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  1. Just on a curious note, what happened to Type 1 cars # 103 and 106? Haven’t spotted those on tracker at all.
  2. So far, 7301-7320 and 7401 are in service for the 7300's.
  3. Today, I got a glimpse of 7300, 7305 and 7307 in the color green at South Base, and I saw 7383 in the color blue coming down I-5. Hoping that these enter service within the next three months.
  4. I spotted 2535 and 2546. I also wonder why they are still there. However, there are no D60LF's sitting there.
  5. I enjoy seeing D40LF's appear on rather odd runs every now and then (e.g. on route 40, 107, 271...). From what I understand, some of the 73/7400's will allow Metro to retire some, but not all of the D40LF's. What I like about our D40LF's is that 3 are unique: 3600 as a pilot coach with some slightly differences, 3676 and 3691 with LED lightning inside. I hope Metro saves those three and doesn't retire those ones right away.
  6. All D60's and D60LF's seem to be gone...haven't spotted any this week.
  7. 8199 was on the 255 this evening. I thought that those are banned from the tunnel?
  8. I was really hoping that MEHVA would have 2301 preserved (as I saw a picture with this bus that had a sign that said "Historic Coach"), but maybe that was only temporary...oh well. I sure will miss these things...they were beauties and had my favorite engine/transmission pairing and I loved the way it sounded all the time.
  9. At this point, I think #'s 2870, 2873-76, 2880, 2882, 2884, 2887-89, 2890-92, 2897-98 are all retired. The rest remain.
  10. I think there are more D60LF's retired: more than half haven't been seen on OBA or in service.
  11. Very interesting, but the 11 has '04 DE60LF's running today. For the first time in a long time, I'm assuming that the 11 is now an Atlantic Base route (at least for this shakeup). Also, the 128 finally seems to be Central/Atlantic, according to OBA and tracker.
  12. I've noticed on many of Metro's Xcelsiors lately that the touch activate door system stickers have been removed. Is there a reason for this?
  13. For wiki updates: Looks like there are officially no more '08/'09 DE60LF's at East. North has all of them plus 6887-6896 (except 6891-6893). 8182, 8186 and 8199 were on East Base routes this evening, and now 8188, 8192 and 8193 are the only remaining ones left to come in service. Otherwise, East has all the rest of the 8150-8199 half (including 8166), except for some reason 8151 doesn't seem to come out very often--like once per week or two, according to tracker and OBA. Also, how much longer does North keep their remaining few D60's before being retired? 2327, 2458 and 2506 have been the on
  14. The model of the longer shuttles are called Arboc Spirit of Liberty.
  15. Spotted 8228 on the 197 today, and it's blue (thought it would be green, but apparently not). As of now, all 8100's except for 8188, 8192, 8193 and 8199 are in service. Now North has recieved 6887-6895 from East. I think that North also has all of the 6800's from East now.
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