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    OCTA Updates

    *Bump* Here are some updates regarding OCTA/OCBus. 6338 was stolen by a 20 year old on May 17th 2018 (4 days ago when I typed this) (Source: Multiple News reports, driver friend) Recently retired NABI Buses who's fates are unknown: 2214, 2222, 2232, 2248, 2296, 2324, 2349. <----These could be auctioned off by General Auction Company on its next auction on June 9th 2018 I recommend a page being created for C40LFR buses 5502-5599, 5601-5674 and 7501-7529 5321, 5328, 5390, 5323 & 5368 to Bronco Transit sometime in 2009-2010 (Source: CPTDB Wiki) 2275 was involved in an accident, however, instead of repairing it, OCTA used the bus for spares and it was auctioned off in 2008, along with 2206 and 2133, the other NABI's known to have been retired early due to accidents/incidents. (Source: Flickr Photo) https://www.google.com/maps/place/State+College-Via+Burton/@33.8570889,-117.8900484,185m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x100627b6f8f46ae7!8m2!3d33.85713!4d-117.8895299 <--- This is the location of the Anaheim Bus yard (even though its unmarked), currently being operated by First Transit. (Source: Google maps for location) 5130 was built in August 2008 (Source: http://www.subchat.com/buschat/readflat.asp?Id=119349&amp;p=1#119736)