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  1. Ladder 20’s former rig has been sitting in Station 10 beside their Ladder for a few weeks, still marked L20. The ladder 20 is running is one of the new ones, the other being the one marked L12. I had assumed that ladder would become Ladder 5 but maybe they’ve changed plans.
  2. New Pump 15 is in service. Pump 26 is also in service. Ladder 12 is in the shop being prepped for service. Units still to go in service: Ladder - still unmarked but sitting at the training centre Pump 1 Pump 25 Pumper - unknown destination, likely 11 Engine 5 will likely move to Station 4 to replace the Rescue once Ladder 5 goes in service. The old Ladder 15 is supposed to replace Tower 19. Still unconfirmed which Volunteer/Composite Stations are getting the 3 rescues.
  3. The new Pumpers for the inner city are designated Pump 1 and Pump 6. Pump 1 is replacing Rescue 1, Engine 1 is staying there. Here are some more changes happening this year: In the coming months, Rescue 1 is to be replaced with an Urban Pumper (Pump 1). Rescue 4 is to be replaced with an Engine (Engine 4). Rescue 12 is to be replaced with a Ladder (Ladder 12). All 3 current Rescue's will be redeployed to volunteer stations, exact assignments unknown. Once Ladder 12 is in service, Ladder 15 will move to Ladder 19 and be replaced with Pump 15. Engine 5 is to be replaced with a Ladder (Ladder 5) in 2019. Here is a rundown of more changes over the next 8 or so years: A 2nd Safety Officer position will be created in 2020. One firefighter will be assigned per shift and will assist the existing safety officer with accountability. In addition, they will have a role in training. In 2020, A second crew will be established during the day (8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday) at Station 24, to staff Ladder 24. A similar day crew will be established at Station 17. The construction of Station 31 in Watertown is set to begin in 2020. Once completed, it will house an Engine and Ladder, both staffed full-time. Existing Station 24 will become fully volunteer. In 2020, the HFD will purchase a large-capacity Foam Unit, as well as a small, off-road ATV with a pump and stretcher, in order to support rescue and firefighting operations on trails. They will also investigate the purchase of a drone. In 2021, the HFD will begin daytime staffing at Stations 16 and 18 (8 am - 4 pm, Monday to Friday). In 2021, the HFD will either purchase the land that Station 14 is currently located on, or an adjacent property to build a new station. They will also begin the process of relocating the Mechanical Division and Stores to Station 22 on Stone Church Road. In 2023, construction of a new Composite Station in Elfrida will begin. Once completed, the daytime crew at Station 17 will be moved to this station and operate full-time. In 2024, full-time staffing will begin at Station 16. In 2026, Station 18 will have full-time staffing. In 2027, an Urban Pumper and crew will be added to either Station 10 or 23. All from Hamilton Fire Wiki/10 Year Master Plan.
  4. C-Max (Hamilton's equipment outfitter) has four new KME pumpers for Hamilton on site. Unsure if they are the Urban Engines or Rural Pumpers or how many of each.
  5. 1 of the new Ladders is on KME's Recent Deliveries page: http://www.kmefire.com/featured-deliveries/aerial/gso-10836-37 Still unsure where they are heading.
  6. For the last 3-4 weeks, Ladder 1 and 9 have been out of service, as L1 is running L40 and L10 has moved to L9. Ladder 10 has been running a spare engine as Pump 10 as there is only 1 Spare Ladder.
  7. Hamilton has a new urban engine design that will result in them being 20 inches shorter in length and 12 inches shorter in height. Two are on order from KME with one going to Engine 1 and the other likely Engine 11. Current Engine 1 will go to 6. There are also 2 Ladders, 5 volunteer Pumpers and 2 Tankers on order. Hearing the Pumps will go to 18, 19, 25, 26, 27 and the Tankers to 18 and 19. If anyone knows about the ladders that would be nice, although I’m assuming they’ll go to 4 and 20.
  8. Yes they are now. I was referring to the 7 cars in the 1990’s roster.
  9. Awesome post Hamilton. Super interesting to see stations with Tankers (ex 4) that are now in solidly urban areas due to the quick development. What was the staffing like on the different units those days? Also were the cars chiefs or something else?
  10. It looks like HFD has reorganized their special operations units slightly. Engines 3, 12, 17, 23 and Rescue 12 are high angle, confined space, collapse, etc. trained with E23 transporting Support 23, the confined space unit. Station 25 also has rope rescue/high angle capabilities. Rescue 4 and Ladder 4 are still the main Hazmat units, with Ladder 4 cross-staffing Haz 2 and Support 4. Engine 8 and 11 are now Hazmat trained as well. In addition, Engines 8 and 11 are still the Water Rescue units.
  11. New Engine 8 is in service. It was 1st due at a working fire tonight. Engine 23 also just put in service today. Engine 12 now in service as well. P6 is the last full time staffed Pumper in the city.
  12. The new Engine 23 was on display at the recent Hamilton Fire graduation ceremony. The new Ladder 1 has been sitting beside Ladder 10 in their station for about 2 weeks.
  13. Odd how after the 3 new Engines go in service the busiest truck in the city will be the oldest (P6). Looks like it is getting replaced next year anyways: Tenders were called for a 100' rear-mount quint, an urban pumper, rural pumper and rural pumper/tanker in December 2017 (#C5-13-17). Any insight to where the new Aerial is going? Once the new L1 goes in service, the oldest Ladders will only be 8 years old. Ladder 4 (ex L1) and Ladder 20 (ex L4). New full time Ladder? Or replacing one of those Ladders so the volunteer stations have more modern Aerials?
  14. This was off of C-Max Fire's (their distributer) Facebook. Only mentioned the two. I would also assume 6 and 12 but wasn't sure. Could see Ladder 20 going to 15 or 24 and either of those units replacing Tower 19.
  15. HFD has taken delivery of 1 103' Aerial Ladder and 2 Pumpers (Engines) from KME and 2 KME Pumper/Tankers are currently in production. Anyone know what units these are to replace?
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