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  1. New Flyer Xcelsior

    https://www.intelligenttransport.com/transport-news/29225/la-metro-compressed-natural-gas-buses/ LA metro Want start retire the NABI 60 BRT?
  2. New Flyer Xcelsior

  3. New Flyer electric bus

  4. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    What transmission they get on those vicinity? ZF or VOITH.
  5. Houston METRO

    They use allison?
  6. CP Power

    Sorry i just say is those EMD GP20C-ECO or EMD SD30C-ECO have almost 100% rebuild, they have nice cab and NEW AC motor and 710 engine, I like the EMD more than GE, I Don't like the GE engine sound. If i am the boss, i will only buy EMD SD70ACE/T4, or i order a GE locomotive, but i put a EMD engine in.
  7. CP Power

    they are new ECO locomotive look like very nice.
  8. CP Power

    Any TIER 4 locomotive order form CP? CP last new es44ac is in 2012.
  9. Valley Metro (Phoenix)

    Those EPA2007 engine always do that, Calgary transit (8016-8065) (8066-8095) have cummins ISL EPA 2007, they are all heavy smoke.
  10. Gillig product discussion

    Why gillig don't make any articulated bus?
  11. 2016 Edmonton and Area spotting and news

    What transmission the ETS vicinity will use? Does ETS will order diwa 6 in new XD40?
  12. GO Transit

    Does the MP54AC sound like the new Siemens SC-44, very quiet locomotive?
  13. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    sorry is yesterday i sow a car waiting get unload in a flat bed car, but i am not sure the number.
  14. Motor Coach Industries general discussion

    That look very cool, i can't wait they show up.