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  1. GO Transit

    Why i don't see too much MP54AC 647 runing? always is MP40.
  2. Grande West Transportation

    I agree, Voith also is a better option than ZF.
  3. Grande West Transportation

    If vicinity have Allison will be way better in take off.
  4. Calgary Transit

    In china, we are subway train have on board police, The bus driver get training how to Self-defense. I think CT should send On board police in some bus and train, because too much problem at night if you ride train.
  5. Megabus US/Canada

    Why some TD925 Tag axle is single tire, some is dually? but usually i like Dually design,because they can take more weight form the bus.
  6. Prevost

    Do you think some new prevost will come canada?
  7. D60LFR's

    they will Refurbed in this year?
  8. D60LFR's

    Those bus is 10 year old, but those bus just so nice, If the have air conditioner that will be perfect! Calgary Transit D60LFR Come With ISM engine, that is a good idea, those bus have bigger engine, The are way better than XD60, XD60 always underpower, You can feeling that. I agree If those bus rebuild or over haul again, they should put the air conditioner, new joint, New suspension for middle axle, let those bus run other 10 year. All the articulated bus should have bike rack.
  9. New Greyhounds

    http://www.pressrepublican.com/news/local_news/prevost-lands-biggest-contract-in-its-history/article_c7dcefdd-67e7-5422-9dde-95efbd3410fa.html I don't know what transmission they choose.
  10. Proterra

    Do you think on day Proterra will make Articulated bus ? to competition of XE60 for NewFlyer.
  11. Motor Coach Industries general discussion

    they are looking is way better than provost.
  12. Garage Transfers

    Does 2006 D40LF (7963-7980) have different ISL engine? Because they are way much power Compared other D40LF, accelerate power just like arboc.
  13. New Flyer Xcelsior

    I am not sure, hope soon.
  14. Brampton Transit/Züm

    NewFlyer XE60 is two axle power ( rear and middle) so they will be way better in winter.
  15. New Flyer Xcelsior