 2018; they were the last units on OCTA property. - Driver barriers will be installed on all buses starting from May 2019. Unit 5503 and an unknown XN40 are the only buses currently with the barrier. - Unit 5415 is incorrectly stated as being used as a Disneyland Hotel Shuttle. It is currently still privately owned by Kevin Sanchez. - Units 5321, 5328, 5390, 5323 & 5368 to Bronco Transit as units 25-29 sometime in 2009-2010. - Units 2321, 2323, 2325, 2327, 2337, 2342, 2366-2367 leased to Anaheim Resort Transportation; joining units 2201-2203, 2205, 2207 as well as a bunch of other 21 hundreds
  6. Orange County Transportation Authority: 1990 New Flyer D40. Retired in December 2008. From that moment on, we were nothing but low floor buses
  7. Could've just been a simple change of license plate numbers. Thats my two cents
  8. Very small update that I just found out about: Unit 5657 was involved in an accident on March 14, 2019
  9. Units 7301-7302, 7305, 7306-7308, 7311-7312, 7317, and 7319 were all auctioned off on March 15th 2014. Unit 5865 was built in June 2018. Unit 5863 was built in April 2018. Unit 7631 was involved in a minor accident on January 24th 2019 Some of the 2007 C40LFR's have 3 slot bike racks. Units I personally spotted with them include 5517-5518, 5548, and 5527. There may be more C40LFR's with the new rack
  10. 7575-7576 are no longer used for the Bravo! service, as they now have full body ad-wraps and are now found on other fixed routes. I am not sure if 7577-7579 are getting the same treatment since none of the buses have been tracked. Unis 7589-7592 and 7575-7577 have returned to use as buses for the Bravo! service as a result of the demand for buses for Bravo buses getting higher. This morning I saw 7589 with its wrap removed and with its Bravo livery still present
  11. A short update for the OCTA wiki-page There will be a new route, the Bravo! 529. It will leave from the Goldenwest Transportation Center and go up to the Buena Park Station. This route will run on weekdays only, and is most likely going to replace the 29A. It is expected that this route commences with the next service change which will take place on February 9 2019. 7577 is no longer used for the Bravo! service.
  12. Herb Kelleher, founder of Southwest Airlines and massive force in the aviation industry, has died. He was 87.
  13. Some updates for the OCTA wiki page All buses are currently receiving new bike racks which can hold 3 bikes instead of 2. The newer XN40's (5861-5866), were delivered with these newer bike racks As of right now, the 58xx series buses have a rear door announcement that is given each time the door is opened or closed. This video taken from 5840 shows this at work. *Note that the voice is similar to the voice announcer present on LACMTA buses* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XkLgtP9mbQ There still needs to be a page (or pages), for the 2007 C40LFRs (5502-5599, 5601-5674, 7501-7528). I assume the thread author has the VIN's of most of these buses. All repowers for the C40LFR's are estimated to be completed as of December 2018. 7575-7576 are no longer used for the Bravo! service, as they now have full body ad-wraps and are now found on other fixed routes. I am not sure if 7577-7579 are getting the same treatment since none of the buses have been tracked. A sighting made on November 8th 2018 shows only two NABI's still remain at the Garden Grove bus yard. These buses are 2214 and 2228.
  14. *Bump* Our NABI's are retired as of June 8th 2018 and have since then been auctioned off. You still have a chance to ride an LNG NABI from Anaheim Resort Transportation. All of their NABI's were formally with OCTA
  15. Another Bump for the OCTA wiki page. These are in regards to the remaining OCTA NABI's and their auction dates. I have also put in auction dates for other buses, such as some of the D60LFs as well as some error corrections. Units 2209, 2222, 2232-2233, 2237, 2243, 2254, and 2324 were auctioned off at General Auction Company on August 11, 2018. (One unit *2243* was defaulted and as a result, was not auctioned off on this date and as a result, it was put up for auction again for the September 8th 2018 auction) Unit 2243, 2248, 2255, 2263, 2270, 2280-2281, 2288, 2296, and 2349 were auctioned off at General Auction Company on September 8, 2018. (One unit, *2243* was defaulted from the previous auction and was auctioned off again on this date). Units 7409, 7411, 7413, 7416, 7417, 7418, 7419, and 7420 were auctioned at General Auction Company on April 8, 2017. (7411 and 7417 were put up for auction on March 11, 2017, however, they most likely were defaulted and were re-auctioned at the April 8th auction). 2287 was not auctioned off on March 10, 2018. It was auctioned off at the previous auction on February 10, 2018. 2313 was auctioned off at the March 10, 2018 auction, but not listed on the wiki page. 2218, 2246, 2278, 2287, and 2318 were auctioned off on February 10, 2018. 2246 was involved in an accident on March 27, 2016 after slamming into a building. It was auctioned off, un-repaired, 2 years later on February 10, 2018. More information to be posted soon!
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