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  1. Last Days of MiWay E-Z Riders

    So the EZ riders in Miway was come with Cummins ISL. We have few EZ riders in Calgary Few year ago, Those bus you can few very Back heavy In small 6.7 Cummins engine, I can Imagine with the ISL , that will be a very bad ride. I have rider on those bus for few time, Those bus just like seesaw´╝î i have few time almost hit the roof of the bus.
  2. Cummins

    tag axle was good for the bus, but in china, most bus tag axle lock up in winter, we not allow use tag axle steer in winter.
  3. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    http://www.sfexaminer.com/munis-newest-train-taken-service-passengers-fingernail-gets-stuck-door/ S200 get in problem for muni.
  4. Out of ordinary Calgary Transit bus spottings

    15 big bus now. Hey I for get the date, because I am doing something, a big bus drive tell me.
  5. Cummins

    I wish tandem in provost and mci, I think will be help a lot in winter road.
  6. Cummins

    What about some Class A motorhome, Cummins ISX15/X15, 600HP! I wish i can order a MCI with 600HP!
  7. Cummins

    Enviro 500 have 380HP L9 engine for Option.
  8. MiWay

    How many LFS articulated bus They order in Miway?
  9. Cummins

    Cummins ISL9 can have different horse power , form 280-500( motor home and fire truck), but i just worry about the engine will be not last long, because so much boost in that engine! You can boost up the horse power by the ECU, But i don't think Cummins will do that. pittsburgh power make a lot ECU chip for SEMI truck, Make 1000HP in DD16,VOLVO D16, X15 is no problem.
  10. Calgary Transit

    You should.
  11. Cummins

    This is My first time see The XN60 With VOITH, VOITH new DIWA 6 was a good transmission too.
  12. Ctrain The near Future Series 9 Cars

    One Key of S200 broke down in downtown.
  13. Cummins

    I like The MCI D4500CT with C13, they are very nice too. For some reason, CAT C9 was a loud engine, I saw St. Albert Transit's C9 D60LF sound like straight. I also have see the C9's In NJ transit, nice sound. Sorry, I make a ERROR, i think XD35 come with 280HP already power!
  14. Cummins

    Sorry man , NA engine was BABY. VOLVO FH16 750 have 750HP and 3550NM SCANIA R730/S730 have 730HP and 3500NM. EPA 2017 CUMMINS X15 only have 605HP and 2779NM. We are largest's City bus engine was ISM for USA and Canada. I will like order Large engine with ZF ECOLIFE , Because ALLISON B500 only allow 2237 NM. My dream bus : NewFlyer XD60 ISX12 400HP : NewFlyer XD40 ISX12 350HP : NewFlyer XD35 ISL9 330HP. All come with the ZF ECOLIFE with 6 Button( 1,2,3,D,N,R) 4 Axle Bus war: Benz CAPACITY L form 21 meter go up to 25 meter: BENZ OM470 Engine 400+HP MAN LION'S CITY GXXL 25 Meter.