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  1. @RocketmanCC yes il check there as well. Thanks a lot again😊
  2. @RocketmanCCthat's great to know. Now I'm quite relieved😊 Thanks a lot.
  3. Good evening everyone, I received a call this afternoon regarding my conditional offer and was told that an email will be sent to me as well providing details regarding my medical exam n police clearance requirements however I haven't received the email yet. I need to send back the signed conditional offer by Monday, does it usually get emailed the same day of call or next day? Thank you in advance for your info.
  4. @RocketmanCCthanks a lot for your reply, really appreciate it.
  5. Hello All, I just want to drop by and say thank you for your support and inspiration. I received an email today giving me an offer for the position. And I will be contacted by someone else regarding conditional offer. Also, I would like to ask If they usually call the next day or a couple of days and does it tell me already about doing the medical exam? Your info would be greatly appreciated. And to those who are still waiting for the result of the interview just hang on and think positive.😊😊😊
  6. @leylandvictory2 & @RocketmanCC Thanks for your response😊 Correction to what I mentioned earlier before the interview started she let me fill up the form for my references first then at the end of interview the police report form.
  7. Hello All, I just had my interview this past Tuesday. Tons of behavioural questions, about 16 including job shadow. At the end of the interview, my interviewer said she will make an assessment including my job shadow then let me know later in 30 days about the result. She also asked my permission to contact my references as well as do the police report. Is that a good sign that I move on to the next stage or standard procedure after the interview?
  8. @jayjayI'm done with my job shadow. I was very surprised to see other candidates doing it this past Sunday. We were about 10 and just met randomly at 320 Yonge night bus and 301 queen. It ended up like a group job shadow, it was really fun!
  9. @Peregrine154 thanks for your advice, really appreciate it. @jayjay, yes it's great to know we're from the same batch. Il do my job shadow for the night bus and queen st tomorrow night. Then after this, l'll prepare the job shadow report. Again,good luck to all of us here at the board and thanks a lot for your sharing your knowledge and kindness😊 @VIB121You're welcome. Congratulations, too on your info session invitation! After I attended it n did the aptitude test at the end of the session, May 24, I received the invitation for face to face interview on June 8. Hope this helps.
  10. I was reading Boost your interview IQ by Carole Martin. I got it from Indigo.
  11. @jayjay. Congratulations! Were you in the AM or PM info session on May 24? So far I've done the street car downtown shadow and east n west of Yonge buses. I was very thankful that the operators were very approachable and informative. They understood what I'm going through. They also gave me some tips for the interview. For the interview prep, I was watching a few star interview on utube and I read a book. Hopefully il sound confident and at ease at the interview. Mine by the way is on Jul 4, just the day before yours. Goodluck to both of us😊😊
  12. Hello everyone. Just received an email today that I passed my aptitude test. Im so happy. Now the next stage is to do my job shadow and thoroughly prepare for my interview on July4. Any helpful tips from you will be greatly appreciated. I thank you all on this board for your valuable information. I've been an avid reader even before I received the info session invitation. Wish me luck😊.
  13. hi, finally received an invitation to attend the info session. im going next week, may 24. quite excited about it and at the same time wondering what to expect in the aptitude test...
  14. Hi! I'm going for info. session next week, May 24. I'm excited that I've finally received the invitation and at the same time wondering what to expect in the aptitude test. Any advise?