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  1. MMatadar

    TTC Application Process

    Hey folks, I’m currently on Day 13 of 27 for subway training and just wanted to share that we’ve been told another class will be starting October 23rd! So those of you who have recently had your documentation sessions and who scored well on your aptitude tests at the info session may be getting calls very soon if not already. Usually they call 2 weeks in advance of your start date. good luck!
  2. MMatadar

    TTC Application Process

    Just got the call for training! It's been a long process, but I'm thrilled to finally be starting Subway on September 18th. For those who are curious (because I know I was when I was going through the process) here's my timeline: Applied - November 28, 2016Information Session invite - December 12, 2016Information Session - January 27, 2017Interview invite - March 16, 2017Interview - April 18, 2017Conditional Offer - May 2, 2017Medical/drug test - May 24, 2017Police check sent to TTC - June 2, 2017Documentation invite - July 13, 2017Documentation - August 2, 2017Training Date Call - August 31, 2017Training Start Date - September 18, 2017 / Mode: Subway / Division: Wilson If anyone on here is going through or has done Subway training recently, please share some tips! Thanks and good luck to everyone!
  3. MMatadar

    TTC Application Process

    Anyone from the January info session getting calls for documentation yet? Sent in the police clearance on June 1st and haven't heard anything since
  4. MMatadar

    TTC Application Process

    Sorry I should have been more specific. I've already had my interview; now I've already had to present the 3 year abstract, but 4 years ago I had my license suspended due to non payment of a ticket. So I'm wondering if at any point they'll request the 5 year certifified abstract
  5. MMatadar

    TTC Application Process

    Does anyone know if the TTC looks at your 5 year abstract at any point during the hiring / training process?