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  1. Same, this happen to me recently on one of buses from 1001-1020 have leaking water when I took 109 and it went out of service at Square One asking people who continue past Square One to take another bus. I don’t know what would cause of this.
  2. One of GO Bus Enviro 500 have permanent driver barrier. Took this bus today from Square One to Union Station. Will the rest of the buses will get permanent barrier or just testing. edit: made mistake on 8477 as saw one that has no permanent barrier
  3. TTC Novabus LFS 8473 on 927C (saw this bus while taking MiWay route 109)
  4. Rider Express just got 2 new bus for Toronto Ottawa bus. It’s all Temsa bus looks like. One with accessible and one without. As according to Facebook on Rider Express Facebook page.
  5. Rider Express will be using in Toronto Union Station with GO Bus, TOK, Megabus, and Ontario Northland (late June) but Rider Express told me via Facebook that they will announced on Wednesday for more information. They are waiting for their final approval from VIA Rail Station in Ottawa.
  6. Yeah that would be great to have any kind of diesels or nova hev to operate this route.
  7. And where the Ontario Northland bus parked if they stay the night? Does anyone confirm if Megabus driver will stay one night in Ottawa?
  8. Yeah, before the pre Orion VII when 191 used to operate by high floors buses. Novabus RTS used to operate 191 in Arrow Road but already banned from this route to due door problems while in the highway speeds. Idk if they might move some Orion VII Hybrid for exchange for Novabus LFS or Novabus LFS Artic.
  9. I saw this as well on that day
  10. 0851 already retired and already sold to Niagara Region Transit. D60LFR 1070 already repainted to MiLocal livery. Just saw it today while on 66. Unfortunately I did not have a chance to take a photos as bus was moving fast.
  11. Yes I am sure it wasn’t J3500. It was J4500 and it has current Ontario Northland livery. It’s looks newer. That’s what I saw.
  12. Spotted an unknown MCI J4500 with Ontario Northland entering highway 400 at highway 401. Idk if Ontario Northland ordered J4500 or just leased. Unfortunately no photos as I was busy driving and does not want to get caught but I saw it in my eye.
  13. Interesting. This Reminds me of Brampton Transit that regular bus start with xxx1 while zum 40ft start with xx50 and zum 60ft start with xx75.
  14. MiWay 0552 have white rear door. I remember that I took with 0552 and it has white rear door. Does 2005 D40LF have black rear door while 2003 D40LF have white rear door?
  15. Does anyone confirm when will Greyhound Canada bus resumes?
  16. I guess the interior looks like similar that may have same seating layout as xd60 but more like express xd40s I guess. But it will be wider rear doors like 2017 xd40 and 2013 xd60. Can someone confirmed that?
  17. As of February 23, 2020, prevost x3-45 0629 is the only bus that still have white livery. Took this bus recently from Toronto to Sudbury.
  18. Spotted some ex Go Transit Bus doing as 2nd life for Miami Dade Transit. Saw it there while on vacation in Miami.
  19. Did Hawker Subway got wrap long time ago before their retirement cause it is extremely rare to me?
  20. Is Greyhound is still using trailers or are they done with trailers after October 31?
  21. Why novas hybrids need more training if they had experience with novas desiel? Is there is any difference with hybrids bs desiel?
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