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  1. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Spotted 8169 on the 255 this evening (rare, of course, to see an XDE60 on this route, since it's a tunnel route). I believe that this is its first day at East Base. I thought that the 8100's couldn't be used in the tunnel, but I've seen 8153 and 8162 also used on the 255 in the past week. Why are there still 8100's being assigned to that route? I assume that they stay on and cannot shut off when the doors open in the tunnel (no hush mode). That reminds me, by the way, when 8012 was testing in the tunnel as well.
  2. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Spotted 6819 and 6814 on the 41 yesterday and today, so now some of East's 6800's are moving to North. My guess is that East will receive more XDE60 this coming week and within the next month.
  3. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Just spotted something unusual--RapidRide 6032 on the 219 and 6030 on the 212. This could be a clear indication that East is in need of more 8100's, especially since the 255 only uses the 6800's and 6900's. Now East currently has 4 XDE60's from what I've seen: 8153, 8160, 8162 and 8163. From what I remember, East is getting 55 of these.
  4. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Just spotted 8162 on the 216 and 8163 on the 219 this evening. More of these are seeming to pop into East Base now, and for some reason 8103 somehow appeared on a 271 on a PM run recently, but then went back to South.
  5. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I also noticed a wide variety of 9500's this evening on the Eastside routes. It seems like South, however, needs a lot of the 8100's because now according to tracker and onebusaway, I'm not seeing many of the South D60's out anymore. South likely will probably transfer a majority of their 8100's to East (I'm assuming that East will have some of the 8100's in the 8100-8149 batch and the 8150-8199 batch). The highest of the first batch in service I've seen is 8135, and 8186 is the highest I've seen in the other batch. It's kind of weird how two batches of 8100's were split up (made at different New Flyer plants). Also, slightly off subject, (I also might have mentioned this before), but what's the story with D60LF 2891? I usually ride D60LF's on the AM (morning) 11 runs, but that is the only D60LF I've never been on. Is that one retired? I know it was involved in some kind of collision, but I wonder if that will be back in service. I also noticed that 6958 has not been out for a long time. Where is DE60LFR 6958? I hope it doesn't end up being retired like 2663.
  6. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    8160 is also running on the 212 this evening.
  7. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    One weird thing about this new service change: Route 114 has been a South Base route, but from what I've noticed on Onebusaway, it's a bit unusual. It appears that XDE35's, XDE40's and Phantom '40's from Bellevue Base have been used on the 114 ever since the service change. As I saw this, I first thought that South got some of Bellevue Base's buses (for example, 7217 was on the 114 yesterday), but that bus later that day was on the 244, so I assumed that the 114 uses Bellevue Base coaches. It's kind of weird how a 100 series route is Bellevue Base, when the rest in the 100's category are Seattle based. How come the 114 route is now Bellevue Base, when this route has been using artics for the past decade or more? Bellevue is the only base not to have any artics, so this is quite unusual for such a route going all the way between Seattle and Renton Highlands. Also, 3723-3726 and 7253-7259 (which seem to keep going between South and Bellevue) recently went back to Bellevue Base for this service change.
  8. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    When will the 8100's start coming into East Base? Will East keep all of their late 6800-6900's (DE60LFR's) when East receives some of the 8100 XDE60's? In other words, when East receives these coaches, will the 6800's all go to North Base to replace the D60's (in other words, no more 6800's left at East by that point)? I'm assuming that East will get some XDE60's from 8110-8149 and 8160-8199, probably depending on the number of 6800's that East has right now. This also brings me another question: Will route 255 only be able to use DE60LFR's for the tunnel, or can it also use XDE60's for hush mode? I remember that 8012 did a hush mode tunnel test for the BAE, but I don't know what the results were.
  9. Sound Transit

    Today as I was coming up SR-522 near Bothell, I saw something that I've never seen before. One of the Sound Transit D60LFR's was numbered 9818K. That's pretty strange if 9817K is the newest, an XD60. How did 9818 get numbered? Could this have been formerly a mid-9500 from Community Transit, now a KC Metro owned bus? Did 9576 and 9587 get renumbered, as well as 9569 for KC Metro? I remember that at least 3 or 4 of CT's D60LFR's were transferred over to KC Metro.
  10. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    I have noticed just today that the 8100's began service last week. Don't know why I didn't find out last week that they started running. However, I've seen that for some reason, the 8150 range are the first of these 8100 series XDE60's to enter service. Usually the ones with 00 and lower numbers enter first. Anyone know why the 8150's came in first? Also, I thought that the first 45 (8100-8146) would be running out of South, while the others (8147-8199) would be running out of East, unless they are all shuffled around both bases. When will these buses start service in East? I assume that it could have to do with North's D60's being retired and replaced. Going to miss those good old buses! And also, are these buses all going to be green in color? If so; I've never seen one whole series of buses that are just one color--except for the new trolleys that are all purple. Usually, a batch of buses come in teal, green and blue.
  11. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    By this point, since these buses are expected to retire soon (by 2018), I doubt that 2891 will return into service. I can't see the reason though how it's been out of service for almost 2 years by this point. That's the only Metro D60LF that I've never been on myself.
  12. Sound Transit

    Yesterday, somehow I spotted 9569C on the 545. I've never seen a Community Transit owned bus on a Metro route. Anyone know why 9569C could have possibly been on the 545? My guess is a shortage of buses, maybe not even enough East Base Metro coaches to fill in the run?
  13. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    Yep, the Baby Phantom's are narrower than the 35' and 40' versions, so the 30 foot ones are 96 inches wide while the others are 102.
  14. King County Metro - Seattle, Washington

    There are two buses that are in the fleet that I have not seen for at least half a year or longer. That is coaches 6958, which caught on fire. Does anyone know if that will return to service anytime soon? Also, 2891, a Ryerson D60LF, is the only D60LF that I have not seen on the road in service for at least 7-9 months. I wonder what's up with that coach. For CPTDB Wiki, 2496 was put back into service as I've seen it on onebusaway, but on the wiki page, it says it's retired. I'm also wondering if 1101 and 1180 are still active or retired. They still say they're active, but haven't seen those for a while.