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  1. i think padded seats still my best, I agree you.
  2. those seat look like is nice, but I never get a ride in those bus yet. I wish Calgary Transit order those seat.
  3. They maybe get the air conditioning! i just joking.
  4. Do you think we will see SD160/SD160NG will be 4 car in blue line soon also?
  5. I agree use the Similar s70, because S70 in USA lrt run many year, they are very mature。
  6. the 4 car U2 look like is cool, so in the future, most time will run with 4 car?
  7. 78 has been an sg key also?
  8. I don't mind Siemens, This city already use Siemens train many year , If green line is P3 consortium, Bombardier and Alstom, CAF, Kawasaki have chance to Won the bid of new train, for example the Valley Line, but now Edmonton was worry bombardier was Delay。
  9. That is a good idea, i agree give the Car to CPS or CFD, for example CFD can use that car for Rescue training,CPS can use the car for Alberta Law Enforcement Response Team training.
  10. I saw some SD160 start getting Rusty, i saw one or two Series 8 getting Rusty in side the door. I think the most train Rusty because the salt, because the train run with the bus in 7 ave, the bus maybe take the salt to the 7 ave, because the buss operating all over city, the salt can easy stay in train chassis to Rusty the Traction motor。
  11. 1631 on the 79 today, first time see the Grande West Vicinity in South。 1840 on the 78 today, first time see the Aborc GAS in south.
  12. 2311 still in Oliver Bowen Maintenance Facility, waiting get Dismantling。
  13. Those train will get the New Painting Like S200 also?
  14. I think those bus After refurbishment still only can use 3-5 year, i don't see they are over haul any Mechanical components。
  15. No worry, some time maybe we make error is OK. Now we have one or two S200 deliver every week?