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  1. D40LF(8016-8065) and D40LFR (8066-8095) those bus is calgary transit first fleet have DPF, so in every 260-500KM, DPF( diesel particulate filter) have to regeneration, High exhaust temperature,In that time, EXHAUST can go up to 600,In 30 min. I am not Challenged anyone members , But i have to say Those EPA 2007 ISL engine is good for High speed route, because they need over 65KM/H they was Regeneration, but most bus route can't do that, if they lower than that speed,that is hurting the Filter. Regeneration will over a Hours In EPA 2010, the New Diesel engine have SCR+DPF+DOC, most of the New Bus have to use the DEF(Diesel exhaust fluid), The DEF is base of 32.5% urea and 67.5% deionized water. again, I am Not Try to make challenged to anyone Members, but I think Those DPF bus Run in highway speed route will be will better for the problem, because that will be easy For DPF Regeneration.
  2. For some reason, 1739-1780's suspension is way better than 1800'S, some 2015 arboc just Jump on the road.
  3. Prevost will build 360 Caoch for Greyhound.
  4. On It D4505 # 4010 is a EPA 2007 bus, Have A Detroit Series 60 14.0L. I talk to those On It drive, they tell me they are getting some Used J4500 or D4505 in this year, they will retire most old MCI, they also tell me Some bus will get 12 speed zf as tronic Semi-automatic transmission( Like the truck's).
  5. Anderson get all garbage big bus for SG.
  6. 2018 MCI J4500 look like so nice, i can't wait i can get a ride in those bus, Sky window roof. 2018 MCI J4500 look like so nice, i can't wait i can get a ride in those bus, Sky window roof.
  7. Volvo D16 is not more in US and Canada. D13 is a nice engine, they can make up to 500HP.
  8. I saw a S200 cover by plastic in Anderson Test track, but i don't see the number.
  9. one more S200 is comeing, I think is 2429, by the cp Train.
  11. I am a chinese, but not me.
  12. Now Airdrie have more than one Vicinity ?
  13. they use 220HP Cummins ISB6.7 engine ( Same of the Dodge Cummins), but in 2017 Cummins B6.7 engine, they are will be horse power form 190-400HP, 220,250,280hp will be for transit bus, 250-380HP for truck, 330,350,380, 400 for motorhome. I think if Vicinity get 250 or 280HP cummins B6.7 engine, they will be lot more power than now, Vicinity also get Voith for future, they will be run better than ZF as will, they are power will be like old D40LF that fast, if AC on maybe slow a little bit the speed will be like (XD60 6074-6093). .ElDorado National E-Z Rider II MAX was 250 or 260HP,but is same engine of VICINITY, ElDorado is EPA2007, VICINITY is EPA 2013,Cummins B6.7 is EPA 2017/EURO 7.
  14. They use super single tires 385 55R 22.5. Nova Bus artic middle axle is single tires as well. In china, most bus is use single tires, because easy to change and Cheap。
  15. So in the future, No more Articulated bus for C-TRAIN shuttles? or because only few station close?